Basford Census Data

This page represents a collection of census data that has been gathered from various sources including actual copies of census entries, transcriptions that various individuals have made from census entries, and compiled census indices.  (For each entry, the last column indicates the corresponding source of the information.)  The database covers not only the Basford surname, but also other close variations such as Bassford, Bosford, Besford, Barford, Barsford, and Bashford.  In many cases, the information included for a given census entry is incomplete, particularly for cases where the data came from census indices or transcriptions.  If anyone has any additions and/or corrections, or can supply copies or transcriptions of any of the incomplete entries, please contact Kevin Spaulding (  With your help, we can make this an even more valuable resource!

Note: The census data in a ZIP compressed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format may be downloaded by right clicking here: (1.1 MB) If you have any problems uncompressing the file feel free to contact us.

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