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HTML_Control`'Colonial'!$A$3:$I$20@ HTML_Control`'1900'!$A$1645:$W$1728HTML_DescriptionIf anyone has additions/corrections, or can supply copies or transcriptions of any of the incomplete entries, please contact Kevin Spaulding (kespauld@rochester.rr.com)5 HTML_Emailkespauld@rochester.rr.comB (HTML_Header%1930 Basford Census Data - Washington' HTML_LastUpdate8/2/08HTML_LineAfter HTML_LineBefore* HTML_NameKevin Spaulding HTML_OBDlg2 HTML_OBDlg4HTML_OS`AHTML_PathFileMac>iMac HD:Genealogy:basfordcensus:1930census:1930washington.htmlA (HTML_Title%1930 Basford Census Data - Washington  ;   ;(  ;5  =BB  ,;  ;X"  -;  ;"  ;   ;   +;   ;   !;   ;   .;   #;!   ; *  /;  ";   ;`   ; (   $;   ;    %;   ;U  &;   ;   ;   ;  ;  ;  =  ,;  ;  -;  ;  ;  +;  !;  #;  ";  ;  $;  ;   %;  ;UV  &;  =  ;`i c=M 7CIndiana 7 Leavenworth 7S. A. 7* Stranger Twp. 7N 7*A1859 Kansas Territory Census 7 1885 Kansas Census 71925 Kansas Census 7Miami 7n Sugar Creek 7P. E. 7Edna 7Preston 7Russell 75Kansas 7W. S. 7O. S. 7O. E. 7K. H. 7Date 7State 7VCounty 7Town 7Page 7Surname for Head of Family 7<Given Name for Head of Family 7Type 7/Source: (C)opy, (B)ook, (T)ransciption, (I)ndex 7 Ras(s)ford Bus(s)ford Bos(s)ford Bes(s)ford Bas(s)fred Bas(s)ferd Dist ColumbiaZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 7ZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 51856 Iowa Census 5SZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 7ZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 78UCopyright 2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 58ZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 581905 Kansas Census 7k1875 Kansas Census 7Smith 7Basford 7Henry 7M 7*AC. 7F 71m 7M 7F 7*AW. S. 7 N. A. 7O. E. 7Mary 7Emma 7C 7*AJ 7*A German Twp. 7Nita 7Pawnee 7hBasford 7H. 78Gerald  7H 7*AW 7S 7Norton 7 Crystal 7Nebraska 7'(lving with family of H. & C. Yingling) 7Nebraska 7nSam 7xN 7T 7Cattanan 7 15B 71Basford 7William 7=M 7Ohio 7 farmer-general farm 7W 7T? 7 Stark 7 Essex 7y370A 7hBaseford 7Roland 7Ohio 7mOhio 7Ohio 7yC 7Hwww.ancestry.com 703(living with the family of Nathan and Emily Graves) 7Anna 7 Layman 7 Ledrie 7yB. F. 7Abigail  73 Willie R. 7 Melville B. 7M 7 plasterer 7 Lyon 7Hartford 7 Jno 7Illinois 7Missouri 7 shoemaker 7 (John Wesley) 7\M. C. 7E. R.  7Bassford 7 Charls M. 7 Carrie M. 7NH. A. 7P. E.  7M. E. 7M 7?Illinois 7Norton 7Lincoln 7Logan 7M. 7F 7E. 7VKansas 7{Rooks 7 Greenfield 7Bassford 7M. C. 7Emme 7jEarl 7Elsa 7 36 Maine St.Frederick, ED 431Abuyer, produce co.BlairJ 7TyrolDahl HettingerRegent Loreta T. WinnifredClaydes Devil's LakeStella MCanna(?)Homan(?)MannsEuginecould this be Frederick's wife?EdrieWagoner 7widow of Byron?20AS. Humboldt Ave. janitor-hotelN. A. 7 White Rock 7farmer 7 ag. Laborer 7J 7tSC. A. 7 M 7a M 7Basford 7*AOrville  7 Catherine  7TLewis  7HeaterElmer  7Jewell 7 Limestone 7 Tennessee 7Maryland 7Indiana 7 farmer wife 7student 7C 71915 Kansas Census 7 Jewell 7h White Mound 7Mary M. 7(Nita 7J. H. 7Little 7 Wisconsin 7 Missouri 7farmer 71895 Kansas Census 7 Missouri? 7C. M. 7M. 7baby 7Mitchell 7Logan 7Kansas 7Mitchell 7 Salt Creek 7Basford 7P. E. 7Blanche 7 Preston E. 7Russell 75m 7 housekeeoing 7Preston 7kKansas 7Kansas 7Stanner 7Salt Creek Twp. 7Labette 7Parsons 7yBassford 7 Montgomery 7/Fawn Creek Twp. 7Basford 7B. S. 7May C. 7nEma L. 7pNew York 7Iowa 7 stone mason 7 Moved From 7Iowa 7C 7J 7www.ancestry.com 7Sfemales 10 and under 201925 North Dakota Census1855 Illinois Census1865 Illinois Census RichfieldEdenBrownellsaleslady, linen store Michael S.engineer-steam railroadoperator-telephone office Dwelling #native white malesnative white females foreign malesforeign femalesmales 5 and underfemales 5 and underWillie 7Orville 7Orvin 7?M 7F 7 housewife 7*Afarmer 7Vermont 7New York 7 Wisconsin 7Kansas 7J 7Bart 7NHenry  7C. A.  7412 Campbell Ave.Grass Valley Pct.accountant-mar__ bu__ Gorham J. Carrie L.7120 R___ Blvd.cattle t___, stock yardWylieKate H.Kate E. apprentice'(living with the family of E. C. Se___)New Albany Ward 2Omaha, Ward 4, ED 4028ZB Glenn(?) C.painter, construction homeDoris(?)=(Byan and Gwendolyn(?) Thompson are boarding with the family)____, pupl< ic utilities Frances VQueens, ED 844Pierre, 2nd Wardminister, Congregational church455 East Main St.Everett, ED 291www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/nc/wake/1840/pg0191.txtcarpenter, lumber yardKirk A.engineer-marine eng.1928?Manhattan, 9th Ward157A Thomas S. Jr.6728 Deary St.1930 Federal Census - OregonWatertown, ED 227 Eliphalet W. 12 May 1930concrete work, contractorsbaker, wholesale bakery139 Pennsylvania Ave.W. T.credit mgr., oil co.housework-home farmperformer-theater50th and City Line AvePhiladelphia, ED 430166 Woodrow Ave.Gardiner, 4th Ward92 Central St. Annabell C.2217 Eighth Ave.(Horace Henry Bassford)Portland, 7th Ward, 95th Pct. Shanny S.Caster?Marg1541 S. Lindwood? St.+(living with family of Francis N. Phillips)Lynn?Georgia?Pierre, 3rd Ward 313 Crow St.manager, bathing beach'1850 Federal Census - New York (Part 2)'1860 Federal Census - New York (Part 1)'1860 Federal Census - New York (Part 2) 229 Gold St.Emma W 25 Bean? St.1910 Federal Census - Montanalaborer-home farmPresley? Camp 10Lazelle Christine G.carpenter-house Carlos J.Dill? C.dressmaker-private houseCincinati, 3rd WardRedfield, 4th Ward___-pocket books79 Sargent St.Holden?James Pryer Basford5(apparently living in an apartment or boarding house)New York/England 102nd St.Fanny V. Raymond R.Leona R.BauerAnnie M.clerk-US governmentclerk-insurance officeclerk-navy yardheritagequestonline.com Dorothy M.1903Elk Pct.laborer, dry cleanerWorks In Boot Factory604Sweden?Carl M.___ maker-___ factoryPotter Valley Twp.1804 S. Washington St. 213 East St.Bermuda?3934 Spencer Ave.Milwaukee, ED 230Ira L.Pittsboro Road North Side 1930 Federal Census - Washingtonfarm, general farmW. O.Ten Mile, ED 532(several servants are also living with the family)22nd Ward 19-E Dist.Besscook-private family147A((prisoner at Whatcom County Court House)HaysJustice Pct. 4144BVirahousework-private familywatchman, tobacco factory Kathleen J.May 1837gas fitter-gas companyTennyson Klickitatgrader, lumber Gertrude T.1939 Apr 1847? farmer-farmmales 10 and under 20572 West Buchtel St.book keeper, tobacco factoryJeane M.manager-iron pipe fittings645 Mansfield Place18 ___ Kelso, ED 16Natrona Leonard F.Edith G.Annie G. Elizebeth1915 North Dakota Censusmachinist, machinery mfg.Birtia,(living with family of Hosmer? F. Forusman?)325 Cornell CirclePipin?Alma B.$(living with family of Wm. F. Moore)cooper-truck? Farmer Bastrop P.O.lawyer-law practice1-5?mbook keeper, furniture storeengineer-civilchief clerk, fire insurance325 First Ave. West 403 3rd St.retired dentistBuhl, Precinct 2, ED 239 Millwright 22 E. 140thS. B.Nina L. Donald E. Johnnie G.,(living with family of Frederick J. Johnson)New Albany Ward 6Poland'(living with family of James W. Peyton)$(living with family of Ella Belcher)%(living with family of John P. Welsh)Utica, 7th Ward Frieda E.Cincinati, 2nd Ward 1615 40th St.150 N. ___ St.615 South Third Ave.VanMess28B30 Middlesex St.#(living with family of Joseph Doll)*(several servants are also listed in home) Lanark, ED 69Ralf19th Ward 14-E Dist.1910 Federal Census - UtahSalt Lake City, 3rd Ward126Belevator boy-office building433 Dewy PlaceSpokaneJan 18474-6m__ D Gladys B.waiter-restaurant Greene St.clergyman, baptist males 5 to 20females 5 to 20males 20 to 60females 20 to 60 males over 60females over 60GriggsDeweyLonora18Bcoronet maker-factory Gallop Rd. Lillian N.DrucillaSturgeon Bay, ED 16Doris E. 48 Elm St.Bellevue, ED 10draftsman, steel plant H. H. (?) 6 Jun 190-(living with family of M__ and Louise Conrad)Specht Waco, ED 20FosterMagoon store clerkVivianNewport, ED 27Cecil?'1850 Federal Census - New York (Part 1)McLaughlin, ED 15 D. BertramHuntington Park, ED 1330fireman, steam railwayLoyd O.delivery boy. Western UnionTarrington Pct.cleaner, drug store Steuben St.TWManhattan, 20th Ward Half-SisterLos Angeles, ED 201 Mooers, ED 232(several servants are also listed with the family)302? Hillsdale St.farm laborer-home farm142B 149 Clark St.Richland, ED 30 Chicago, ED 716B#assistant to dentist, dental office8?mOakland, ED 106John W'mlaborer, spark plug1870 Federal Census - KansasTowandastudent-St. Johns College Lillian V.Kathrinhuckster-poultry27Alaborer-general farm Charles Mixtreasurer-ste___Washington, ED 1673905 Wisconsin Ave!1910 Federal Census - Connecticutteamster, odd jobs1920 Federal Census - Wyoming%(living with family of William Watts) John (negro) hotel-keeperPuty?engineer-steamboatretired-own incomeB___ H.Atlanta, 2nd Ward752364387real estate brokerGriswold205 Redwater Ave.manager-camaigner? none-at home Howard P. 7 Court St. Thomas F. Jr.UncleBoatman?moterman, electric R. R.826 Merkel Ave.18th Ward 55 Dist.)(living with family of William A. Chaney)138 West 37th St.Lafayette, 1st Ward 478 27th St.___-life insurance'(living with family of Herbert N. Pool)Everett, 3rd Ward46 Glendate St. McDermattWaterloo, ED 17Wilfred?Melrose, 2nd Wardpolisher?-typwriter co.Carpentersville, ED 47railroad employeeBeach miner-miningTrenton, ED 122Manhattan, 22 Ward inspector-car256 N. German? Blvd Thomas F.Leta 910 Key St.EdmundHanrach?1930 Federal Census - IllinoisManchester, ED 13 15 May 1930&(living with family of George Hubbard) Orville P.shipping clerk Linnia I.232B1739 10th Ave.RacineRacine, 2nd WardMcLann1870 Federal Census - DelewareEd. T.163AForwood?StFather Kilgore Twp.=wife of Michael S. Bassford, mother of John Franklin Bassfordcaptain-steam boat (Lorenzo)"1910 Federal Census - Rhode IslandDetroit, 4th Ward Warren C. Caroline R. Robert? F.Lila? M.Janet?Saugatuck Twp.Rogers (negro)Marion, 4th Ward204 Wheeler? Ave.J. FrankSpokane, 2nd Ward Stella L.Effie G.PatsyDelta B.134 Crescent Ave.Nashville, ED 44 Clide? V. Geddes, ED 8dressmaker-own shopclerk-dept. storeGalesburg, 7th Warddemonstrator-automobile Beech CreekWhatcomRedfield, 1st Ward178A Gould St.laborer, railroad12 Bradford St.Clagstone, ED 6 adopted S218 Eastride? St.Austin, 1st Ward+(living with the family of Frederick Hurst)Oct 1854Bellingham, ED 8Rassford246423 Propsom? St.1853185951BRevere, 1st Pct.Wallis309BLewella Flora Ward 1StanfordMarulandBrooklyn, 32nd WardNashville, ED 164house furnishings414 10th st. SWpoliceman-cityDevils Lake, 1st Ward248Awilliam carpenter-___teamster-ice companyMalden, 3rd Ward 17 Gale? St.295 Market St.Seattle, 4th Ward1614 Queen Anne Ave. Amelia S.Messing'possible son of Frank Woodruff Basford?Velta Pleasant ValeRhyan 201 11th St.mattress maker"1910 Federal Census - North Dakotasalesman-buggy store 219 Main St.Georginaartesian wells-test boring etc10/121 Haven Twp. Lettie S.Bronx, 23-Pct., 35-AD $(living with family of Abraham Cook)Bafford?'1880 Federal Census - New York (Part 1) Central Ave.626Edwin M.'1870 Federal Census - New York (Part 2)'1870 Federal Census - New York (Part 1)'1880 Federal Census - New York (Part 2) leather mfg Grace Loisteacher, rural schoolmerchant, hardware store Neely Twp.Langley Russell G.laborer, insulator factory143Alaborer-farm laborLarkinsburg Twp.Manhattan, 12th Ward 1625 11th St.caf Gilbert J.1232 S. Court St.Vilura Howell C.< ripper, steel millLivermore, ED 13 Bayou Twp.Laruefarmer-gen. Farmingstudent at school cook-hotelsainner?-silk mill laborer-house212Blabor, general farmMinie? 16 May 1930 Newark Valley#(living with family of W. H. Lewis)Lutzday laborer, odd jobsSusan S.truck driver, general Bingen, ED 5stenographer-manual workElginCraft 215 ___ St. Jereline?salesman-travelingseamstress-dressmakerservant-private familyPhiladelphia, 40th Ward 23 Oak St.Worcester. 3rd WardMarey? Claire I.719 Clement Ave.Altoona, ED 40May F.2-7m199 Little Green St.)widow of William H. per death certificate339 W. BroadwayEngineer-iron workssaleslady-groceryFrank M.farm-homestead filing1(living in boarding house at 36/38 East 12th St.)960 S. __ford? Ave.Baltimore, ED 494 Charlottieforeman-machine shopIrma L.Bronx, 7-Pct. 35-AD salesman-ship cha___ Canton, ED 451815 Howard Ave.Ludington, 5th Ward168AMarvin?Mildred?manager-laundryBreckenridge Pct.15th Ward 13-E Dist.Hillsdale, 1st Ward Leslie M.hair dresser-own shopMontebello, ED 20373? 205 Flint St. Fidelia M.Reedville Pct..doctor-regular___, U.S. Govt.Allison231ADistrict 3, ED 4(living in the alms house)Jackson, ED 16 Albert R.1910 Federal Census - OregonNew Era Emmunds L. __nerstromlaborer, pulp millMomence, 3rd WardCaly 343 7th? St.stenographer, state capitalWilmington HundredBartrene317machinist-automobileAlney P.Philaaluminum?-manufacturer68Aasst. manager-life insurancerigger, general construction Stoughton235A Fort FlaglerMervelcarpentry-houseTacoma, 2nd WardFeech31B949 North Court St.vamper-stove factory2512 Monroe St. Sintha E. 13th Dist.72A 21 Bean? St.Baltimore, 15th WardBellingham, ED 6 Bailey J.Wash J. Pounds? Rd.Rockford, ED 28laborer, tobacco co.2411 Sutphin St.Columbus, ED 10salesman, furniture storeMinneapolis, ED 98Fort Wayne, ED 49 615 Ames? St.5412 Kincaid St. El Dorado1910 Federal Census - Texassalesman-furniture276AMerleBerdieCovington, 8th Ward Blacksmith825 College? Ave.Denver, 12th WardFort Worth. ED 90Zilpha Thomas M.engineer-factoryc__ laborer-odd jobs Francis T.machinist-railroadBarfondPrecinct 6, ED 55South Bel___ Rd.2(living with the family of Benjamin C. Galverson?) Columbus Ave. Abraham Jr. Evelyn B. Byron, ED 51918 Francis Ave. Housekeeper boat pilotMemphis, 6th WardCariePittsburgh, 12th Ward Francis A.___ymanPhiladelphia, ED 423Normasalesman, filling stationHazellPalmyra, ED 10(lodging with Harry F. Crook)#(living with family of John Manor?)dynamotender-power house34Amanufacturer of brickMabel H.Jean A.Alpha B.farmer-general produceteacher-public school238AGerthaDistrict 10, ED 12 Earnest L. Ruth Carlineboarding houseBelfast, 2nd WardTenesseeCallowayOrensalesman stocks-travelling 2787 Broadway727?Woodbury%(living with family of George Miller)Guy D.Summit Readfield Rd.Clara D. Birdie M.Cubamechant, general store160B84BProsser, ED 20WelchEdwin V.408 South Nestercigar maker-factorynewsboy Napolean O.20?Ogdensburg, 1st Wardsalesman, baking 6 Shaw PlaceChristian missionarymanager, apartment houseDanel B. Elizabeth B.house keeper-own homeNorwood, 2nd Ward104A14521362245837110001210 Samuel F.Feesburg Lewis Twp.Isac254Blife & fire ins. AgtBaltimore, 16th WardAlsaDelmarKate A.117APob___ lawyer-___Philadelphia, 22nd Ward 155 ___ St.1831 Walbrook? Ave.Laramiesalesman-confectionarypainter-housesMomence, ED 31Elin?1808 East Oliver St. Marion S.5543 Blackweldon? St..(several servants are also living in the home)115AWilliam H. Jr.2618 Hemlock St.Barrettbrick layer, houseDistrict 3, ED 5189B Barbara E.Hazel C.n___Valleo, 2nd Ward105 North Ave.Gussie L. (negro)Fred J.Hartford, 2nd Ward Bertha A.Port Arthur, ED 107H___ M.2403/2405 Forest Park Ave.Lawrence, 3rd Ward94AConnorlaborer, street carsforeman-fire dept.121 North KansasServant Warren Countymachinist-paper millMarital StatusFrenchManhattan Borough, ED 827Jan 1885 dressmaker?CatholicGillis1753 Washington Ave.manager-real estate __civil engineer-city284BSan Diego, ED 151salesman, stocks?22Bcarpenter-rubber shoe factoryshoe maker-rubber shoe factory274ALoucille (Negro)#1880 Federal Census - New Hampshire861 Saint MarysMay 1848259BRoy P.Portland, 5th Ward farmer-renterwatchman-genl. Elec. Co.70A117 West Main St. policeman Arapahoegrocery store, box business?20 Osborne St.Larson?10 E. 19th? St. Francis M.Dan C.instrument ___, governmentservant, private houseClorine YellowstoneFranklin, ED 85428 Jeffersonsawyer-shingle mill Chausser?Marie A.saleswoman-department storeZephy?G?Manhattan, 16th WardForemanpainter-contractor Proctor Rd.Claire245A949 N. Court St. 3611 5th Ave. Joseph Jr.chaufferEsau Simpson St.2411? 64th? St. Corvallis849 South Norman Ave.meter testor, electric shop152AMorrisonMadalyn24th Ward 79 Dist.350 Bloomingdale Rd. Cotton St.Montgomery Twp.Rockford, 4th Ward boarders home"1930 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaNart E.69AWeist1922530Chancey1493151011200Evan? B.21 Johnston Ave. Martin L.helperWaterville, 7th Ward1114 Washington Ave.Mount Pleasant Twp.319Tho's J.Amm E/superintendent, insurance 1930 Federal Census - New JerseyOgleLula A.bookkeeper-bank 664 Wick Ave. Brown Twp."(living with Emery and Mary Bann?)Penn J.Ridie E.Nora F.JuniorAzubaLemont LeicesterJane? G.laborer-hardwareClearfield Pct.Hilda E.A__ J. ___, breweryCentralMontgomery, ED 492(several other people are also listed in the home)packer-tobacco factoryMosserBasswell George D. Jr.!Decatar, Militia Dist. 531, ED 21Loyal125AFurnas'(living with family of Hortace? Kline?)Greenfield Twp.189A Frederic A. Truman G.? Burnt? Rd.14 Hathaway St.Fase Isetta W. 76 Lowell St.Peabody, 4th Pct. Clark St.Thurman138? State Rd. 41 W. O. Jr.Reepilot-steam boat"1910 Federal Census - South DakotaWilsonville, ED 313BelfastLisbon2441 ___farming-on farmmerchant, ___ storeLezellBetty V. 41 Light St.Sturgeon Bay, 3rd WardSturgeon Bay, 1st Ward 412 LincolnClifford A. N.laborer-stone quarryKlar?Hoboken, 1st Ward692 Stony Creekmachinist-genl elec co.Danelfarmer-farm managerPressMarena742784Clear Creek Twp.CarsonOrpha7(a number of boarders were also listed with the family)nurse-dr's office Thelma M. DickersonD. P.AndrewsM. 208 Br__ St.Sue J. Arthur J.2418 Forest Park Ave.Geneva1208 Ballmore St. Farmette Twp.Merrit Feb 1899?Willie (Negro)school teacher-high schoolMargaret L. E.dresser?-morocco? Brenda L. Minnie L.helper-machine shop$(living with family of John Kennedy)time keeper-___ co.glass decorator Elsie? M. Wesley W.+(living with family of Elisabeth Schaeffer)clerk-spool cotton co. none-morocco?3503? Knudson? Ave.181A Goldie E. 109 West St.letter carrier-post office1702 Appleton St.(entry is crossed out)111 Chestnut St. 303 Vine St.178B119 Queen LaneJermantin roofer-own shopbutcher, butcher shopagent-insuranceclerk-insurance co.Newport, 2nd Ward209917 W. Brooklyn, 2 Dist.Elma L.Galveston, ED 55 Ethnic OriginSapulpa, ED 38Serenasistersalesman-drug store;Georgia Bristol, jorga@braw< leyonline.com (via Marge Spille)farm laborer-general farmBaantuminspector, rubber shopson Harlem, ED 6oiler, oil refinerymarine engineer, oil refinerySturgeon Bay, ED 14 Maple St.Bronx, 11-Pct., 34-AD Nellie H.Fogg labour dayMauryMaryville, 4th Wardcarpenter-builder Hillsdale106BLowes?Cartha Wallace L.#(living with family of Alvin Kune?)BatsfordEulalia?instructor-school250ATownship 1, ED 54 Jessie M.Baltimore, ED 430 306 ___ St. Minnie C.Fort Jay223ABloomingdale Twp.198Bfarmer-___ farmCoepland114BCheneyDallas, 4th Ward614 North Main St.224A Tooele Pct.Sam. D.3rd St.1(several lodgers are also listed with the family)Beloit, 3rd WardPliny 259 South St.Grand Rapids, 4th Ward195 Buckay? St.Sibrus?salesman-groceryMazle?Bessie?209B 3rd St. Eastagent, perfume Santa BarbaraDevil's Lake, ED 131929Bloomington and Salem Rd.bookeeper, bakeryTango? IslandsAnnapolis, 3rd Wardadvertising-___ co.laborer-___ mill Napolion O.HalbertPrinceton Twp.571 Harley M.Cowlitz Saleslady-___ Sibree W. clerk-groceryPerth Amboy, 4th WardBetty L.582C South MaconHeckler586D29Cprobably Guy Basford7228 Vincinness? Ave."1910 Federal Census - Pennsylvania1-6mLos Angeles, ED 1421911 1331 Appletonstoking engine, steam railroad12th Ward 5-E Dist.floristAbm.2732? West V___ St.Alleghany? Ave.'(she has many boarders living with her) 202 E St.)(Apparently residing at the penitentiary)Oak Ridge and Minerva Rd. Summer St. Southa W.1910 Federal Census - Virginiastenographer-___ house clerk-store Fernando A.W'm? 21Apr 1930 clerk, ____Julia A.HiramAug 1867.(several boarders are also living in the home) East Main St./(living with family of Oscar and Bessie Jocken)1550ditchrider-ir. Ditch1910 Federal Census - ArkansasKinderhook Twp. Stella S.merchant, house pluming?telephone operator, lumber co.Othello, ED 14Hemlock John WyattBurr Oak, ED 11920 Federal Census - Minnesota Crow WingCincinnati, ED 148Milwaukee, ED 44 lawyer-civil337BMarlyceFoxHodges151BHardytrained nurse-private familyplasterer-various placesagent-real estate2(Several boarders are also living with the family) Raymond G.truck driver, dray?MarilynCorvallis, 2nd Wardoperator-switchboardteacher, high schoolSkamaniaEngersonPhiladelphia, 39th Ward186Bhousekeeper, hotel106 E___ Oliver Loyd Elmore J. Carrie W. Walker W.St. Paul, 5th Ward Mattie A. fireman-___ Wallace Twp.Viola L.21 West Sharpnock? St.medicine bottler-drugsEllieHarry W.Fannin Georgie L. Forest R.Lynn, 6th WardOphelia (negro)845 Hague Ave.brokerhoten Keeper-own hotelmerchant-own store Horace J.Superior, 6th Ward Michael J.cooper's helper 1st Dist. 158 Park Ave.1-9m251A,(living with the family of William Stullman) Samuel H.6(living with the family of O___ McNutty, hotel keeper)may 1897Phelip?Clara?2708Mar 1846Bell M.210 Bridge St. insurance Nov? 1846 906 2nd St.Gillette2506 E. Federal St.Alise E. Genevieve E.Mabel L. (negro)1930 Federal Census - Ohio"1850 Federal Census - Rhode IslandPaulSep 1831Sep 1835460652superintendent-life ins. Co.1969'(living with family of Edwin T. Bufton)Holden, ED 106 dress making Sylvestersexton-P.E. churchAugusta, 7th Ward1813 Mercier St.95Bhouse wiring, electric supply Benton, ED 5Bellingham, 1st Ward 2514 West St. W. Menefee?baby1046 Brantly Ave.printer-stationarybander-sweets? Shop ClarksburgChristian Ave.proprietor-music storesalesman-plumbing ___Edwardsville, 3rd WardAberdeen, 3rd Ward297A180 Genessee St. Elver (negro)Fanny I.InetioFare A. Cordela U.Alvin N.electrician, linemanBeasfordclerk, ___ store Edmund C.1918Rockford, 5th Ward333B Ernest H.District 5, ED 6"1930 Federal Census - North DakotaCanton, 1st Wardclergyman-churchglassworker-glass factory Ramona, ED 282137 Beach St. Lodi Twp.driver-express$(living in the home of John Van ___)farm laborer-general far 201 Main St.seamstress-at house 1069 17th St.Pittsburgh, 11th Ward200BFarnhamPransie?'(living with family of W'm L. Boullard)399Bates,(living in the household of Georgette Br___) Frances L.BogardCzechoslovakia1885 Burleigh B.CheyenneBoyard PrecinctGreensburg Boro, 4th Ward1113 Holly St.-(several lodgers are also living in the home)bookkeeper-___Milan519C West Lincoln+(living with family of Frances I. Donough?)481H. E.Fairmont, ED 76Jul 1849housewife, private familyShepperdSep 1810139 Heding? Ave. 10th Dist.MormanMosby Farm Rd.Bittin?258Afarmer-farm ___housekeeper-boarding house TexasAuntHarwood208 West 6th Ave.Norristown Boro, 3rd WardChas. D.(lodging with Belle Jones)55 Highland Ave. Eileen M. sign painter 222nd? St.Elsie L. Lilian M.1930 Federal Census - Indiana general inspector, electric shop*(living with family of Nathaniel Bartlett)871operator-telephone co.Omaha, 11th Ward#(living with family of Emma Martin)clerk-steam boat Robert B___mariner-steamshipstewardCora G.C. B___814 N. West St.!(listed with many other mariners)Molie? general farm474Malena? Raphael X.806 W. Lee St. Miller L.438110915BolfordGeorg+Jo Dee Nickolson Frasco, JONICK5029@aol.com Mexico CityHomer S.lathe operator, machine shop(lodging with Claude Martin)133B2211 147th St.PalezzoMary B.?,(lving with the family of Walter G. Kellogg)K___ St.170 W. 73rd St.superintendent-___ insuranceYule A. Richmond232Acarpenter-RR shops Bassford Rd. Hattie H.RooksDerrallB__ and Lam__ Rd. baker-bakery Harold D.324 Pittsburg St. Wilbur C.typewriter-officekeeper-lodging house Limestone1920 Federal Census - MaineCanada (Irish)542 North 11thCherry Valley Twp.211 Naddiom? Stoperator, elevator Chelmsfordfarmer-at home laborer-farmDeming Alice LorenaMable L.%(living with family of James Gratton) Emmet (Negro)helper, gas station255Bmachinist-machine shopmason ___-buildingMabel E. Bronx, ED 578 99 Main St.JacksonEdw.Hamil L.Seattle, ED 114&(living with family of Preston Rhoads)81B Barne? F.107A brick layermason?Byron S.Bloomfield, ED 102'(living with family of William B. Mann)England?62ASt. Francis Twp.George?3?Y11mApr 1868cook, private home-(living with the family of Edgar W. Maggard?) Orvin? E.Ira H. Oliver P.Owego Hallie N. contractor1042 laborer-docks36BStaffJ. Henrynurse-private familyWendel Elary? M. Irving L.Arlene Franwille?Females Under 6Males Over 6 Under 20Females Over 6 Under 20Hodges?San Francisco, ED 8 Herbert C.seamstress, dresscook, private familyEl Paso, ED 45Cleo E.(Jacob Kimball Basford)Ellen J.Ellen)(living with family of William D. Harris)stenographer-city102?Roy A.Vilma_llah? 913 Third St.Jessie? Edwin M. B.W. L. apothecaryLimestone Twp.housewife-home work McDonoughTennessee Twp.Wyatt1_laborer, packing housewaitress, restaurantBellingham, 4th Ward farming-farmAurora, ED 366Ellenwood? St.MiamaPhramieJul 1860contractor-bridges Ailine M.!apprentice, building construction Bronx, ED 702 5824 Broadway North IrelandBrewers Chapel Rd.Lila _.Mannie?Mattie?Carl J.W. G.Peabody, 1st Pct.stenographer-collegeFort Lee, ED# 31 Polshice? R.225BHermannlaborer, factoryBrainerd, 2nd Ward George Leroy1348-1/2 Pacific Ave.TreanChicago, 33rd Ward< teamster-___48Aday work hemp millColumbus, 1st Ward Parsons Ave. Miller D.Fairfield, ED 105 PocahontasOct1910 Federal Census - Tennessee 14th Dist.salesman-storeKelley Lyman? F.OThis must be the Wallace E. and Bessie Bassford buried in the Greewood Cemetery38 Washington St.613? Hudson St.PhilipsNorristown Boro, 5th Ward818 Julian St.Alan?St. Louis, ED 64Aug 1821 Pennsylvania?May 1867Kugart476 West 143rd St. 535 S 25th WGeo. H.MinnehahRoach Francis W.brakeman-railroad204 N. Capitol Ave. 1818 BroadwayIda V.PearsonTanna K.glassmaker-shopcracker?154A LivermoreAlliance, ED 86Lola*(living with the family of Clifford Lewis)farm manager-general farm1920 Federal Census - Vermont517 Second St.#(living with family of Albert ____)Sarah?21BEthan Lula (negro)&(living with family of Clarence Loose) tuner-pianoAlleganhelper-electrical store 16 Jun 1900maid-home work [sic] Madeline M.mechanic, automobile 8 Apt 1930327 Wyoming Ave. Mary EdnaFirst St. South N. State St. Blaine Ave.Zephi F.stenographer-officeBenn Selah, ED 79machine operator, tobacco co.Napolion O. Jr.Shanksbook agent-school bookFair View Drive4234? 10th Avenue NESeattle, ED 56bookkeeper, lumber yard1910 Federal Census - Michiganjanitor, hotel 25 Apr 1930!1920 Federal Census - Connecticut3264 Cherry Hillsaleslady-bakery4 Ledyard Place)(living with family of James W. Bennett?)Curts?bookeeper-electric co. baker, bakeryCorson Bento Twp. Audrey W.Lela superintendant?-printing? Press? teller-bank416 Fifth? St.Elsie A.W'm D.painter-building228A280 Pleasant St.___ foreman, railroadCreede?2952229320314681484375 Dom. Servant109CBosworthPeabody, ED 248 Walter J.Center, ED 124#(boarding with family of Fred L___)building contractordentist, private practice Compton(?) 710 3rd St.Sophia Bettie A.AlvinBlairsville Borough27? Washington St.Ashland, ED 17 Robert P.salesman, soap? co. Wheelwright479B3211895 South Dakota Census Males Under 6Edith S. Roland L. Gwendolynletter carrier77A Fannie A.Females Over 20BeadleDearborn Nettie A. Byron Dustin own accountDelavan, 1st WardSep 1863268A Bernards Twp.Lowell, 1st Wardsoldier-coast art. Nordland Pct. Sybil K.Toledo, ED 230Samuel HZephy 1416 Hoag?Mallie? Feb? 1869Myrtle FrancisDentonforeman-livery stableFort Wayne, ED 621850 Federal Census - Louisiana Carroll LeeBlanceAlter clerk-hotel102AElen C.(living with Roy E. Supernaugh)Katie P. Eureka Twp.263A Apr 1892?printer, printing co. Factory St.weaver-woolensspinner-woolens 1930 Federal Census - CaliforniaBerkeley, ED 293Harrisville Twp.A(several elderly women "inmates" are also listed with the family) m___-b___ Oliver F. Earnest T.172Bsalesman-lumber co.Casteellaborer, Gardner?161B WiscconsinEastchester, ED 30Leon C. ___-___ plant1850 Federal Census - Deleware306B Foreman G. Bessie A.helper?Barrows Mildred S.Shawgeneral farming-private familyHartley? Austin, ED 14porter-liquor? house206 East 23rd St.Annapolis Dist.146Elbridge171#(living in some sort of a hospital) Louisa B.((living with family of Thomas? Connelly)Philadelphia, 13 WardManfordExtension 5th St.Sam? C. DeForest St.?m Bertha L. 6 District$1885 South Dakota Territorial CensusRedfieldO. S. Miss Owis house wifeTwp 116musician-ch___JulianAnny H.Cha's H.Cleveland, 10th Ward1866 East 17th St.Bowman*(living with family of Stoves? Straghamm?)1107 Forest Ave.Mabel K. Flora Twp. Lieuellan54?Ansonia, ED 247buncher-cigar factory Southwark---West Allis, ED 396Austin, 2nd WardRumbar?ChaunceyMarie Van Alstine leafelist? Gerald? E. Rutherfordpolice justice"1930 Federal Census - Rhode Island Oklahoma?patientmining iron mouldershipper? Lillian A.Pollardcustodian, public schoolMar 1899701600G___441 Iglehart? St.restaurant keeper Mittie M.ErmaBeula H.MelvaSyracuse, ED 105 Vermillion134DKimball908-1/2 Second Ave.Aug 1888 205 Pine St.Wil'mGilsonAug 183757?741 Florence M.MauriceJohn F.?1914Haynesmas. Carpenter1864Lavonia 1102 E. 8 St.Precint No. 15 Chester E.'(boarding with family of Robert Gordon)Ruby?%(living with family of Ezekiel Ralph)10120 Ward NYC Dist. 6?1185254DaltonMack _.laborer-livery barn1930 Federal Census - NebraskaSheriden, 4th Ward,(living with the family of William S. Clark)brakeman?-railroad202Bengineer, marineSeattle, ED 246Cotton?Loren1(several lodgers are also living with the family)foreman, road gangMiddletown, ED 39laborer, general farm19th Ward 25-E Dist.Los Angeles, ED 62Canada (French)Lawrence, ED 125Maryville, 4 Wardmachinist helper%(living with family of Ellen F. Gove)2613 S. Cliff Ave.Madge?station master, steam R.R.((living with family of William Traxall?) blower-glassPhiladelphia, 44th WardIda M Clarence H.? Dallas, ED 8530ARew?Snellclerk, oil co.Wilsonville Pct. Ruble? E. New Castle Andrew L. Russel Twp.laborer, construction serviceman?141Bporter MargaruiteGaleElder&(living with family of William Thomas) ProscillaPhiladelphia, 31 Ward#1920 Federal Census - West Virginia Josephine _.Lillie? engineer-___John T.?Leo Theodora?McAlester, ED 212Oct 1839Thomas429Aug 1891 Males Over 20Maple River, ED 21Helen D.Grace N.moulder, glass factory Box ElderGlendale, ED 974Newport, ED 47270A39 Powell Ave. Etna Twp. Beecher F.1860 Federal Census - Maryland129 E. Penn St.J. C. Ewing, ED 73 96 Read Ave. Coast HighwayJane J.Harriet? Ave. S. Franklin L.721 Bissel Ave.foreman, bra___ Austin, ED 79Philadelphia, 34 WardEstertruck driver, wood yardSeroggs? 3233 Walnutplumber, plumbing co. Kathryn B. Dallas W.227 North Sixth St.DerbyGeo. L.farms-home farm 3rd Dist.1709 Sixth St.73A mining-coalGrayson!(boarding with family of ___ ___) SenecavilleHigh St.miner-coal mineProprietor Of Foundry17771715224359Springfield Rd. Beatrice E.517Emily V.superintendent-old ladies homeclerk-state legislature89BWellsburg Districtdealer-real estate1425 S. Charles St.126A123 Nicollet? Ave.laborer-generalGreen Creek Twp.332 South Figueroa? St.Edith L.San Francisco, 5th Dist.105 Elizabeth St. Carrie E.Lhura Dora K. C.Ann W.salesman-clothing storefarmer-generalIowa? GreenburghMilwaukee, 8th WardViola V.Pleasant Valley, ED 41Tacoma, ED 133 keeper-hotelLarinsburn, ED 11Quincy, 3 WardNebraska City, 3rd Ward E. Willis actor-ch___1602 Kemper Rd.McKinneyDec 1865KaufmanLaurettaFannie R. (negro) 31 May 1930Nov 1884*(living with family of Benjamin Blackburn) 13 May 1930weaver, woolen mill Dieta? A.M. C.112 South Sandusky St.Girard CollegeTerance>-(several boarders are listed with the family)188B487Albert (negro)#(living with family of E. S. Davis)$(living with family of Emily Quimby)inspector, printing office Nellie C.Apr 18832811$1930 Federal Census - North Carolinanurse, hospital Wallace _.Jun 1853Benjamin W., Jr.Baker119B(blank)7(a number of boarders are also listed in the household)130A6 Apthorpe Ave.LorittaWillard?Onaway, ED 320master machinistPrecint 4, ED 192 Exeter, ED 7 Alfred E. Lamont T.Waggoneragent, mining bureauGardner Dec? 1898SimonthTM Memomince225 Sullivan St.< Dec? 188514? Beaver, ED 1Russell, ED 184Clerks In StoreReubanReagan Olivia S. grain agt. Wakeman Twp.Ethel W.Milwaukee, 20th Ward232Poughkeepsie, 1st Ward Austin N.salesman-sewing machinesCherry Branch Rd.Ida R.119ABirdsville Rd.RoschalkPhilipsburg, 2nd Wardengineer-wholesale butcher?Chicago, 35th Wardlaborer-___ co.201Aagent-life insuranceMinneapolis, 4th Wardmachinist-working out clerk-citymerchant-5&10 storeFeb 1865 prod. Merch.214A Aveallus J.varnisher-___ factorycontractor, ___Frank E.$(living with family of Page N. Cane)PattenSpringfield, ED 111&(living with family of Oliver Jackson)Kicher?Hodgmanmerchant, grocery co.TooeleStephensFillmoreSevastopal Twp. Lilliene?stenographer, oil co.6045 Clemena Ave. Cgloria L.Ben1-11mN.? H.Joe!mechanic/inspector, refrigerationlocomotive engineer, railroadBethesda, ED 22 Natalie B.Medford, ED 41609 West 10th St. 918 N. RaynorCincinnati, ED 56 Center Twp.teamster for saw millGladysEugene (mulatto)Sandown Martha A. 1330 Vine St.3352 N. Broad St.Millville, ED 239 Francois T.900 North 53rd Ave. millwright brakeman RRCowanshannock Twp. Jessie L.Statia Whitemore A. Mildred M.Elsie M.3414 Pine Blvd.Youngstown, 1st WardWick New Brighton67B900Ann M.carpenter, generalNassau 21 Apr 1930Armida152BM. I. Martha Ann Cornelia E.Garland, ED 19Hatirah!(living with family of Otto Lake) 17 Apr 1930 Ellene Y. Ewing, ED 63313 Farnum? St.1109 Twenty-Second AveBasel A.safety engineer, insurance co.La Grange, ED 6___all 20 Apr 1930Beaver, ED 162 Daniel F. Miriam B. Westphalia1537'(living with family of Hiram E. Murphy)49A J. BaileyLila? B.1898Mariettalaborer, paving co.Billings, 2nd WardClairstenographer-court reporternurse, private careMaud B.OssiningBransonForsyth 732 Elm St.1363? N. JeffersonHughesSkowhegan, ED 118567 Walker St.Mitamatron-old ladies home214 S. Sandusky St.contractor-house Bessie P.___-electric? road?minister-free baptist21 Ward NYC Dist. 3419 Marshall Place495775783Ema R.1920 Federal Census - Tennessee Calvin H. Catherine A.laborer-glass factory 435 9th St. 26 Apr 1930)(living with family of Theodore Marshall)Laura T.Tanna G.68B1860 Federal Census - NebraskaOtoeDekuaHenrietta (negro)V1874hatter Baresoft?Teacher Boone, ED 9 ___ling makerCreek Frank R., Jr. Marsella E.Oct 1851copy writer, advertisingCrockett311 West 9th St.SuzannaEthel V.Cincinnati, ED 17NevinRandall4-1mAug 1870)(living with family of Bernard C. Bailey)lives in the family Lillian K.329D467ElanorHuntersville, ED 147Mount Vernon Twp.Lulu? E. Jessie E.21 Cuck___ St.barber, clubhouseRosettie 11 Apr 1930 12 Apr 19301414 Shepherd St. NW1019 Bridge St. wagon makerWilkins548 Bellevue Ave.418!(living in an apartment building)draftsman, oil co.970 Wilshore Blvd.waiter, night clubLaFayette Twp. Marcellite?Denis?Cla___1885 Census - Nebraska63clothing merchange143BAlice L.2712 Mills St.salesman, advertisingprinter, mill___CandisJun 189999A Bessie F.228B"1860 Federal Census - Rhode IslandScituate693Russell, ED 87 201 BromleyWoodland, ED 18Wichita Falls, ED 120salesman, furniture Malone, ED 36CMary? E.Precint, ED 127114C Carrie M.AnneMeadow Brook Rd. Georanna? Prothesia S.BousfordNov 1887___mal&(living with family of Chas? H. Rush?)1122 ___Guy H.0? Denver, ED 85 Gibbson E.1246 Carroll St.Scioto Thornton Twp.Gennie?Nomie?Silva?boarders-house59 West 57th St.linen room, hotelelectrician-___ elec co.Portland, 1st Ward50AW. B.Cecil Clarencepractical nurseNelle G.174 S. Brown St.ED 304 30th N.124AM___worker woolen millJan 1837304AJun 1856 courtesain?Dec 1898Huffer&(living with family of Darius Wilson?) House KeepingMar 1894TinsmithArmitage, ED 3Pittsburgh, 21 WardGlagle?"1900 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaTydingsswitchman, steam railroad laborer, roadTansy?Bellaire, 5 Ward heating engineer, architect firm61 East175B1448 Joseph M.Dec 1857Philadelphia, 28th Ward Samuel A.E. ___Everett?Kirnie? miner-coalOrnamintal Painterfireman, locomotive Salem, ED 66Edgar L. Lucille H.Miller?Baltimore, ED 5081812 Missouri? Miami, ED 231digger of millsRomaine nurse, city farm helper Harold J. Ledrew R.Agnas Ann ArundelJun 1873Nay 1896 Ethel Violet,(living with the family of George W. Rudin?) 2 Poplar St.225AIndianapolis, 6th Ward Edward O.music teacher-studioA___ J.138A teacher-musicDonoughRosa B.1013 Stoenwall St.72BMay 1826Bloomlaborer, ___ plant#1900 Federal Census - West Virginia677 Robert E.Winston-Salem, ED 25 Bernard A. Beloit, ED 14 Hughes C. 7 Poplar St.Carrie?Bonford?gas clerk, gas station2-1massistant, railroad station office clerk77Works On A FarmGrmanyteamster-teaming549A painter-house dealer-___ Lesley C.ClatsopHuckster6th Ward18C William C Francis J.Bailow Carpentar Emma Louise h. carpenterJ. B. Mrs. Maggie McConoch?(living with James Coolege)680 St. Johns%(living in Church Francis of Shakers)563316247 Nettie D.1y8m11384027May 1859 Rachel A.Mar 1866Doe 2323 C Street Eleanor K.Jack P. Troy, ED 51Seattle, 7th Ward52BRasford1870 Federal Census - Coloradotree pruning, nurseryWorks In ArmoryLowe5th WardPl___adoptedgoing to schoolFrank O.Waretown552%(living with family of Jonathan Gore)%(living with David and Lizzie Palmer)Scheort?Fallin? Wallace D.?collector, furnitureEl Dorado, ED 191882Ray LeeAug 1830 wheel wrightIowa Falls, ED 189hospital care, Navyengineer, standardMwilhelm S___ Ave.Pratt35Brinkley, ED 37Trav. Salesman?, plumbing?Grayson hostler, dairyPhiladelphia, ED 404 Venita E. Archibald6724 Kelly St. Howard T. p___-m___ Hattie V. Lucius? P. Clement? C.Carlos 600 Edgewood 612 Edgewooddraftsman?, shopSena? W.IdyFanningE. P.Vernonpaper hanger, own shopLee L.1245 Cambridge St. NCandiseMay 1851McInroyPearl S.Apr 1899Oct 1894Delia in school RR mail clerk14000Dec 1835240B1920 Federal Census - Wisconsin Alonzzo BMar 18923y9m? Clive? R.MarinLos Angeles, ED 64172Moore Farms Rd.605 Hollem? Rd.Ruth V.Los Angeles, ED 139Jan 1870spooler-woolens Helene E. P.Portermanufacturing cigarsManhattan, ED 411worker, churchKansas City, ED 79 645 7th Ave.2(Several boarders are also listed with the family)E. I.Anny1920 Federal Census - MichiganRose E.DiggsElizabeth 8th WardLavinnaMaria J.33?31? L. Moulton252BLillie B. (Negro)#1910 Federal Census - Massachusettsaccountant-custom houseSkamania, ED 6Buford N. (negro)Wickliffe, ED 97John G.Wilsonville PrecinctHooperEdgarbookkeeper, ___ storePrinceton, 4th Ward Austin, ED 33 Farm Laborer234APittsfield, ED 116Fremont 3rd Ward4(living with the family of Horace and Maria Peabody)Timiny?Gertie1930 Federal Census - Michigan Apprentice223BWorks In Cotton MillMother of how many children Sarah (black)journalist, newspaper590C1930 Federal Census - Maryland (boarding with Winnie M. Carter)attendant, gasoline station Taylor Rd.1845;(many other road gang laborers are lodging with the family)BeverlyBillypainter, building O'HotalingBru___< clerk, telegraph officeBucksport, ED 2Baltimore, ED 589 14 [Apr] 1930Milwaukee, ED 319Lexie E. 111 5th St.manager, bakeryF. H.1870 Federal Census - WisconsinMadison, ED 43%(living with family of William He___)Ellis C. HutchinsonMar 1893Patricia26 Waverly St.Marinette, ED 17 Louisa H. WestfieldHockingIvyBasford?father 24 Grove Ave.Cincinnati, ED 5&(living with family of Henry Shimell?)777laborer-day work [sic] Marsela A.Muttons Margaret P.344 Hanover St.Maryville, 2 WardSanta Barbara, ED 12Leona? Free Stateschraffs?, candies!(listed with many other soldiers) Ebenezer Jr.sales, novelty shop Adamssalesman, sandwich shopEloise?Sausalito, ED 36Bizmer20662y8?mbookeeper, dry goods storePrice?Brakeman For R. R. Co.Los Angeles, ED 415 teller, bankLos Angeles, ED 102 Highway 13 Kelsey Twp.Ikewaiter, restaurantEssie A.Marianne1-4mFeb 185280B Georgia V.Boonerepairman, garageDurham864 W. 3rd NorthHenry F. Walter L.Mother1880 Federal Census - NevadaLucy302A Momence Twp. 911 ___ Ave.436B231BLandis Edythe B.1880 Federal Census - Maryland3rd District, 1st Pct.White Salmon, ED 35New York, 12 WardMerrimac, ED 198 Maeasst. train master, railroadBachfordsuperintendant, ___ Co. Nov. 1890mould maker, glass factory"(living with family of Grant? ___)Bareford Chamberka?printer, newspaper 8 Apr 1930 James? D. Fall River595ReidSilas M.Mar 1887Apr 1866Mar 1822122 W. Intietam? St. 11 Jun 190326 Eighteenth? St.15212 Myrtle Ave.Gardiner, ED 573www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/in/noble/1850/pg0258b.txtJennette Bernice L.Fernandowelldigger, odd jobsAtlanta, ED 11___ occupationWh. Clothing Clk.3-3m251 Lizzie? O.2www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ne/clay/1880/pg0069a.txt442ASturgeon Bay, ED 6994 Rockland St.Jan 1873Morse2(living in a bunkhouse with other nursery workers)Lindale530 Livingston NottinghamSalt Lake City, ED 9511 Precinct Grahamvillelaborer?Feb 1880Langlon Caroline G.Keith R.Vilura?9th Ward89AUnth? V.Powers2-8mJesse D.280B148B105DWatertown, ED 228 Loharlie?Jack W.bookkeeper, countyFond du Lac, ED 22206 S. Main St.Mansfield, ED 170Baltimore, ED 1361900 Federal Census - Delewarespinner-woolen millCincinnati 4th Ward Tressa? M.OctaviaBellsTiffin, 3rd Ward#1850 Federal Census - New Hampshire1920 Federal Census - Kansas710 Stratford Rd.Perry L.meat cutter, grocery storeBradfordSara B.Amanda (black) Centre St.Greta((living with family of Joseph B. Eggner)salesman, insurancelaborer, spinning mill2-3mfarmhandRuth I.1-5mStanstead, ED 56A2Charles (black)"liing with family of Hiram Golder)512791#(living with family of And'w LaningSturgeon Bay, 2nd Ward 210 Cottagespeculator-lumber&land227 Ramsey St.23B24C&(living with family of Chester Howse?) Clinton Twp.Alexader4?y5?m"1880 Federal Census - Rhode Island,(living with the family of William Schwager) Betty Lou Billie J.carpenter joinerAnnapolis, 2 Ward abcestry.comNov 1823 Bluma (black)6119 Tennessee1047 East Johnson St. Luther M.technician, university 163 3rd Ave. M. Elizabeth Frances M. SylvanersCathrin213A350ANov 1890Fev 1895Harry S.assists in houseMears?451 Oakwood Ave. Bangor, ED 4776 Grove? Ave.Jan 1827St. Louis, ED 244Leol F.pharmacist, drug store (lodging with L. Robert Ledford)SharronAbless39 YatesvilleAllen G.engineer, construction co."(living with family of Roy Miller)L. Ermasheet metal worker215B table waiter Mollie S.MarAug 1838 segar makerMetcalf Tin PedlerHelen?908 N. Raymor St.Nora A.soldier, U.S. Army Australia 7 Apr 1930 Feb? 1856Ira79546 Blanche M. Shirley M.632-1/2 Fourth St.0(living with a number Benj F. Walker and others)1920 Federal Census - Colorado 14 Apr 1930 Market ManClerkBernard)(boarding with family of Earnest Sterlen)%(boarding with family of Paul Dudley)McNeill Margerie? J. Delila E.Han__ (German)1930 Federal Census - GeorgiaIdda A.?3-11mMalen?2360 Germantown Ave.Hurdle?RonaldGenie CleopatriaApr 1882 First Ave.93B(boarding with John S. Walker?)#1870 Federal Census - New Hampshire(living in a hotel)Bellingham, ED 7Harry E.'(living with the family of James Smith) Lanark, ED 17Doris H. 1 Irving Ave. type setterClyde Aug 1886?D. M.Yolo Willie JuneLiliaweaver, cotton millJamie L.238B!Decatar, Militia Dist. 531, ED 24 Charlie W.Rosilla Butter Rd. Peoria, ED 83"1920 Federal Census - Rhode Island Ernest? D.1809 24th? Ave. Plain Twp.!inspector, electric refrigeration Curtis A.92 Centre? St. Bertha M.Jesse A. Jathryn E.Kathleen2119Shawnee7441st Ward Waynesfield1910 Belain Rd. Corbett E.farm Norman D.Aug 1866brokerage stock Melissa J. Willie P.AlexLillianAubry? Sylvester? E. Oliver? H.318Mary F.?Jul 1836PickawayR. A. W.unkswitchman, railroadhat maker, hat factoryBaltimore, ED 166 Kenneth _.Fanny? Jonathan? George M.? Lane? M. S.223D Exeter Ave.laborer, oil refineryOct 18651880 enamel worker SnohomishWahpeton, ED 43TJPaster?Marietta, ED 49Jackson, ED 14Long Beach, ED 1061teamster, city dept.Melrose, ED 335 Raleigh Twp.reamer? Ingham, ED 86BillieVallejo, 1 Ward 302Augusta, ED 37 717 ___ PlaceElmer C.+(living with family of Frank C. Chamberlin) Buena VistaNorton MassachusttsMortimer Irving E.clerk, city tax office adopted DJun 1864Locust ChristianZinkOwen G.painter, railroad signsValdosta, ED 5Lezette4-3m3-4m 304 Anna St.Griffithservice manager, adding machineTrouphelp on-home farmKansas City, ED 184 Oct 1882?manager, baking shopchar woman, governmentFrederick, ED 14RFD #2leather sticher, tannerypainter, contractor 1249 R St. SE ClackamasLawrence, ED 49920 Spruce St.218B2-2m MacConnell Charles? J.stenographer-railroad officeartist, studio0(listed as part of a large group of individuals)Mexico Joseph E.day workmachinist, machinerysalesman, auto parts Rhode Island24?Bid? FayetteMcGregorTwin Buttes, ED 87Alice J.Anna? G.11Torrington, ED 32 Willard C.'(living with the family John W. Warall)Montgomery, ED 21 investigator? 22 Apr 1930Arriana? Kiowa, ED 6Bela? B. Walter M.truck driver, oil co.Mar 1860Jun 1875 28 Apr 1930ChekamIto cheesemaker469Jefferson DistG. H.Jun 1852"1930 Federal Census - South DakotaMay 1895Nov 1832 Darby Twp.Helen A.brakeman, steam railroadHellenEvensMar 1883OrrisThos.Feb 1887San Francisco, ED 308Nicentte22 Waverly St.4421 Franklin St.99B Elizabeth N.R. F.Manhattan, ED 36male nurse, hospitaltypist, wholesale drugAlden P. 3 Jun 1900Elaine7/120 86 Court St.1-3mEdward?Petersville Dist., BrunswickLibbie? Bath, ED 136 Hudson, ED 15St. Louis, ED 334Lester (negro) Katherine?Germanpicture? Store5572816 Woodbrook Ave. Howell, ED 10foreman, newspaperMinneapolis, ED 153dentist, dental officeElnoraSpringfield, ED 36 Wayne, ED 23SelmaBirdinaAlice M.Edwin E.AlbertusIngall Taghkanic2 GenevievePrince Edward IslandWeaver Woolen Mill)(living with family of Charles C. Martin)215 Douglass NE Mildred W.$1920 Federal Census - North CarolinaMar 189120000salesman, wholesalerSusan D.ty___2y5mfactory 801 53rd Ave.Hall C.Charlotte? M.? 10 Wesson St.2-6mHarvey, ED 2051< Wynona2441 Washington Blvd.1403 Colorado Ace.LoraPhiladelphia, ED 770OpalGalveston, ED 50Flatonia, 2 Ward Aug 1827 physician?HildaD. JohnL.? O.6? Brothesy?Apr 1860Wilda Elvira G.+(living with Anna B. and Ernest E. Stelwiz) 10 Apr 1930 Columbus, ED 75 2519 Parrott17 East Fifth St.farmer-general farmfarm laborer-working outLouisville 9th WardOct 18561564Locust Creek Twp.725Yakima, ED 223Barrs1617 Miller N.Sep 1329Gena?Maine Grace D.Ema219 Spring St.Betty#(living with Silas and M___ Finlay)Reading alum. Works 4 Jun 1900Horus A.Elliot2381 Rachael B.Nov 187625BSt. Louis, ED 27coal tender, coal mine Scotts Bluff.(living with the family of John R. Westerholm)Precinct 3, ED 43Erwin B.Upper Gea__town Rd.TailorJul 1873Broome2061 Valentine Ave.saleslady. ___Carmi Marshall C.Sweden Frenchburgproprietor, pool hallSide View, ED 187BerrienT?530045001893ancestry3839 Franford Ave. Deville E.KramerPackery?1989clerk in book storeShermanHBroM. A.Apr 1847 3rd Districtsection hand, steam railroad Helen R.? Tennessee?Beaver, ED 153El Paso, ED 63SusannahTempyCotton Hill, ED 58 Orville S. SpringfieldLavacaMillie (Negro)9/121 bus driverU. S. Storekeeper?Mt. Pleasant, ED 75Oregon State Insane Hospital Margaret H.Wabe? L.Linn Isabel2(living with family of John and Martha J. Frisbie)1277Detroit, ED 102 Basford Rd.laborer, road gang3-8?mmarine engineerEmma R.___, shirt factory$(living with family of Bun? Bettys?)Hagemanclerk (freight)Precinct 21, ED 26working on farmTilman (Negro)saleslady, department storeJul 1882May 1880KingmanKate L.laborer, rail roadMachinist Apprent. Thomaston 18 Second St.1260153ARosetainspector, steam railwayArye? B.Feb 1857 Mattie E.Drome A.Frank H.other BerkfieldBelva I.Ruth A.MinervaSherman, ED 22Tulsa St. Croix261C(Ohio)contractor-builder2400 La Fayette St.Herleyclerk, groceries Burdette Jr.Work In Rubber FactoryLebanonMadison, ED 39station agent-railroadclerk-N59railroad station NicholsonJenny E.FarmsBearinger, ED 2Geneieve Albany, ED 28TredoEdith M.Ewing?ED 16775308 Green St.Watertown, ED 48janitor, schoolhouseMcMann?72072786A___ 1873AzellaMark R. Bertha E. 815 ___ St. 31 Allen St. 22 Jun 1900Scranton, 14 Ward75BHalifax, Ward No. 6, ED9G1IrishCollinsRochester, 17 Ward Franck J. Rosetta A.90BFrances?Eva A.1920 Federal Census - IowaBlackkitchen work, state hospitallaborer, chemical plantFolwellJ. K.Apr 1894clerk, comptroller officeMihaley? 123 South St.Jul 1829 Selmer J.Gary Beloit, ED 11HalifaxyClarionMariah (mulatto) 115 Moore St. Minnie S.BuchananYorkLower?28?2(living with family of William and Harriet Tabler)3y4m124 West 6th St.cookNal?Garthmerchant, ___ appl.+(living with Co. B., 201h regular infantry)Nov 1879 keeping hoseWill Oysterman?EarlPalford?Sumter$(living with family of ___ Campbell)www.familysearch.comNaomi Robert M.Waterloo, ED 29*(living with family of William R. Harris?) Emmons L. John Henry616 Longfellow St. NWmales under 10Isetta)(living with family of Thomas Thesuahen?)Ellen _.butcher, meat market 205 __ 12thSanfordyard engineer, steam R.R. Momence, ED 9ED 1706Manhattan, ED 1045Lella M.209 South Walnut St.traveling salesman, paint co.1265Sarah D.125 Oakland Ave.22nd Ward 4-E Dist.Utica 4th Wardmachinist, car ___Tioga Dorothy S. Laura? Eliza1122 Maine St.Rencher?chief deputy, court houseMiddletown, ED 40 1502 A___Oakland, ED 97Lela M.HowlandAlvinia?Oct 1886Herbert111Acoal loader, coal min Coast GuardMay 1840BaileyEva E.FridrickMabel M. Essie (negro) Harriett St.2nd Ward RoxburygrocerLabourerWyomingJeromesville, ED 14Rocky Mount, ED 19 Hattie G.Austen (negro) Sep 1888?Old Dirt Pike Rd.Sep 1852MILBenjamin W. Jr.clerk, express co.McLennanmechanic?, electrical supply2645 Lawton Ave.Cereday?Rosemary Mildred G.Betty J.!line? Patrolman, public utilitiesKietler?1894Susan V.Apr 1833Cora M.? Kenneth Lula?Philadelphia, ED 394Lowndes Osage Twp.Joplin, 2 WardHuron Louise T.Dec 1853HaaggWashington, ED 357Wilmington, ED 101Dec 1855city salesman, aluminum214 North? St.Marah29Aretail merchant, hardware Lisbon, ED 35TarrantDes Moines, ED 109Lillian?Precint 1, ED 87 Jyrah? J.Sam W. clerk, hotelelectrical engineerSpeilmanMinneapolis, ED 109%(living with family of Walter Taylor)House Creek Twp.Waterbury, ED 265Philadelphia, 20 Ward1813 St. Paul St.Brookings, ED 7 Dorris F.Elmer G.(boarding with Ira L. Junk)Baltimore, ED 391LycomingHarlanAllinelaborer, sewer d___1897 cart driver Anwanger?Hazel L. 306 13th St.Ireland Free Stateroofer, building factory63?32482 Williams Ave.Aug 1896 gas makerGertie? Eliza JaneLouis Hartle C.Juniusreal estate-buying&selling 454 Long Rd.Mervil'(living with family of William Killian)Sheldon James F.?Rosa L. keeping houseJun 1882 ArchitectGen'l? Winfield ScottED 179Erwin?GS? Ada (black)Phillips Ave. SouthFrank C.ByronHagerstown, 2 Ward4439? Kansas Ave. agent, paperOct 1840Raleigh506Apr 1824works in tanneryState Hospital for InsaneBoone, 2nd Ward Park Ave. NWNewtown182C1-?mhousework, private familyfarmer-general farming Wilhemina350 Bear Ridge Rd.Austin, 5th Ward!daughter of Joshua K. S. Basford?laborer-farmer Eugene J.folder (__ P.O.)234Basst. manager, groceryspooler cotton millDetroit, ED 2695C3Y?m253C13ALester Charlie M.S1131 Greenmount Ave.Hazel M.Sadie J.Jan 187534B Charles R. own incomeSioux Falls, 2 Ward99Topeka, ED 171 Harold T.bartender, hotel Potter ValleyApr 1892999 PittsburgJan 1889462B443D2d Ave 57 to 58 St cigar mfgOmarminer, iron mineWashington, ED 139A__ Aug ? 1895GardinoWellz housekeepingBrainerd, ED 122&(living with family of Johnson Snyder)GibsonNeph Mary EmmaSellmanLettie? Alethea A.Diann B.CecilJohn E.Ellen L.OhioCameronRichard Edw'd. C.Brome#(servant in home of Charles Thorne)GermainKolbJan 1872Apr 1889Private WatchmanAmesmechanic, garage"service manager, automobile dealer 2618 Hanlock?Columbia, ED 21Dunhley? Place3614? Evanston? Ave.#1920 Federal Census - New Hampshire1930 Federal Census - WisconsinWatertown, 3rd Wardhousekeeper-private family 9 [Apr] 1930Caty1616 McKenzie St.teacher, county ___Oct 1891U. S.Helen G.Clearfield BoroughBraford?clerk, U.S. Ar___ Taghkanik&(living with famil of George B. Moore),(living with the family of Charles S. Drake)Granger? Lorna? A.A___16611916? East 31st St.46BOct 1849 Harness Maker1120 25th Ave.farmer, general farmEl Paso, ED 50 washer woman4542David D.Salem1900 Federal Census - MissouriFlintIoscoB?281BEmelineGrace H. HopkintonJno.5_Ella F. Elizabeth D.3-7mat school [sic] A. Robert Geneivere Bertha? E. (illegible)1720 Tenth? St.married males 40 & under 60663 Militia Dist.%(living with family of Robert Miller)Frankelectrician, electric plant 2 Jun 1891W'm J. Ebenezer, Jr.Jun 1898&(living with famiy of Micajah? Harris)Geo. J.Dec 1888$1870 Federal Census - North Carolina37RessinSumbry< Anna E.teacherH Archie C. ___, hospital Tulsa, ED 145 B. Sullenoptermerest, retail storeMadden Nellie B.Dec 1873Boswells 3 Jul 1930Precint 1, ED 3Amspmoa. 1st Ward21 Kings ___ Rd. accountant232 F___E. B. Hattie M. Nova Scotia EmilyGoth Stranethanlaborer, coal mineMiddletown, ED 38Dora John FranklinPrince GoergesLaura W.192BAlbany CarpenterMetuchen, ED 9IndianaEliza N."Illinois Old Soldiers/Sailors Home Catherine C.Lazetta? Birdie ___Hagerstown, 1 WardOrvil S.3 Ward, 3 Pct.GrangerColumbus, ED 94ElkCharliepage, governmentDelaware knife forger Edith? M.Atlanta, ED 105183B16D 68 North St.Greenly bank clerkRoundup School Dist.laborer-genl elec co.nurse-familiesJoe F.Dora B. Raymond W.dentist-officeW. E.6035 Carlos Ave.2526 E. Boston Ave308DParson HouseworkBurnsMyrtleLorettaWks, In Glass Wks.Prudence Richard A.TacomasurpmanJa's? H.Philadelphia, 22 WardLaborerstenographer, state highwayB. D.Benj.ReubinBylaWashington, ED 67 Akron, ED 29(Girard Ave. North Side) 29 Apr 1930284669manager, hardware store Ethan F., Jr. Hellin E.Jul 188810 Hancock Ave.Sam'l Glover Twp.GF1159 Warnock Ave.Vansville Dist.Z Bertha C.Dell C. Works On RrSouth Carolina?Niece? Barbara C.Eugene, ED 246BridgesFayette?Ola"(lodging with James H. Blackshire)Floyd H.601 927 Union St. Benjamin T. 1629 Moss St.LaneFrank P.JulietEricksonmales 10 and under 16MadelineOklahoma Territory HennesseyEstherYonkers, 4 Ward Eulia? M. Tempie G. Harriet W.Nutley, ED 567Nora Iva243BNere casket ___'(living with family of Clyde R. Barber)Guilford, ED 15 hotel keeper ChautauquaIvan?%(living with the family of A. Gorham)window cleaner, cleaning co.Nov 1886Elmore (Negro)Harry V.inspector, carHoffmanForest?Myra 1850 Federal Census - CaliforniaKelloggBibbmill, Indian MillOzark'(living with family of Walker Marshall)Fleming252ABamfordclothier Santa Cruz79ACambridge, ED 3 Western Ave.Jackson, ED 20Orra 222 Main St. Frederick B. Tempie L.Alma E.Luzerne, ED 26313CLos Angeles, ED 568 Bernice S.Euell R.1501 Grant St.Proctorknott, ED 1891930 Federal Census - Iowabookkeeper, ___ industryFort Dodge, ED 36Inafree white males under 5Oterville Twp. Beaver, ED 2Lou M.Long Beach, ED 1152120AFord C.1839 Riverside Ave.Apr 1888LorenzoClemen?Henry H.Idaho TerritoryLowell424 Prospect Ave. Elizabeth G.Faith 1577 20th St.OlgaLisaClaud B.Portland, 9th WardShawnee, ED 17Dan Alice (negro)Annie S. janitor, bank((living with family of William Conover?)258239D District 12DeltaMordicaLois E,1883? mail carrierWard 2, BangorAbbie(living in poor house)Dec 1880clerk-dry goods store41B Mary JaneAlvertus seamstress Orchardist Jackson Twp coach trimmerclerk (office)Sep 1846BeaverIsabelleSebetine New Haven676Parsons, ED 153214B Josephine N.May 1879GordonLucy W.nurse, dental office Frank H., Jr.servant, private familytool maker, auto factoryAug 1872Los Angeles, ED 199Portland, 4 Ward Anson (black)school teacherEdith? Richland Twp.ChildsMotley(boarding with Evelyn Fulton?) Chas. (black) Granville H.Clara J. Mitchell Ave.salesman, brokerageBurdette428 West Grand Ave.Lyman T. Hiram? T.Red Bank, ED 99 19 Apr 1930 Henery D.Dexter%(living with family of Barbara South)Feb 1892 Clarance?Hartford, 10th Ward91BBaltimore, 9 Ward Florence C. Multnomah Clay, ED 160334A___ 1887 Louise E. Francis K.xGertrudeNov 1865 Vernon L. eko? Hand 60 Tilton St. Whiteplainsprinter's apprentice Merilee M.Retired FarmerMount Vernon, 5 WardGeorgiaFranklinNewton? ScottvilleIda S. Jun 1882?Dunington Twp.Norris1645 Logan St.Weld S. NatalieHouston, ED 75 Sydney W. PennsylvaniaLucileDec 1878 Burning LimeVicksburg, ED 66Lizzie D. (black)Worth(boarding with James? Williams)JuzineCarrySep 1811collector, furniture storeClara H.1860 Federal Census - Missouri622 Miller Ave.Vallejo CamdenBenj. F.3y11m24AMooreWoodly 81 Third St.Cha'sJ. P. Auburn Twp.Hugenalaborer, woolen millcomptometer?, U.S. Govt. Florence I.Los Angeles, ED 624&(living with family of Thomas Bidwell)3506 Ellerslie? Ave.Los Angeles, ED 450Statinah Mississippi Floretta T.Fountain blacksmithO. R. Ashland, ED 4725 8th Ave. W.239BWichita Phillipines oyster dealer Edith (black)2788 Pond Place MissouriOct 1875 Alfred J. Franklin B.60Allen H. Bosnia(?)Jan 1891Minneapolis, ED 162Levy Rebecca? A, Sophia A.Furniture Dealer agent, ___laborer, lumber wood Esther E.H. W.S.Jun 1855 brick yard Tennessee14A Josephine B.183AReal Estate Agt.FloodeDistrict 73, Precinct 1 locksmithclerk in store?Lancaster, NW WardFeb 1883M Beloit, ED 71930 Federal Census - Tennesseedregging, county ditchlaborer, nurseryOlevia (Negro) Camden, ED 23021 Emerson Ave. S.!1930 Federal Census - Connecticut2y8mMay R.89CJoseph? Celeste E.sews for tailorCallie 80 Grove St.1338? Morrison St.SchmidtChatham, ED 12Baltimore, ED 451Washington, ED 334Farmers, ED 229Squire (black)Trenton, ED 53Cedar Falls, 2nd Ward#1870 Federal Census - West Virginia Cherry Valley Josephine M.farmer-home farm Beverly C.H. M.Rebekah WatervilleJun 1894Jun 1896Hammond Coast Guard Station Clergyman 29? State St.Harvy H.1860 Holderness2880Dorsey1894?Allene Wallace O.Works On Rail RdSelf101 Cherry St. Barbar G. Abraham L.Biggs612 ___ing Ave. 9 DistrictJean?"1850 Federal Census - Pennsylvania inspector? United Stateslaborer, cement workMay 183050?WeeksNewportMarina Margaret J.LeviNov 1872 Abraham T. MansfieldJon. A.El PasoNov Christiana JosephineMaloneyBaltimore, 19 Ward L. Loyese? Henry, Jr.moulder Harvey E.1611 Carey St. 1870 Federal Census - New Jersey Philip T.May 1860PhilippNov 1882Jun 1891Ray L.Vola O.A. F. PutnamC. W.Berke___ clerk, court house1425? S. Charles St. Parkmoor?'1930 Federal Census - Washington, D. C.1850 Federal Census - Virginiasaw mill Ronald L. homemaker1786Mum?laborer, saw millG. Miles%(living with family of John W. Dixon)Reno Michigan265C1133 Barrie Ave.,(living with the family of Henry J. Seibert)1850 Federal Census - Florida Jeromesville Gertrude A. Louisiana220 Fleming St.Minneapolis, ED 104 Claude R. Ukiah, ED 14AsberryJun 1863Wm. P.Aug127DCarpet FactoryMarjorie retail store gold minerNellie (black)May 1889Carl?Eva G. Everett G.1850 Federal Census - Missouri Toby, ED 83Tacy S. Nov 1883?Precinct 5, ED 7At Home (blind)D.C.Rosilda454 Ulysses St. Jackson T.CasbyRandle&1900 Federal Census - Washington, D.C.__litonCrosby, ED 123"(living wih large group of people)InghamRosa(?)Wooster, ED 216 Dr. A. F.DonnaMillwood, ED 26Bristol, ED 103AimeBellingham, ED 206Mier? 1420 CharlesAnnaline411 Baker Ave.T. S.221 ____Alsymanager, lumber office Box ButteBuckey 1st Dist.EuniceBaesfordHudson, 3rd Ward Katherine263B 673 E. 134th District 1236732423025 Victory Parkway1727 West 53rd St. Robert H.#(living with family of John Glace?)Seattle, 3rd WardDes Moines 2nd WardL*oy W.Asher74B Maryville< secretary, newspaper Harry D.?Seo 18831880 census CDOsagemales 5 and under 10soldier pensioned)(boarding with family of Richarrd Clarke){eter District 3IrvingTobie D. (black)266A1003 Jun 1837?Agnes?WesterlySiscoBetsySandford521 Foster Ave. Leslie C.Baltimore, 23 WardSteward 2 Ward NYC168BGoreue?Emma G.E. L.713 El Dorado St.Vallejo, ED 214McGown35? Wire Drawer133DLorenaTeresaBaltimore, 16 Ward(living in "sailor's home") Beresford818 S. San ___ Rd.15 West 8th St. Edw'd (black)Dakota TerritoryBelknap Juanita L. Presque IsleIs______. woolen mill(lioving in a boarding house)/(living with family of John and Agness Mahoney)Joy A.402C1930 Federal Census - Texas Keobuck? St.KaneDenver224 8th St. NW? Bemjamin H.Robt. C. Walnut Twp.Messing?3315 Chestnut Ave.V. T.DoorDanver?'(living with family of James A. Keeves)___, locomotiveJackson, ED 15 Williamsonhousekeeper, general farm1920 Federal Census - KentuckyRockford, North ChurchJun 1880Nov 1848PerkinsMandie Florence O. Marion, ED 11 Ozark Twp.Hallie? advertisingSep 1862Sarah L.GussieTully4 Leeds? Saint Louis Sagadahoc41 Francis Ave.1-8?m Ancestry.com638 Walnut St.adjustor, retail furnitureHeater? Filer, ED 11photo-engraver171A HunnicuttTannalaborer-RR construction Clarence C. Oliver G. Bonnie D. Leroie(?)Lura E.Peggy E.Judiah Herman J.barber, barber shop608 3 Apr 1930ElenerNov 1877Portland, 3 Ward187BNov 1857LloydPullman, ED 173Roy1887?works in saw mill Walter S.Concord & Blooming G__ Rd.Edgar J. Lizzie M.MichiganEdwardsisabel Wittenberg Nina? L.?Jesse P.HelenAymar Myrtis L. 420 114? St.Cora B.Co GaryJesse J.Edward brick masonretiredAlninna?2847?Aug 1894EdLauren?WillardEben.Joy, jr.New YorkCayuga Robert F. Christopher William H. Dallas Twp.Precinct 7, ED 197Ja's A.LovinaHorris'1900 Federal Census - New York (Part 1)Norristown Borough)(boarding with family of William Goodman)SD OregonF Samuel W.Northern Ireland?402A721-1/2 Laurel St. 720 First St.County Line Rd. Marjorie M.6300Williams23ASapulpa, ED 47419 Peachtree St. New HampshireWork Shoe Saloonlabor Lottie E.Homer540BRosea James A.?stenographer, laboratoryPearl E.2420 Forest Park Ave.May 1874Jan 1861 Abbgil M.TillieOswego51_-1/2 West HolleyPossum Bend, ED 30Arthur (Negro)253BApr 1826Mar 1814Summit HospitalBenj. W.$(living with family of Edwin A. ___) Elbert C.SusanMinneapolis, ED 48Baltimore, 22 Ward Gering, ED 12laundress, private family Angelina A. ((boarding with family of John R. Hanley)Waukesha Summit, ED 26Monson, ED 174*(living with family of Lewis Christenson?) TywappityMrs.?Hetta?11th Ward 4-E Dist.Hagerstown ED 175 Lulu Margaret240A Glen Twp.WildiaAnn Arbor, ED 17Jul 1883699 Lake, ED 8Feb 1850 Joseph K.1st District, 2nd Pct."1860 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaYakima Denver, ED 92Oklahoma Charlotte B.LeonoraBailer LaSalle Twp.BassfredFeb 1900lawyer Pike Twp.Twp. 1 (Sonora)Tim D.Omar?Emory W. 18 pApr] 1930 Richard M. J.Ida M. (Negro)Ester M. Canada French Charlotte A.shingle packerSaint Joseph, ED 50Providence St.butler Gina? C.?112AJun 1885 Dist. Col.druggistLaborer, Works On Farm335DF?Unorganized Territory!1860 Federal Census - MississippiWm475 Marion B.22A domestic helpMurren?boarding house, manager Rutileus B.300?HazenJ. M.Carder Woolen Mill Given NameChicago, ED 1021 Queen Anne boat builderlandlordNew Jersey (tax list)Somerset Benjamin Jr.205 Lowell St.13?mPontotoc4th Civil District washerwoman ClergimanCross Keys Dist.254AFergusBerniceAnna E.? Virginia B. 309 Court St. Harriet C.215 Seminole? ___ WaldschmidtBull St. Arthur G.MelissaKennebecW.Oaklandcarpenter, cotton millVicksburg, ED 71Minor Merrit C.Gilly Elvira A.Starkey%(living with family of Frank Stewart)Hillsboro, ED 36ED 91870 Federal Census - Kentucky washwoman-perhaps a son of Sebastian and Sarah Basford?2815 Cherry St.Eugenia Edward L.Herzner?females 10 and under 16Annapolis CityDeliah292 Austerlitz1881 Canadian CensusPleasant Plains, ED 13405 San Carlos Ave. Bronx Borough221880 Federal Census - Indiana Contra CostaMasters chairmaker Bassford?8?O'Kourk?Pat'kCanada?272BDec 1887 Ensley, ED 14B___inmate Santa RosaCooper137B)(boarding with family of Robert Campbell) R. R. handLexie Harry E., Jr.1(living with many other RR construction laborers)Bellingham, 2nd Ward87A Cross Roads Russia P.DolberHumboldtSt. Paul, ED 11Cecil L.1-2M593CRena A.&(living with family of Caroline Wells)Cross Creek District Tabitha J.St. Paul, ED 104'1900 Federal Census - New York (Part 2) Clarence E.teamsterLulu MaescholarAralan?Aug 1863288AOct 1857 Harvey G.48? Gennie? MayPeaterAnna? J.60BPhiladelphia, 10 WardWalter Mbank treasurerGlen Ridge, ED 429 Horrace R.Newark, ED 117 Lottie A.1930 Federal Census - Utah Levina? A. Edward J.Dec 1816Nora E.109 West 56th St. RichmondPlasterer & B. MasonHelen K.Dec 1868married males18 & under 21 NodawayFayetta Amherst Virginia Walter W.JohannaMay 887? M.Alliance, ED 3West Second St.1y7m499491MissouriNicholasweaver - woolensGalveston City 15 Apr 1930*(boarding with family of William H. Brown)212Apr 1881yarn sizer, cotton millBrooklyn Borough, 5 Ward149BMary O.operator, leather goods 12th WardSusieWilton254DMar 1868peddlerWidowed/ DivorcedDruggist Keeps House New Brunswick71BNewark,ED 179Gay 1119 N 6 St. Edward B. JasperNellconductor-railroad CodingtonSolimon Benjamin F.((boarding with family of Samuel? Teske?)227 Walter T.White Cloud Twp.&(several boarders listed in household)BullockAdah525D 34 High St.23?business directoryApr 1846Oct 1899184B Mar? 1885laborer on farmSep 1853Maine Vine? St.Ethel C.laborer, table maker Eunice? V.Presser, paper factoryPres. Minister486D 1920 Federal Census - Washington stove makerTriangle, ED 173Emma M.Howard? Bessie E.Lee R.SallieColemansville P.O.3-10mJames S. Howard Ave.R. R. station agent123APleasantHasbrouck Heights, ED 125176Dclerk, hardware house keeper 746 G'wichElla D.Apr 1874attorney app. Tinsmith6www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/in/stjoseph/1850/pg00128.txtAug 1871railroad conductor45?Ina B.clerk, general officeBarber Rumson St. Lillie A.Patrick Osage, ED 140Olive E.Bryan?Dist. of ColumbiaArapahoePalatkaMount? James? A.Dec 1832Mina R. BrandywineRay?#1880 Federal Census - Massachusetts Newfoundlandboring artesian wells Book Keeper1st W Phil 2nd Dist.M. E.Effie R.236A240430 Shiawassee Hariet C.salesman groceryPhiladelphia, 29 WardSep 1890Nov 1862((boarding with family of Victor Granel?) Claude L.Ally&(living with family of Leonard Howard)LabetteJul 1830butter merchant,(living in boarding house with other seaman)(boarding with Charles Edgar) Mar? 1860?40?Colloton1855PeoriaAdaline (black)K. HouseVan Buren, ED 279Portugallaborer, loggingeditorSep 1859Cyril15A16 Horace G.Annie C.106D1205State Peniteniary, ED 353 Jennie E.Nov 1841Ethel M.< Julia 78 ___ St.(living with a Symonds family)327Amales 45 and over203AJun 1868 Mohocan Twp.BrawnBristolBermudapoliceBowenT. J.Eliza J., widow of ReubenHoltsdawMatt J.Goldie L. (negro)%(student at Maryland Blind Institute) Phillip S.Mabel (boarding with Stephen Musgrave)Duffy Willie C.'(living with family of Harry? Fletcher)619*(living with the family of Henry M. Hoag?)Chanceford TwpRabournManhattan Borough, ED 774 shoe maker Joseph F.Diane Canada [sic] Elizabeth A.Ward 5, Bangor 219 Maine St. Paint Twp.SiskiyouJan 1900#(servant in home of Clyde Anderson)P___Devils Lake, 2 WardCha's? Clifford G.Jul 1863KelrayRamseyGrace C.44y?m Gloucester JewellNancy E.AllenScotlandElla M.64ACummingsinspector, packing plantBerkeley, ED 29082B Kinderhook887MillinerCora E.Etta C.drain pipe maker Cornelius306A508CGibson?;(living with the family of Cyrus VanOrder?, hotel landlord)C. M. Photographer283rd Rep. Dist. BricklayerHumbird, ED 24Rusk?Ja's K.Petersdrawing machine, cotton millOneal1920 Federal Census - New York1892?Clarksville, ED 23Grand Rapids, ED 72San Jose, 1st WardSailorbaker1275,(boarding with Dill__ and Margaret Bristol) Amelia A.479A705AHudson, 1 Wardfemales 45 and over!1850 Federal Census - Connecticut Marinettelaborer, electric line Duncan A.laborer, rubber factoryCrowillJamestown, 2 WardCurtain?Morrison CanalToskioNov 1881 Phramie? B.)(living with the family of Jas. M. Smith)Leon G.Lasalle?9?guard, penitentiary Cerro Gordo'(living with ramily of Rosetta Trund      !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~le)Ferrier Nellie J. Navarro Dist.Edna L.Tucker9265 Sarah A. Center District Clk In Store Cynthia A. carpet winderVermonLyle Betsey E.Bafordteaching schoolMay 1875 Connecticut?31 Tarrence? St.accountant, shoe co.Long Branch, ED 111bottle ___, glass factory1129 Wallace St.Nerd?Alsace Lorraine (French) Lewis & Clark Jersey CityKentuckyRufusservant, coachman George G.AbbeyFarmerPima271DNov 1875 birth Date Menifee St. ArmandEtoiledomestic servantDyerBessieHardenSugarcreek Twp.Oscar K.Sep 1875Oak St.seamanPyleMt. Vernon, ED 103 102 North 2ndAug 1875,(boarding with the family of John Valentine)Mandy?Apr 1875married males 60 and overAmmi HendersonVermillion Twp.McKernay Mildred E.County PrisonerAug 1842Gracie Whitworth Robert J.6-3m Charity M.merchant, retail clothing Clerk In ... Pleasant Twp.Lyford177DWarner Drug ClerkRichmondAgnes A.508 Armstronggarden laborerAmmi? L.Susan E.Apr 1898George (negro)laborer, glass factoryAda?Revere, ED 656(living in an "alms house")Della Marion C.at home336CJames express driverJosieDruryAnnie?Cathrine300200 German Twp. Herbert L.Leah M.Dec 1894Wellsburg, ED 6 929 C St. SWJan 1865FlossieWard 7222AWorks At Brass MillWanell? Rhesheskyfar,er?Bausford911 Polk St. Lawrenceclerk, dry goods store Jun? 1866248C bookbinderStuhlClerk Pension Officedriver (steam boat?) wash woman Ogrus? J.92AChaseJul 1880 May 1896?Mar 184184A2y11mJno. (?)+(living with the family of Charles E. Bair)JoyJonathan121BBasferdGoes To School268C stock clerkWillliam 18 Oct 1885Margret Myrtle S.17ACone16?VictoriaCoveyMay 1824ChandlerBuckhead Dist.Sep 1871Titusfireman, D.C. fire dept.83BJuryVictora'(living with family of John A. Madeiry)May 1828Birmingham, ED 825582y3mLothropEmona C.Abby L.Jul 1859213 __ 9th St.machine inspectorlaborer, steel worksKesiah(record is illegible)Montoursville Borough59AM. G. H.NoraUtah194AMahoneyJan 1883 Keep House Mary C. E.David J. Carpetner1860 Federal Census - IndianaFarmBartons Creek Twp.HuntOct 1830St. Louis, ED 3157157531022VigoSteph Flint, ED 37 9 Apr 1930"(living with family of _. Harding)10ABusford?Emmaline28Acousin___ 1892Barnie1900 Federal Census - Texas311850 Federal Census - MarylandAug 1892810 4th Ave S.Virginia287 Fairlawn Ave.-(several boarders are living with the family)May 1856South Scituate Hudson CityLafe___, university6B1850 Federal Census - KentuckyEdsonWard 10Maple Lane, ED 27Therasa?5BcourierWorks In Shoe FactmaxinaMargaret A. M.Rhoda F.Franklin C. A.$machine operator, ball bearing plant229ApreacherRecordKate M. livery manR. A.Elmer L. 360 Kay? St.FletcherJ. J. 274 6th St. TrinvillaBorrel Thomas O. 18th Ward20 West 76th St.Jonas R.1900 Federal Census - Iowa Stone MasonDec 1836 Cordelia T.?Eastlandreal estate dealerD. E.Anna C.536D RR laborerNewark 5th Ward(?) brickmakerBart?MaggieUrbana Deer Creek162BSarah R.Aug 1886OceanAverill Sidney W.Pricks?24BBath OwingsvilleBrooklyn Borough, 24 Wardhomework471CChicago, 20th Ward((living with the family of William Clay) MissionaryMilton Horace E.MoulderBasfor1886? housekeeper9ADavid G. Clear Creek554A133COct 1819Susan L.carriage trimmerLenora Charles H.Assist. Housekeeping182B5?1968Brazil___ 1886Helen S. San LorenzoTookeCoachmanGardiner Miranda H.Platte GentlemanApr 1832NartFarlayDist. 1, St. LeonardCormack1420temp___ inspector1900 Federal Census - Maryland VansvilleJoel B.unlnown? box maker275*(boarding with the family of Lucas Coburn) UnionElonOct 1882office manager, shipyard Waggon MakerMenashaNatick glass workerW'm E.Nov 1816 Thomas R.Goldie Jr. (negro)Jul 1853193 Wak___ Ave.Paul C.?Keeps Cigar Store286 280 Broadway3y5mC. S.attends schoolAlleganyJun 1823'(boarding with family of Edward Sanger)RubieFlatonia, 3 Ward Malnia?H. J. 2 Apr 1930John Day Precinct1900 Federal Census - Oregon3 Ward Lynchburg493 Conrad? D.Floyd F.ReubenAshlandTownsend"1920 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaDecker-(several borders are listed in the household)18th Ward 17-E Dist. Forest? R.Sep 1848McGins?D___ Cisco, ED 119single males 25 & under 40Binhamton, 3 WardAug 1844 LansdowneMenow850 Payne Ave. mechanic? Youngblood1455 Emmett S.speeder tender, cotton millAug 1848 driver-fishPrecinct 5, ED 26Viola E. Arthur L.Philadelphia, 37 WardGenessee416 Franklin Ave.Frank L.186A15Washinton Twp.engineer, stationaryDeston Protheria S.Oct 1864Maxfield Lottie Irene96B Catherine?Pierce Warren S. Alvira A. 28 Jun 1900Aug 1831Richmond, ED 66woodsman, lumberFeb 1829350C Jennie W. Anita? Y.Maple Grove Twp. Relationship Gladys J.CambriaGreen Township"Eva M.1860 Federal Census - Michiganmales 26 and under 45 Beverly E.215BrenemanCath.Marbell? chambermaid Aincy? C. cotton weaverEnersib274May 1825Clark 225 O'Farrell3rd piano teacherfarmerMaronda Oliver C.Ida C.76319th Ward 2-E Dist. Sheffieldmanager, meat marketchief clerk, railroadCobbbuilderst___Massachusestts 121 Acorn?Story? Deleware? Sam'l Jr.May 1850272 E. 199 St. entry clerk654771GroveRosa sanitary ___5th? St.27C355B16th Ward 1-E Dist. RobertsonApr 1891?(listed with Sister Mary Patrichia, apparently in an orphanage)J. R.clerk, capitolAddie M.Clay969Mandy4A Bertha B. De Grasse Rd.Chloe74Lee J.?< .(living with the family of Russel Vierkeller?)St. Louis, ED 565Washington, ED 318Main St.GernandBaltimore, ED 101 Baltimore St. Audrey S. Samuel J.DutchessRamon?spinner cotton mill Leslie J.L___ M.L. L. L.domestic744? Summer Ave. Speedway St.Mammie971487 William Henry150 Meehan Ave.1880 Federal Census - IllinoisAnnie L. PhillipstownMelrose LeucretiaAbby G. Ft. Covington Emerson E. cook in hotelTilley mill workerArroline/(living with family of Elisha and Ruth Getchel) Oct 1851? Carrie? M.Apr 1871 confectionaryMay 18713315 Chesterton?1880 Federal Census - Georgia249 Summer AveHenry A. Silver City27?Sep 188137A490B Division 1FloydWileymanager, officeCannesChrisAddis lives homehomeFeb 1842John R.Apr 18781870 Federal Census - Maine No BusinessRossNaomi C.Eleonore/(living with family of Samuel and Nancy Markos) Elizabeth F.Boulard Horton Twp.Nodaway187 Congress St.Sep 1865Ruth G.163 School St.Sep 1887'(boarding with family of Bennonah Webb)HouselNephew William L.Alin?OnondagaElla E.engineer at waterworks Blackiston41C253 Parsells Ave.Orlando Lillian L.Rochester, ED 163Ellen? Jun? 1899San Francisco, ED 135architect builder Steel Works3(many employees are also listed with the household)311 Fourth St. Archie W.Feb 1873 William M.Nigra?Dean? Feb 1838?62?1850 Federal Census - Tennessee Feb? 1875drawer-woolens2220 Gordon Ave.46 Thomas S.Gam___12th Ward 14-E Dist. Sallie A. 22nd Ward1880 Federal Census - IowaJoey G. Charley R.Steiger fruit grower1910 Federal Census - OhioMahoningApr 1873JasonL. C.South Canon, 2nd Ward LittletonBoulder9th Pct.Hamilton, 2nd Ward Rockford, 2nd WardEzra Shefield?Omaha 4th WardAnnaironEmory S. LabetteShallotte District Marianna P.O.Geo3www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/nc/stokes/1840/pg0198.txt Physician CaliforniaHettyNewark,ED 19715BAb'm116 Davenport Ave.N. O.%(living with family of A. C. Keanan?)-(living with family of Samuel and Mary Thorn)220Eleziel Laughlin?Jacob W.Henry D.$(living with family of William Cole) Jan? 1866May 1858winder carpet mill Payson Twp.'(living with family of Horance? Blond?)Calista WashingtonHollis NevadaCanada (English).Trenton, 3rd WardN___ E.Chas. E.)(living with the family of William Lynch)R. M.Mar 1878&(living with family of Frank Ettinger)173B Polk CortlandClara M.Bolstonmanager?1920 Federal Census - Oklahoma RusPolandFair Haven, ED 99 Harold E.Florenceappothecary? ClerkStanleyPisseMattLucinda%(living with family of Thomas Brooks) Christianworks in woolen? millMoth At School19DMar 1870Manchester, Ward 8importerLydia M.298A148A Edward R.Sullivan, ED 133 postmastercommon laborerTolacy?1850 Federal Census - Ohio335CLois1920 Federal Census - TexasJun 18601746 North Ave.1920 Federal Census - GeorgiaDeikeWashington, ED 374Jos L.BoscawenNewark 10th Ward'(boarding with family of P___ Godchamp) 7 Central St.Jan 1852Feb 1874Jim32Blaborer, generalLeonoreFarrell?Kansas City, 8 Ward Music TeacherFeb 1875371auto mechanic, garageCincinnati, 2 WardWorks In Shoe Shop 24 Apr 1930Rob't C. William _. Union, ED 162restaurant proprietor1920 Federal Census - Arizona Lester J. WellesburgDomestic ServantNorth Carolina SchroeprelLetitiaMay 1881 Airold? J.E?. J?.West ___ ___ Rd.Hardware Store2065 Peck Rd. NW Eve? Lorinda?Cole26?MillerNurseJun 1897RockEast Orange, ED 51TANewark&(living with Wm. S and Hariett Judson)Keeping90DMattey Calvin M.1810 Federal Census322BOct 1869flowers Buryline?%(living with family of John Monneth?)Canada&(living in the home of James Burnside) Mecklenburg!1860 Federal Census - ConnecticutMay 1852St. Georges HundredElmoreWm. H. new dealerMary J.stenographer, smelting co.((living with family of James C. Pierce?)#(other persons also listed in home)BrooksKeziahHelen W.1860 Federal Census - VermontOregonMar 1876Feb 1872Tomdecorator (pottery) Treasure City Walter ?. Minnesota Foreign Birth61(boarding with W. P. Campbell) Mt. Pleasant amcestry.comEthel L.D Merit C. Cha's(?)Hold 19th Ward BrinkerhoffSan JoseRosa M. Taghkanie Slaton C.211CAustinM. 416 Kentucky Solomon L.Aug 1874 Knox, ED 3*(living with the family of Mary C. Morris)AsburyBallion Missouri M.132C179BO'Brien Thompson? BadesfordThomasville ED 23Chittenden Co., VT20289orchard farmerNappa WashtenawLower Makefield Twp. Georgia L.276B LayfaettePowhatan*(living with family of William H. Fauman?)Jan 18662(several boarders are also living with the family)Elisha217A39DEmaline Johnstown 1 Apr 1930 Wauna, ED 90Earl R.Iris? Nov? 1884 Harry Thomas WatertownFeb 1856 Jefferson 5 Avenue EQueen Anne Dist.157B Eileen B. Walter B.dealer, glasswareAlta B.Sep 1873Value of Real Estate owned.BellAustin, ED 103Vila W.&(patient in New Jersey State Hospital)'(living with family of Charley Cutter?)Jan 1882St. Carr salesladyAbigal 3 Aug 1859 Nova ScotiaHendrickJosie A.Queens 6 Apr 19301930 Federal Census - IdahoMackPeterson1920 Federal Census - AlabamaWhether Naturalized or Alien Fannie B.Lily W'm H. F.Alameda Jul 1897 stone facing?GD? Santa Clara Nettie L.treasurer, bank9th Ward 2-E Dist.FIL saloon keeper Orleans David F. A.Palmer Aurelia R.Myan?917Persons under 6535D&(living in the home of John R. Carson)453C Pennyslvania304DDouglass George N.GoldieRailroad Clerk Willis E.Sep 1892May 1876Rebecca Works On Farm%(living with family of Henry Tyding?)Washington, ED 30 Mowerlaborer nursing?Jun 1854 forman manfty#1920 Federal Census - Massachusettsweaver, cayal? Mill Casper, ED 74 Rowena R.53BAug 1889 Harriet A.VintonWorthen298BButlerS. M.462Seymour___ 1883Ruby465BW'm M.Dec 1846 S. Henry St. Louis 8th WardED 16742ARula?School TeacherDist. 3, Huntingtown Samuel Jr.Donaho JeffersonOscar T.PerleeWright, ED 107 Black HawkKeokuk Louisa G.BassfudMar 1832 McFrench?Marion, ED 122 Rush, ED 34Marie?Ellsie815 Myrtle Ave.133AMike Clesta C.244 Corwin W. DeKalb P.O.Diana ColesR. R. Car Repr. 36 District Blanche S.insurance agent AssistantMar 1838At Home256BRuggles Milwaukee saleswoman cook, hotel Jasper N."1900 Federal Census - South DakotaSagan1288Anna A.209Adreg contractor, county ditch257AIda?Hanover, ED 16CroffordBasilLoundesCorn?993 Militia Dist.Work In Knife Shop Coquetting Pleasant St.Hanna L. Fulton D. MassachusetsElwood%(living with family of Walter Sewell)Vhttp://www.rootsweb.com/~cenfiles/ca/santaclara/1870/sanjosecity/ward01/sanjose104.txtManhattan, ED 560Faith A.ret.? Groceries?Julia R.LeonaOrange 2nd WardDistrict 1, ED 175Nov 1834FordHouse CarpenterPaul E.Apr2000?686A Charlottecommon? Salesman Leoni? M.C. J. Schoharie 826 EighthFeb 1839 Howard M.S. D.111BSam'l W. Deer LodgeShipleyWinfield390-1Mar 1873 New Jersey? Leslie S. JosepheneLawsonWilbur Shellabey427B Stephen V.1y?m2mAnn E.1900 Federal Census - Nebraskab-clergyPolk!Supt. Repair Sh. & Cor. Inspector)(boarding with family of Charlotte Jomes)Francis Brunswick< Eveline L.?DeanGoor?Chicago, ED 56Imck?StephenBradley1884? Margarite?80 Chestnut St. Daniel E.practical nurse, independentBucksElias76AElaie?1624 Hayes? St.Rochester, ED 205Amylocomotive engineer Donegal Twp.Fern Birth Month10082BorenSheridan City ED 48 house laborer4798192313? Parker St.Velma B.collector inspector? Edward G.Thankful58132AA. Bertram J. B.BartonJun 1893Vermont ___ servantRice33___ buyer, ___ storeClarkstrip, 2nd Dist W. Prussia?Ernest283CLauraBirt H.Katie H.Hackers Creek, ED 96school teacher, public school Melvin G. s___ storeAtta L.240648Alexi9014 Seaver? St.EulaJamesMar 1884 BrownsvilleClifford 15 Broadway Arallaie?1862? TailoressFarnham?'(boarding with May and Elizabeth Scott)Adam Adelbert M.J___BartlettBoarding Myrtie M.Ersic?41ANew Haven, ED 320706 Rio Grande CarrollHarry O. Frances C.SargentMaudeSep 1889Jul 1894 Charles K.PhillipsRooney47?ED 116911A Belmont Twp.Basfoot Louisa M.18AWashington, ED 307Huffmansingle males 30 & under 60 Juneau Pierce8mEva? I.38AMay 1894158A1915 New York Censusclerk in lodging ___4 Ward Fremont138 Sereti? Binn? St.623 Millers Driveway? AlleyJan 1851Hampton, ED 99 Pinney St. 21 Jun 1900Palmer, ED 18211BThos. J.96A Willi. H. Galveston Green55B446AHenretyTaura L. Farm HandDodge Mary R.2868BeecherP. V. Edith? S.Leon E.1890 Substitute Census Data332Hardaway Samuel K. 58 Summit AveHeathlaborerDora R.Rockville Centre, ED 69ClaranceCorneliaauto body workscouldn't find on ancestry.comHoulton Plantation1830 Federal Census&(living with family of Joseph Barnes?) WawarsingAgnes R.Ralph P.2700 Benton, ED 45363B578BDistrict 3, ED 19584DN. B. Elgin EastNorthport, ED 128Age at first marriageArminda May 1886? Todd Eamer? C.TaylorAlice E. William Y.17800Annapolis, Precinct 3 James G.?Noc 1874Oct 1831Chicoa1230 Jennie M.ChestnutJosiahAbbe L.inmate of nunneryColorado LauderdaleTrimbleDIL17000Aneram 44th DistrictPauld H.ministerAbram G.females 5 and under 10Lewis C. 4th District AroostookHoulton George B.642A Minnie BellBrowneJun 18381860 Federal Census - OhioOct 1880&(living with Albert and Carrie Felson)Jemima?Dec 1883Madge Charles L.Columbus, ED 32Joanna457 CumberlandSouth Susquehannah Omaha, 3 WardPittsburgh, ED 502Nov 18894www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/tn/gibson/1850/pg0134a.txt%(living with the family of H___ Shaw)1900 Federal Census - Vermont281 Charles F.PelhamPersons 14 and under 1820 E 17th StreetNannie92West Deptford,ED 162 Emeline C. Keeping HouseG____363Arepair, automobile271BBen F.40000noneGeorg E. Merril W.51?Kada? A. stock buyerYoung350Mar 1882Louis W.Jan 1886Switzerland (French)Gidget?Apl 1873huckser? C. EngineerED 449Tho's R.Torage?Ethel E. Owens Ave. ManchesterGeo C.laboroerH. O.Nov 1849Ellenor Margerite ProthesiaEdsellBp Baschford Madison H. East 86th St.Turner735 Horace W.2118$1850 Federal Census - North CarolinaMona Angela P.Bafford26 Lincoln Ave. 9 Aug 1900 23 Jun 1900MameSingleCarroll"1900 Federal Census - North DakotaDistrict 1, Part 4Cortlandt, ED 21428A417Sara J.Paducah, ED 155 1920 Federal Census - New Jerseywaitress60043Mary S. Joanna E.62Polley manufacturer44BJan 1890NorwellSep 1861MercerBuckleyRiordon Forman G. ColevilleAdams Missisquoi Eldora O.Susy A. farm hand ParishvilleEast Conemaugh, ED 1575000658recruiting officeNov 1851Mary I.?W'm R.carriage maker423BBritton?Theodore M. E. (?) HillsboroughFurgason3216Dec 1877110ASalt Lake City, ED 29Builder11mJames T.Freeman[F]general agencyBenj. S.AbagailTracy10000Cook In Restaurant187C581145Helen J.Jul 1847Peabody, ED 239 travellingOct 1837Tamesey?Bucford51StokesElda A.#(living with family of Edward Webb) 49 Carroll Benj'n F.SIL (...) Artist32-33BellaireH___((living with family of Alexander Hatter)Feb 18941417 Third Ave.IrmaIda J.laborer-woolen millCalvinJeanChehalis Luverna(?)LinaPortland1850 Federal Census - Maine1850 Federal Census - Wisconsin96366Trenton, 1st WardHarriis No Occupationr___ man (round house) River FallsMerrittBuckeystown, ED 54 23 Apr 1930Ruel D.Feb 1869 William C.married females14 & under 45Ella B. Jenkins Twp.Ann B.Hamilton District 2St. Thomas, ED163C2 Lauretta P.Abr'm.Sangamon347AJul 1874Lenord Wks On FarmStack465130BJan 1831 McleansboroDFree white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families Grace? L.laborer, marbleRecord?Ida F. Harmen M.Mar 1858L___Boston, ED 4021860 Federal Census - Alabama241B Clayton? E.Aug 1868 Collin N.Banks 14 Apr 1930 13 Apr 1930807 10th St. NWEstella24185Grear37C42?dry goods clerkHoutenNebraskaNorth St. YMCA Fannie M. Nicolas S.18Dec 1838 electricianWashington, ED 1651116-7367C350B Clarence? A.TuftsReverePeabodyGeo H. housework,(living with a large group of farm? workers)105BRalph A.2244 Bathgate Ave.Amy A. Tack PackingAug 1878315WordEnfieldB. F.John W.Arshur?Sep 1860AlfredJul 18991879?Franklin Township369A Gladys I.Jun 1845Russell, ED 86Fred C.Devin Walter A.territorial census458AWinnie1880 Federal Census - ArkansasChatham, District 1%(living with ramily of William Blake)farmer & planter1403 3-1/2 Ave S. Clerk Grocery SeamstressLayfieldKidderSoncie?Twp 99, Range 52 dry goodsAdelEllaPortland, 2 Ward54BJenkinsmetal polish factory#1870 Federal Census - Massachusetts1860 Federal Census - FloridaOrvilleGeeAug 1895BarbadosGrace J. CatherineWhite24AmeliaJ. A.DyeSilas W.310 Washington Ave.latherhatter? Caddie L.2BWalworth24 West 3rd NorthPlace of birth59WhiddonBriscoeNew Albany 2nd WardAdelia?BudapestAgnesSeacordMar 1898Zelda W. 1900 Federal Census - CaliforniaWalterclergyman, Methodist churchLile?412C Williamsburg511D1900 Federal Census - Minnesota1619? Walton? Ave. Cincinnati NewaygoCh___250CShacor?Salt Lake City, ED 58BentonDonald JacksonAshur (boarding with M. E. Martin) Joseph T.L. LeeMineral Springs, ED 94Dist 4W. J.United States?Nov 1868 Crescent Ave Lincoln Twp. Pickaway Twp. Margaret C.=(living with the family of Seneca and Nattie (Douglas) Place)Tuolumneminer Myrtle I. ClarrissaTexas?editor RepublicOwing(living with a Wardwell family)H. B.Steuben BaltimoreFranklynmanager1164ChristieStelfordLaGrange - Lyons Twp.1y11mCohocton BooneAugusta, ED 98Newport, ED 14StSIL325Bclerk, grocery storeMerchant Charleston`592 R. R. Laborer Bassaford 24th DistrictAst. HousekeeperJos. G.9Mc___HerkimerStS 29 Jun 1900 Keeping HseNoneSisBergen Arthur H. Tippecanoe1044 Militia Dist.Wiable?MitchellEverett, ED 210"(living with several other miners)1880 Federal Census - Tennessee Andrew M.Cincinnati, ED 356Pawnee1860 Federal Census - Georgia District 14 Seward Lindsay S.(living in boarding house)Working In House< KassanderBambordOwingsville P. O.219BCalais 4th Ward Elko207 Kallian? E.TeamsterPleasant Vale, ED 172Flora M.Grace M.Fairmontmessenger boy, depotMar 1875Denver, ED 231461B1568males 80 and under 90IcelandAug 1879Jan 1853113A Martha I.S___Fowler Salisbury1B Philander R.SusannaFishing River Twp.1880 Federal Census - KentuckyWallace Utica, ED 173males 16 to 18France (German) 8 May 1930AnnettSouthaBerrys District Buck Horn DistrictJinnie FloridaElbertCath)(boarding with family of Wayne Valentine)WhitmanJosephSaint Joseph, 3 WardStiegerMar 1861Anna G.Newton ParkinsonCanton, ED 111 Rev. Tho's Martha E. FallsburghJun 1835)(living with family of Thomas L. Gabbert)Jan 1877Nov 1892Hiram L.Geo. D.David E.Ad___Earl J. Edward E.360Jam 1879 Georgia wood chopper1www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/nc/wake/1840/pg0177.txt627Total inmates in each FamilyCarrie202CFehl New York City Winnie M.Paulding 27 Jun 1900Mona? L. Alford C.?(patent in hospital)SchmookNov 1878 Winsor J.Jan 1832318CSep 1869Fresno, 2 WardPIn Database: (J)acob, (T)homas, (A)braham, (S)olomon, (G)eorge, (Z)ebede, (N)oneJunniel?Jam. Martha B.Merrick John (black)910 Virginia Ave. SWfinisher Ann (black)Lhttp://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/stagser/s1500/s1526/html/ssi1526b.html Planewell laundressSabrinaElihu B.TriphenaDistrict 10 And 14DanforthOshkosh 5th Ward129BunknownPhoebe1900 Federal Census - Florida In SchoolTallulaWakefield, ED 476 Rebecca V. VacavillePulliamH. S. Washington DCLynnaBlanchS? Micherson?Apr 1879AlbertaInezJ1ABerryIndex = BaffordBrady's Bend Twp. Rock Island LindamineMollieHunter? (black)221Nov 1894 WestvilleLocomotive EngineerRedwood Twp., ED 55Werner? house painterrailroad brakemanAlgy? B.1130 Ogden St. Tioga, ED 169 Frederic W.BabstWorks In Shoe Fac.County Alfred Z.Dist. 2, Prince Frederick410member San FranciscoDist. Columbia Lottie O.Min. D. McCracken Clarence H. lumbermanBenajmin William P. art flowers718 Howard St.Mary K.Vanadel? Rothenbery Melzar W.Severs, ED 141Cannrell Lucretia?49C289B4000245BMurphyDoniphanOct 1862Mar 1879Ea Robert C.198475KattieRaymond163294-5 Day LaborerM. D.Kate G.Seattle, ED 123370A321B West Seneca&(living with family of Richard Hance?)Wm. J.184CWashington, ED 53155?MedinaCrawford8A10B2254 Hanevak? St.ElviraHatty227CHardin140A499AAug 1859infAlmiraCohen? George R. H.Frank J.CeliaOct 1878 Benton, ED 21 Mischigan Harold L.Jacob J.18?M. J. District 8%(living with family of Benj. A. Tuft)457? S___ 12th East keeps hotelSep 183721A226BWelaka Precint Hamilton717GardenerKeeping Boarders279DDry Goods MerchantPittsfield, ED 72 1922 MainJul 1827SolomanAug 1856LyonsHarroldED 1201 Greene W. 68 Beach St.Laura J.Chicago, ED 1490Sex121AAreliaMartha (black)Ethelfemales 70 and under 80___ E. Solano George H.Flamborough WestRussell1880 Federal Census - Louisana2957Nina? W. Glenn Twp.Precinct 1, District 1Lila? P.Garrison at Gray's HarborByalyWinona, Ward 1MonmouthElko Tollinson17?Jan 1895 Charles S. Plasterer30DHillsboro, ED 91 Clementine M.4th Ward clerk, grocerSep 1854TroyWagner6ADavid B.P. D. Arteringe?MarcyJ. W.Thingle Hill Dist.HennepinTheresaBurnetSep 18581850 Minnesota?Aug 1864Nov 1869*(living with family of William H. Chaffee)F. A.DuvallSusan M.?Works In Woolen Mill Blair Twp.Southold, ED 152884183700BentlyMassillon, ED 119 Lyon Twp.298DConstant Jun 1872?298CEllis L.BroLL. G.1920 Federal Census - IllinoisRussell, ED 183 William A.Aug 1899LucretiaR. S.Ida E.23 Springfield___, paper work1870 Federal Census - Ohio35BRiverside Twp.&(boarding with family of John Mullay?)1mhiredNat. Home for Disabled VetsCarolina (black)Clerk Clothing Store Ret. Mcht. William K.((living with family of Richard Mowland?)Tilno?Washington, ED 327 4 Apr 1930 Betton? _.1920 Federal Census - IdahoPct. 5 Louis? A.2(several boarders are also listed with the family)James D.Alice G.ED 1040Kath.Mariney PolksvilleNew Hampshire?FogartyJames G. Swampscott#Precinct 4, District 5, Jersey CityPhebe357CIllinoisLongala? (negro)Ralph X."(living with family of John Brick)346Clerk In Office Mary EvelynNew Market Dist. MelbourneFruitport, ED 8 Letitia B. Catharine J. Livilla A.Blakeney466ABrothCincinnati 17th Ward&(boarding with family of Joe Fimontti) m. carpenter 33 Second St.Church of England, Anglican405KnimanSarah S.=(a number of Chinese persons are also listed with the family)AngelinePatientPerrySS662#(living with family of Conner Cole)Barbary?book-keeper, sheet metal yardOllie German Flats Phebe E..Broker For BeadsAnsonJun 1826Thelma (mulatto)Larkinsburg, ED 8 Arthur L.? 9 School St.Sprant?J. E.WoodfordWeakleyI.SamuelBeckie273AGuly Thomas J. Greenwich Caroline A.A. E.DakotaGiven Name for Head of Familynight watchmanAug 1897W'm H. Amanda M.Jonesminer?256ARandolph MitchellParkison393 2nd District Macon, ED 24 Massachusetts Alford P. Hannah H.Nancy J.DayJ. Fred1921 Mabert? Rd. Crandon Twp.Woodville Pct. Steven? A.110DJan 1843Stron A.253A(living in a Shaker community)Salisbury 2nd Div.AllanLena D.Aug 1858Harry F.1860 Federal Census - TexasNoblewidowVera? E,May 1886Mar 1835 Wayne Twp. Thomas B.W'm G.Dec 1864 lumber dealer George W.ChauceyCuthbertKingHamonLornaMahalaArchieMethodist ministerVisitor308B2034+(Several boarders also living in household) Westchester Gabelle H.209DB. Reuben F.1771J(a housekeeper and a number of boarders were also listed in the household)3002 West ForkGeo. F.Ruel? D.NevadaMedical Student246B Wayne, ED 1568( a number of boarders were also listed with the family)Jane L.Retired Merchant65ElsieHohokusFall River, ED 21Kanawha206583 St. Albans Alphonsine503CCollier Lillian M.Oct 18481930 Federal Census - MissouriSerBaden (German)single males 60 and overMary AnnOct 1872 Martin J.Mapes Long Prairie Tippecanae?%(boarding with family of George ____) Lawrence Twp.Aug 1824OliverNancylife insurance agentRalph H.HerrickChicago, 35 Ward100ALanark 3028 MeridianD. Jungquist((boarding with family of Lorna Kerahaw?)Dec 1875Lynel?1870 Federal Census - Vermonttailor Robert _.2887m?1y5?m5423 Jefferson St. Charles H.?Newark 7th WardMerittHugh78299AYankton38B Francis C.Lydia A.females 16 and under 26Mariposa618C511 East 81st St.4y9mAngelinaBetsey Leonard B.Dec 18637(listed in a large group as part of a Shaker Community)AllesMarkFeb 1882 William R.DelbertStrongRaimonAzuba G.519ProvinceSerena? house keepingAlford(living in a large hotel) SanborntonX62C Caroline M.jewelerLizzieRansom4www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/id/owyhee/1870/pg00016.txt Franklin S.J. Coal Miner Lexie(?) E.153Bapprentice hemp? Shop?Burlin Bronx, ED 421manager, Western UnionOwyheeRosieAuroraWorks On ShoesAl___ A.___ L.Hilbert8th Ward< Castle Craig P.O.Fraser Pendighast((living with family of Joseph Marshall?)237CSt. Paul, ED 82Audreyclerk, gas co.May T. Lemuel N. George F. Tennessee ancestry.com Mt. VernonOct 1844Lena((living with family of Joseph Salisbury)HickmanCarlineJossieSep 1894Franzis Lizzie E.118BGilman?T. W. 26 Jun 1900 640 E. 140thPeff?227A DressmakerYear of Immigration Anne ArundelAug 1843Amanda169Cmales 16 and under 26Clarksburg DistDowner Haverhill St.Emma? Beaver Pct. 2T FairbrothergroomLaurenceMas.Irene A.Gashley Lilia (negro) Bartholomew District 23Wholesale Clothing*(living with the family of Erwin? Rennuls)St. Paul, ED 77Denver, ED 261 Bangor, ED 5 WasherwomanBruce226 Ocean Ave. Wm. H. H. Stove Moulder Arminda A. Orleans Par. Margaret A. Timothy D.?SandersIsabela 21 Larkin3y2m? Spruce St.Elena?traveling salesmanBruce C.Utica, 13 WardHiel AllamakeeFeraldHarris Lavina(?) P. Benton(?)695professor of musicKirkPatina? (black) milk? Dealer?Dec 1886 9 Jun 1900Dec 1845watchman MargarettJane I.1800 Federal Census Elisha F.__vania Hardisty? William T.Wabachoperator in airplane factory South Rd.CramerMary T.Jersey City, ED 227 McGinness Shoe ShopSprague299B239A77D291A1860 Federal Census - Maine45AJames J.Lorinda Wheeler St.Newark,ED 288 SolomonGormanGeorge S Lonnie P.55 math teacher1st District, 1st Pct.__berman, hack? Factorymales 50 and under 60Dey Frederick314BBurrittWebster Lowell L.14A-BHardingG. W.2800 Mrs. Francisfemales 15 and under 20 Stephenson Minnesota Manervy J.34?1529 Stock Broker260BCousin 22 Nov 185936? Hattie A. Los Angeles4 WardRoberts459 N. Grove St.Margrett1870 Federal Census - TexasactressOrin G.IdahoParksHathawaycigars468DengraverChambersAug 1855Brennan William B. W. Maine St.Henry O.1223Alden42 Santa ClaraClay Beatrice F.?Mabel G.D? Stanley J. 1850 Federal Census - New Jersey1092 Aurelia E.Saint Joseph, 5 Ward Thomas E. law studentFlordia828 Farmington451BP. R.CopakeApr 1841 George E.Bozeman Precinct ISaint Louis, 23 Ward Alfred L.Trunk Edw'd. T. Samuel E. color makerDrives Ice Wagon235CLaborer On R. RoadNov 18701081 Dist. Old Twentiethweigher? (drug)Srenna? (black)313A137 Ft. Covington Rd.watch repairer"(living with family of Ella Allen)Ganharf?day laborer hotel Simion F.females under 141850 Federal Census - AlabamaGrattan Wilsonville Woodbury Lincoln Blvd.GoffEd J.Hanna W.DecHanoverMay 1877Married within the year.23Anna L.Overtonclerk in dry goods store sales clerkpaper manufacturer Christine Maggie M.CNBilly B.Catawba Pct. 3Value of Personal Estate owned.89 Washington St. hotel clerk WarrentonClaud R.BrooklynSena M.stenographer, oil office Hannah J.205 W. Sanborn St. House Work273B(lodging with Lazarne Banks)Apr 1858ChasLongview Walter C.JunElton 19 Jun 190097A CarondeletMerrilJan 1896clerk, district gov'tMissabe Mountain Twp.___nyTelegraph OperatorMasonville Twp.47Carroll? Zelda? B. Jonathan S.Year of Naturalization Maryon E.Webbmales 10 and under 1512__ Sterling Rd. 17 Aor 1930380CAmma E.drygoodsNellin no business 1107 RossMar 1856 SandborntonDeborahMartha?BufordF.Preston8000 Burr Oak Twp. Lillie R.HagarPaschallBarkerC. C.ED 860Anna Elizabeth5278B&(boarding with family of Susan Holden) McduffieWardJun 1870 Philip R.Katie?Mal___12A672J. H.Thompkins Twp.Hodgenville, ED 82 Ethelbert Nita Ollie2-11m Dorothy A.K. S.(living in a boarding house)Watertown 1st Ward977St. Louis, ED 316millinery storePittstonchauffeur, furniture house PortageApr 1844 Charles W.173Jaocb Harlem Twp.2365Jul 1875JeanetteClagett Bassford 4www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/fl/putnam/1860/pg00593.txtJ. G.5A? FrenchmanMarshal MontgomeryLansing#(living with family of John Austin)StellaHorn?Stewart stationer255Acarpet salesman (living with family of ___ King)Fire Arms Dealer HousekeepingJune Amion? ___ Shoe Trimmer MarggrateSherman?650widow of HenryMar 1859Cha's E. Frances R.BagfordDatelaborer, general work!1880 Federal Census - Connecticut426Carpenters App.7www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/in/kosciusko/1850/pg0404b.txtW. FrankBerford Stephen A.Cincinnati, 4th Ward#(lving with family of Jeremiah Cox)246CAttends SchoolStarkElcyBangor65CMosesElinew YorkItaly Martha J.Mary M. Walter I. Lottie F. R.R. Laborer428C LackowanaThm.Amos H. Mount Vernon George, Jr.Mary LeaAnna B. Edgecombe Kenney S.laborer, flour mill Austin, ED 251120Ida O.Dane236-7F. C. KentonBastropMaria L. Brick MasonGuy12000&(living with family of Nathan M. M___) VassalboroDouglasBlake Albion, ED 33&1870 Federal Census - Washington, D.C.AureliaMorton+(living with the family of John F. Roonig?)Butts Logan Twp. New Yorkclerk, railroad3www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/in/noble/1850/pg0221b.txtFreemont, ED 16LutherM. S.Jemimah?%(boarding with family of George Beal) Pliney D. Wisconson Sophie M. architect Albany, ED 51Father's place of birthfinisher, furnisher ProfessionE. FrostTown5y9m 14th WardEliza H. Jerome S.Laura A.251B Elbridge M.99 Fairview? Ave.A. J.$(living with family of H. W. McGath)&(living with family of B. W. Johnston)ClermontRob't Clarence P.Dist. 1 1860 Federal Census - Washington Robert S.101BTrenton, ED 121 Cotton MillDec 1858 Christine A.C___18 Ward NYC Dist. 377 Webster Ave.Sta___RodmanLeonardHampdenJ. K. S.DorrJohn C.SycamoreHead17th Ward 10-E Dist.1850 Federal Census - IndianaJesse L.Apr 1895Martha voters list351C1880 Federal Census - Michigan PenobscotAsher B.Hazel E. SangamonIzzac WinnebagoCiveyIan? San Francisco Barton, ED 53W'm P.%(living with the family of J___ A___) Rickland Twp.partner, grocerySarah A.Jul 1896 San Francisco, 8th WardPaulineartificial flowers Nathaniel2500 RochesterDelewareNorwayNov 1842204AGray?Miriam 1880 Federal Census - CaliforniaIsrael272AJackson?2200 Berriensecretary of Arizonian? Lizzie F.1st Pct.1880 Federal Census - VermontMarsala(living in "Maryland Hospital")John D.Jas. Wm.ArvillaEbenezerEdwin P.Jun 1840WaiteTimothy1y3m15215744Alphred Constable271C Ernest D.May 1838doctordriver, delivery wagon60 Van Dam St.LiddiaMobileW. H.484Cate NapaDelilahAlice?S. L.attending school Howard A.May 1890506BJon'aGiddie? (black)GouldRosettaLucinaFarmer & CooperStatiraEdwin C.Feb 1843Dred289AMoyer388DPatience7B59?Knowls at school Christos B. Samuel H. 242BBensonGutt?engineer, alcohol factory ClearfieldAug 1832&(living with family of Josiah Slutts?) Vigo Co., INWMarion73B((boarding with family of Timothy Haulg?)Papa Dykes MillHome Iron Molder Batchelder gystorman?'(boarding with family of C___ McCarthy)Wm. S.Lydia J.Segar ManufacturingPrescott San DiegoMoses J.FloridaHaustmanJacobTempaNancy D.HayesKnight chair makerHatler Christina Ellen (black)TammyChicago, E. D. 95 LivingstonCincinnati, 26 < Ward George Jr.Ida M.11 W. Brooklyn 1 Dist.Sioux Rapids Twp.1850 Federal Census - Texas 1014 BroadwayNov 1883Aug 1833Farey?322 S. Main St.School Teaching George R. Rowan573DRedfield, 3 Ward 989156BCorbinfarmer, wholesale house278AGrand View Ave.WelcgFerol H. Brewer, ED 79Melvin10m Ernest E.ElmaAdaApr 1845Annette?SecorMaryane?Artist'(living with ramily of Thomas Mullican)Clarisa1860 Federal Census - Illinois W'm (black)914 Corbin Ave.New Britain, ED 169Mary355married males14 & under 18manager, life insurance co.Baxter Henryetta Peach St.truck driver, canning factoryBoston, ED 447 Harrisonburg1855 Wisconsin CensusE.Selah?382SaratogaOct 1822Aug 1852 William E.14914?M1Chas. M.VergettA. C.347432blindAug 1893Jan 1871%(servant in the home of Joseph Wells)Bosford AlleghanyED 2993933 Timothy D.clerk in store197D%(living with family of Benjamin Lake)Aug 1839Apr 1896WhitingHarfordLewis H. Sep 1839? West Virginia Ellerton W.females 20 and under 30post office clerkAlina?North Margarite Duke CenterHarry M. Harrison D.M. Ann WilmingtonCalhoun (negro)Berna? Seggerson?9www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ia/hardin/1900/ed142-pg016a.txtclerk, ___ house 10 Precinct)(boarding with family of John F. Ingalls)Austin Villageclerk, government SherburneFairfield, ED 120Nevada?potter5mBurnham, ED 130156APhiladelphia, 19 Ward42Bmale colored 45 and over publisher348A317CSamuellGuly M.Ingalls41Holt Perkins Twp..(living in some sort of hospital or orphanage) summer s___Miame Oct 1864?AlmaMedical DirectorRichand, ED 31Grocer coal minerJames F.37? (smudged)SticklerHooker Elkton P.O.Roy H.Sydney E. D. 164Assists On Farm Virginia?Jul 1898Jona'nFrankfurt, Germany Taghkanick202ferry boat captainEdmonds Mabael J.470B Nellie M.BasefordChristopher C.Haywood JeffersonPearsons Mills Precinct0(living with family of Ralph and Claracy Brooks)210Dworks in stove fact.BotsfordElla K.Rebeccah3?bookkeeper, bankHelen V.568Fev 1840 177 IglehartP. B. 1st District Furnas SmithHighlandBrittExeter Howard H.Chicago, E.D.153 W.14LamarIreland Mildred I.Anne E.John A. shipmasterOscar L.Hyattstown P.O.1825 Canada Census bartenderParkeBassfortBrooklyn 3rd WardLockittMuleyBrinkJane W.Susie N.bookkeeper, city hall197C2031widow of Reuben periodicalsJan 1828Moore?1880 Federal Census - MissouriMuscogeeHamer petition listNashChester, ED 119Washington, D.C.Benten ChandlervilleWilley PrecinctA?Susan A.BeckerLuisa Bessie? MayClara E.&(living with family of John Earnshaw?) ProvidenceMoffitt Elizabeth C.PollyWayne Middlesex8www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ny/stlawrence/1870/pg0121a.txtLouise1920 Federal Census - Nevada Osage, ED 8 Blanch H.Paul R.Apr 1859 House ServantBoarder ClayAdai?604A750C258C J. Edman?"Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced St. LouisMcKayBrotherJanetFeb 1899 Minneapolismechanicstone facing? cutter Dec? 1865?Edna M.LaSalleCopeland,(living in an apartment or a boarding house)BeckusMar 1867 Division 2S. W. Mariah J.Feb 1878GoshenE. S.46D"1880 Federal Census - South Dakota Maryland?34 Chloea A.NativityServ441 Iglehart St.6www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ms/pontotoc/1860/pg00502.txt1870 Federal Census - Nebraska fruit grocer574A76C270BBarbara S. Broadway374Lee [Co., VA?] Tully Twp.$(boarding with family of Lena Jones)East Orange, ED 46 JeffreyElla L. Mississippi Vicksburg18000Jno H.superintendent, ironworks?Mamie C.Jno. C.MileyNancy R.185Bete?Lillie#(living with William Harris family)Cincinnati 18th WardHaddonfield, ED 129St. Paul Ethan F.?Trout River Rd. WestBoston 8th Ward419May 1896Aug 1887Effie H.Portland, ED 160 Chasity M.1y2mDenmark Izette W.Hall CulloghanApr 1884saleswork, retail drugstoreMarvinMedford Randolph B.FlandersHammondCushingSalomeRosa?Feb 1879GrundyEssexLumanEliza J.W. W. house joinerSheridan 29 State St.MattieLeroy G. House Keeper Fond Du LacGoodchildren St.%(living with family of Eberson Paino)New Ulm10 W. Brooklyn 1 Dist. Bessie M. Achsia A.Alice Edward F.McGuin Russell F.Sep 1896 George L.Watkins-(living with the family of Christopher Wimer)Montgomery, ED 121900 Federal Census - Maine Louisa A.Sigler"(living with family of John Berry) 8 Sep 1887Lofter?1y9m859,(living with family of Orrin and Electa Day) Terreassia 13 Jun 1900Colonial America Census DataLockettDistrictDrew%(living with family of Ang? Leftusch)Georgie Stanstead361Susie T. T. Danielshermanmale colored under 14Smith+(living with family of Robert Birkenhagen?)2nd Civil DistrictBoScotts431DKeef WinnebagoHelen F.1870 Federal Census - Missouri#(living with family of J. L. Moody) Sevastopolstate game wardenresort keeper, inn & resort Lyman St.1286 District 5159DWarwick District 10LeroyJul 1855NedGeorgeJulie A.SherwoodMarshAEugene Scott St.ReedJul 1869MunchContention VillageBashfordBasford tailoress123D James, Jr.Ha___niece Warren E. Multnomah Franklin Twp. works on farm seamstress? Walter E.SoutheyBenj'nAmherstsuperindendent coachmaker5500E. JaneAmbroseThorntonPearl7m Laura? P.Jan 1897295AOrvinKemperWaker(boarding with ___ Wilson)LawrenceSE Wardapprentice pattern makerYatesOct 1847 Feb 1873?Hu___Gaitna?Paretta?Boot & Shoe MerchantGrand View Twp.HennikerEnochpageAmos6 Ward NYC Dist. 3 NassachusettsHyatWeitzel17th Ward 11-E Dist.married males 21 & under 30495?LizaL.Sep 1879DevilloStuartSimon Oingsville250Sheriden637Mobile City 4th WardLebanon, ED 168 Louisa J.John S.LendallCape Elizabeth Fairfield homewrightSan Francisco, 5th Ward196 7th, h. HartsdaleFeb 1816+(living with the family of William Chapman)Bridgeport, Ward 1Henry L. Alma PearlLloyd R.18 Ward NYC Dist. 4 Benjamin W.W___Jan 1893LongW.F. Camelia G.Lucy J. Levi S. L.ED 2 Frances A. District 4 1860 Federal Census - California WestmorelandNettlesLyman L.700?985861512260Mrs. MayPralger?AustriaArmilda cloth printer Samuel L.1790 Federal CensusSt. Paul 3rd WardJun 1889SumnerSep 1891Edmond directory26Apr 18973AHelen B.Bettie machinist La Crosse West Salem 18 Jun 1900 LynchburgBiven Jeweller? Cordelia?AaronBallardAb.BassfordM3E. D.Emma A.James H. Edward U. Jennie(?)Channell wagon driverEllselBulahHarrisonGilbertTrenton Richard S.Mar 1895(black)Dee L.Caseyville Pct.TempleSimpsonHiggins127BW'm C.Corby363 MontgomeryEllen E. Charles G.Agnes E. Augusta, MERoselenMay 1872P. W.1?BedfordMay 1885Agnes S. 2 Districtmgr. Jewelry storeLydiaHorace2?Astor#(living with family of D. Fountain)Jac. J. William N.177B Blackwood Willie O. Dorcas? C.works in bleacheyRichfield Twp.barberNettieLinda?Alfina Androscoogin Alfrietta Prudy? M.Nard?HancockNov 1860 Jo Daviess wisconsin1880 Federal Census - ColoradoArabellaLewistown, E Ward Columbus, 3rd WardJoshuaworks in shoe factoryMaria D.< HannahClineWestonAddie A.May 1865233B Oxford North10 Harrison Ave.Clear Lake Twp.Margaretsmelter RineheartLorrie?McDonaldlaborer, farming Claire L.287AAddress Bath, Ward 5Oct 1868OrvinneNancy C.78Cindianafemale slaves under 14 Real Estate AnnapolisBesfordMaloneJ. L.May 1893DoarJames B.boarding house keeperIsaacUlsterLorena? East Ward R. Austin Oxford South Catherine M. clergymanElley E.Berks ___ in store___ keeps houseTG 113 Broad St. Mediterranean490AmberMiddletown, ED 65307AOct 1890 Perry TwpDixmont ArizonaMe__ H.LabourJno. L.Pitt50Oct 1846GreggW'm O.Jun 1874 Edward C.Tuckahoe District149clerk, dry goodHyde Oct? 1884121Berkeley, ED 164Laura E.Montana ButterworthAlice W.W?1870 Federal Census - IdahoOct 1896Feb 1848St. Albans, ED 86Madison (negro)9BJan 1826 Winchester Edward A.Fred A.54 KingfisherNorthumberlandHolmes61A4y5?mOct 1841Shelby Lowell C.81ASt. Louis, ED 350208 North 14th St.District 1, ED 64Salt River Twp.R. D. Herman L.MosierElson William F.John Y.CoraMaria E.Basil A.Mandane? Omaha, ED 99iowaFeb 1866Archy Marcus S.8 Ward NYC Dist. 299 Fairview Ave.275B Shefford?Jane AnnSarah P.Ward 8MilfordRobbinsBoise35122 Ward NYC Dist. 2hairwork478B TemperanceJesse Lynn, ED 146 hotel waiterAmite Mortimore186Rutlandfemale colored 14 and under 26 ElisabethMichels Pawnee Twp.Limbirh?4y6mJennie?Marion Twp., ED 60 South Park BuckeystownColored Females!(living with family of _ Temple.)Washington St.4www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/fl/putnam/1860/pg00559.txt765 day laborer204B ? (black) Emmertta?SheckelsPurdyAlabamaMonroeNina G. Eunice B. Southa? W. Canada EastSanta Cruz Twp.LidsterHenry W.Sagron Frederick G.OuachiaJul 1885Makan?196Badjuster. Drug co.19 Harvey F.1880 Federal Census - VirginiaDec 1897Plainfield Twp287139453A Betsey G.20C504BNov 1844 MaineChicago, ED 2038 LouisianaSpringfield, ED 99females 90 and under 100Apr 1830 Horace A.Irene M.SanduskyLillsam?Jaffne?55C752DSussex Helena M.Sep 1897Mary W.LouellaPawletAtlanta 2nd Ward80C1900 Federal Census - IllinoisOrvil Wheeling P.O.Mar 1827Elna May Tobar, ED 8 Maynard M.Henrico%(living with family of Jervis Lawton) 16 Apr 1930MarianSeneca?http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/wi/door/census/1870/0051b.gifJan 1867Trumble Ansonia BoroJersey City, ED 250 Maggie J.SalsmanWillieEmly Cornelious A. Porter C.LilianRalphEvelineFath Androscoggin Clifford E. Salem Twp Evelyn J. Norristown?#(living with family of J. S. Boone)774RayburnMar 1855 Scarborough6HillhucksterRominePassfordRosa D.0Source: (C)opy, (B)ook, (T)ransciption, (I)ndex Lizzie R. Columbia15 Ward NYC Dist. 3GitchellCarlotteE. D. 34, Precinct 1 Clinton Co.48CW. M. MontgurneryMalloryhotel'(living in the Municipal Lodging House)1900 Federal Census - Arkansas LaFayette Yarroy D.married males 25 & under 40Hans P.Mabel L.bar? CarpenterBapford1920 Federal Census - FloridaBrewerEdwardSalem 2nd WardChils?'1850 Federal Census - Washington, D. C.WashburnDrucilaDes Moines 7th Ward E___ 1893SW Greensburg, ED 212 Elizabeth M.Phillip19th Ward 7-E Dist.Fremont WarrenFarm Machine DealerAlice B.foreigners not naturalizedmales 20 and under 30WillsAlva N. Carolina3 ChipchaseSarah M.roomerOneidaHarry C.Alamedafemales 80 and under 9025? Hattie J.ErwinKeleckmarried within the yearApr 18707th WardAvaNumber of years in U.S.Fruitport Twp.engineer, locomotiveEsping? Jackson Twp.Caradoc Maroa, ED 247Ellis B. Beloit, ED 97Oct 1893LeeFeb 1871___ H.545MabellSaint MatthewsLincoln Twp. (Orchard P.O.)Jan 1868Rockford, Ward 1SimmonsBrooklyn, ED 619 910 Hay St. no incomeThelmaRoy L. 1624 Grove Mrs. AmandaMemphis, ED 88 adopted son Julia (negro) Patience E.Bobbie? Rob't (black) Bertha I.?Philadelphia, 24 WardBetsy G.4441 Easton Ave.employeeEagan GravesBassferdNoblesMary C. White Females White Males New HampshiteSep 1857 Benjamine F.female slaves 45 and over Preston E.1121 Almira S.Henry S.19th Ward 20-E Dist.Nesbit?1880 Federal Census - KansasFloraJustice Pct. 721? Blackburn?G Jun? 1840Indianapolis Centre230D Charles M. Augusta P.277CJuanita?RaphaelEl Centro, ED 13465DLaura M. Fryeburg, MEJun 1832 insurance agt bookeeper Millersburg Louis S.?Redfield, ED 278Eliz'h keep house482B336A Allice B. District 129Virgina Charlestown CunninghamCrane(lodging with William Epps) Kimberly?'(living with family of William Wassell) Mrs. JuliaPrairie Creek Twp.DeKalb!1870 Federal Census - Mississippi Fair HillPatuxentFrank? Lucille M.ChippawaLaviniaWard 2, BelfastTim L.(boarding with Sara Evans)Apr 1886(living in the "public house") physician Columbus P.O. JacksonvilleJun 1886223 South Dinscome?Canada (Scotch) Nancey E.Osgood405DMary H.LaGrange Thomas A.Tho's8th Ward San Francisco BathJul 1887LuzemeRockford349Dengineer Cordillia190D 26 School St.boarding41368West Warren Ave.JennetJillan? Stella SwitzerlandFordham806 Poplar St.Prussia Carrie? A.1870 Federal Census - MinnesotaED 360typist, insurance companyWanthropNellieDorothea Portsmouth543Belmontspinner47 Ravine Ave. Malone, ED 98Family #MalindaE. D. 182, NewtonIndiana?ElizaBuckeystown Dist.Green Sewell D.Delia M. HampdenColburn Quartz Twp.G. A.Dec 1839Sanella?BarbaryFrank W.Works In Watch FactoryNov 1888porter in storeMary E.261Bshipfitter, shipyardOrchard Mesa Pct. Sebastian905 LitchfieldL. Ann?1800 farm labor38?clerk for organ man.genealogy.com (illegible)CinthiaTanddy1880 Federal Census - FloridaOso P.O.Reasner13BavariaPatuxent, ED 53 Sanford L.ThomsonMay 1887%(living with family of Robert Gammon)OrcuttGeo. G.WithoutGiddingsNumber of children living55 Griffith Ave.1615 Pennsylvania Ave.Connelly (servant in home of Ptrick Lucy)1-8mJames W.foreman at foundryHenry K.Geo. E.2y2?m55 Forest Ave.Wentworth North164CMay 1843PiperR. R.LamontEthan F.Jacob F.rooms 8 Lane's block PittsfieldLawyer19/20 Hurd St.Muller?BurleighWeslyan Methodist Paris, Ward 2HenryBlankman 60 Market St.Betty M.Zebudy Sarah AnnMorrisNancy A.R___ Valley Ave. Co AxfordOntarioJohn Jr.Hatty E.Gravesworks in bake houseLulaRuthJewelerSarah C.Montgomery, ED 14 Wills Twp.159AStella?engineer, public schoolBettie?PulaskiHalmark Troy Twp.RoseladeSDauCampbellRazhelDist. 1 (Adamstown) MerrimackLindleymale colored 14 and under 26LacretiaAudrain CaliforniaGeoraldSolanoJacksonville Pct.MoreyUnadilla Charles C.Alsie Preston, Jr.free white females under 1094736Garrand St. JosephLewis14th W Phil 1st Dist. Diamond St.Jenette%(living with the family of Bil? P___)Wm. A.Belle M.Irene W. Aurther E.J?S. DauMay 1899424C Serena A. L.Abrahamfinisher, jewelry house Valorie G. Char's S.Sarah F. cheesmakerJan 1898ElvaVeraLottie farm laborerBeing 46th Dist.< 242AInsurance Agt.fireman, district gov'tfemale slaves 14 and under 26Menifee\In Database: (J)acob, (T)homas, (A)braham, (S)olomon, (G)eorge, George (W), (Z)ebede, (N)one Stephen Twp.Geo.Emma K.803 DavenportHarwichVosbury*Thomas WilliamEmma L.Nathan Occupation Clergy Man Gallatin*(living with the family of E. L. Williams)Dan'lLombard?293AFindlay, ED 62R. B.Howardret. House keeper Joanna J.Aug 1862LilahPoor Richardson at college1870 Federal Census - Florida95192BorfordSherlt 17th Ward541 Cheboygan Samuel M.91AHarrisonburg, ED 104 Joseph A.clerk, Treasury Dept.Grenville South Phoeba Ann PembertonJustice Pct. 5Cataline1920 Federal Census - Oregon Clarence? E.bears finisher483JenningsSurname for Head of FamilyTexasPentney 2546 EighthRichards West Prussia473D housewife221B Bethel Twp.TeressaAby4152 Levi L. L.FifieldKnutzenGeneseeMarciaJas. Lauderdale Ripley P. O.1880 Federal Census - MaineB__ W.Sister 5 Ward Beloitrailroad inspector147marthaAdeliaUtica, 2nd WardGM stone mason Ozark SchoonoverserviceA. A.Servant HostlerDenver 3rd Ward SmithlandHarmonColesMaustonLivingston P. O.manufacturer, cigarsDougall?Pagthea?Fauststenographer, cigar factoryZellaWashington D.C.17-8Kings Dorchester SalineLogan Twp., ED 174ArthurAnne M.Oct 1859D. L. Rachel S. Franklin Co.Louis C.Oct 1884__nie Shoe MakerTh'sDunn St. 74 First Ave.134B19th Ward 10-E Dist.45Walker Chittenden2200 Turkin? St.San Francisco, ED 36Nancy?Tho's H. Richard C. Melvin H.Lancaster, ED 107310? College? St.Almyra ClaverackITfemale colored 26 and under 45 welldiggerZeru M.E. N. Joseph W.Abbie L. Clk. In Store362Brookechauffer, cheese co.PeacherCoralTibbettsBerkeleyW'm S. 2919? W St.Andrews?Sacramento, ED 1244(May be the widow of one of John L. Basford's sons?)Bertha?Age.D. M. G.Jerusha Timothy G. 12 Jun 1900furniture dealer Shawswick Lovinia C. ShoemakerCacaponHarold BrockvilleQuebecShanleyEdwinNiece Miranda D.,(Living with Tubois? and Bemisia? Bramalee?)PeggyEzekiel grocery ___Sep 1877MaggiUnionMaryannLambJul 1850Dorothy Sheldon E. Davis64Ohio (tax list)male slaves 26 and under 45 William O.servantPrecinct No. 9Margt. Samuel S. Castleton 18 Apr 193060ABerthaMay 1884LevansLovingJulia P.((living with family of J. Thomas Achlay)District 81, GraftonNelsontax listRose R.?HamtonPleasant Valley Twp.ThompsonCalvertColumbiaMaddie? Warren Twp.288B258D29? Arthur T.Annette Bathsheba180BAntonia8www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ne/franklin/1900/indx-a-bo.txt 14 Jun 1900TerryHarriett Precinct 10 Hampton FallsOrlena421BSouth Hill Twp.EdyAug 1883infantJackmanWorks In Boot Shop Gillespie book keeper West Farms Forman J.Sylvia Mary EllenHelen L. Gordon G. Twin Falls Clovis F. Dallas, ED 63LucasJan 1845Jan 1817McDuffir233A Feb 1894?"(living with family of John Burr?) Elliot C.Oct 1860Henry J.Feb 1861Nov 1866DascombZ. J. PittsburghAaron C.Methodist clergymanSullivan Edward T.G. J.do sea Bettie L.504sailorBramberColins?515Jos. A.Clerk In BakeryAug 1865B. K.33 Central St. CristianaBaringEve339CTamar Catherine J.Zada A.Hanson3y1m124B517DElmo137A505AWaiter In Hotel South Dakota403C96Wm.(living with Joseph Langden)MckeanHenry Station P. O.merchant115 North Williamson?Feb 1820ReadTaumer?Timma?Rockford, ED 185Chil___?1860 Federal Census - Minnesotamarried females 45 and over Osbert L.GrayMazel J.AlliceH. H.MaberyRoizerTremont1870 Federal Census - MontanaAug 1846Sonnet1870 Federal Census - Virginia((living with family of Lewis M. Lenhart)telephone operatorclerk, general merchant Windson F.PayneDec 1861 electroplaterGlines?Yunger?RebecaJun 1849 Bridgehampton256 North Liberty St.Anna? M.JarordMatthew? Eldora C.ParisM. E. school teacher?937CottronRuth E.ErinnenNed A.1300531 Pima Wisconsin Hotel KeeperButcher Miller St.(listed as part of large group) Samuel LuisSt. Paul, 7 Ward Harold H.Sion E.Susie A. 1880 Federal Census - New Jersey 1870 Federal Census - CaliforniaSchoolMarshallDec 1818Jun 1879113Cdairyman19B1925 New York Census Philadelphia?Sep 1856 Marsala A.ED 1377Dallas135 District MilitiaLeavertt ShelburneBesferMeary197B mill wrightApr 1851Frank F. Walnut St.PervallJersey City, 8th Ward 8 Jun 1900'(living in boarding house or apartment)Ida T.Dec 1895&1860 Federal Census - Washington, D.C. Burlingham Sub-DistrictLorenzeEvelinaLarsonBen H.224 Arlington Ave.SurnameJuneauCelia U.Hecter? CaledoniaFather?Boston 7th WardAshur B.Ida A.213D Sam'l J.?Madison 1st Ward Green LakeMaude J.$1860 Federal Census - North Carolina%(living with family of Phillip Smith) Lorenzo R. Pontotoc P.O.CulpeperAnne D.Avery Bailey G.Lula?4y1mLula B.males 70 and under 80Utica1350 Momar St.Queens, ED 300 Hollis U.Nov 1891MowerMay 1844MaconMarthy139A)(living with family of Phillip Pettibone)852 Horace H.female colored under 14140056 Buckingham St.Retta W.clerkPermiliaJohn? F.Napolean4th Ward SacramentoNita O.30?NapaDaGowanDerryNorth Bergen, ED 344Metuchen, ED 24 Mattie M.Yeaman762Washington, ED 29780AAnthonyMar 1864worker?IchabodDollieMadisonAugustaElk Grove Twp.Fred W.Ocea?E. H.Works In Stove Foundry146BJessee Martinda?WilliamCharlott capitalistsingle males18 & under 21SuffolkMar 1826Aug 1884135C Hagerstown DinwiddleCarl A.279BDurfeeKhightSouthward Dist.1870 Federal Census - LouisianaDonneganAnnJame151A LancasterArkansas218A St. Mary'sfemales 60 and under 70Fayette ED 105ReufusErtell? Nettie J.Mill Creek Twp. Samuel N,16371782"1880 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaVariseScurry Josie S. 8th DistrictLotta New York?98A660DCorbine? Carrag? L.Lizie102 Horlor? St.BetsiePutnamAllie M.JapanFeb 18761900 Federal Census - KentuckyMcQuadeStoneBergerAndersonApr 187679B Boswells Pct.Dec 1848Melindaconductor, railroadNov 1873Cahert?105A U.S. ArmyRockford, 4 Ward215A16th Ward 6-E Dist.%(living with family of James Johnson)Nancy W.Guilford, ED 1636725 Frankstown Ave. Edgar Co., IL1873? Minnie V.Reed? Florence E.#1850 Federal Census - Massachusetts&(living in home of Richarrd Lightfoot)2339 Bessie C. bricklayerEdw'dZebedeeBrown Serdsent?wife15?male slaves 45 and overSara NorristownJemimaApr 1864 Perth Amboy44 S. Fifth EastOscarMcKinley (negro)BumpusDunhamlabourer183CMaldenL. R.Delaware, ED 3Eleonora Gerald Z.stenographer, insurance co.Miamar?T. P.Abraham B., Jr. Samuel S. C.7 Jun 1900St. Louis, ED 44Slagle Sophronia Lottie I. Camp GoodwinTucsonYavapai Manufacturer Joseph G.1049Mar 1890males 30 and under 40Luzeme, ED 186 Wisconsin?Rose A.Dec 186927Katie Rebecca A.WeeklySpinkMar 1830PlumasAlviraAug 1828Type Betsey M.602 PhiladelphiaOrval S.Sep 1883Ann C.ZebularMar 18531930 Federal Census - Arkansas< H. A.488 Lucinda M.15121Renagroer? Charles D.Frederick, ED 58Pittsburgh, ED 390Spencer 318 S. Ball Erwin H., Jr.Jul 1840YonkersBro856270Persons 5 and underHudsonEustis PlantationOlive A.6CGreeno Barbary E.583A(boarding with Harry Kinney)Hob___264B Utica, 4 Ward113DAgent139Bnephew335A1y10mBurline Beloit, ED 89+(boarding with family of Elizabeth Merritt)Rudulph319AFred H.BusforJustice Pct. 618 East Iona? St.Rose M.Boston, 9th Ward1860 Federal Census - VirginiaCedar Hills, ED 399Dec 1891161 EastMarion (black)___ 1880 Sweet Home 6 Nest St.-Feb 1846463 Gathright?Julia D.GDFeb 1811 Bernice C. 10th DivisionArtheliaJersey City 7th WardMahaly ColoradoHannon Irving H.FlynnJun 1850unNov 1898Bern George M. Cheathamprinter6000DueyNov 1899Anna S.Jerry17 W. Brooklyn 2 Dist. Walton Jr.restaurant businessPortland, ED 75Franklin Co., VTJulia M. Udelhofen?District 106, Precinct 4 John Leroy?Orvin E. 20 Jun 1900 6 Jun 19002556www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/wi/door/1920/ed69-pg137a.txtSomers2y9mFrank G.29 carpenter shipping ___ LeavenworthCarpenter, ED 87 WaterburyNorks? box factorySiman B.Dec 1862 (tax list)461-2 Chestnut Wardhostlersingle males 21 & under 30 Clifford M.Baltimore, ED 464Cortney326Bangor 3rd Ward1850 Federal Census - IllinoisNavana42ANewark, 1st WardBrooklyn Borough, 19 WardPardonJul 1851464 West Madison St.BushfordLos Angeles, ED 162MyrtelFullShreveport, ED 56CaddoJames _.New Hanover Twp. Marion Twp.Jan 1840retail ___, groveriesL. J.EmmonsElisaHatleyfemales 30 and under 40 Cameron Twp.App. To Stove Man.229BSusie J.Minneapolis, 5th Ward580Olive(?)40 Marcia D. Chester F.Greene1860 Federal Census - KentuckyWashington Twp.IrwinLincoln12th Ward 13-E Dist. ChenworthMunn 25 Jun 1900cigar manufacturerAugusta 1st WardNorth Point Rd.MillardLewis N.Emma F.Morrow Edward M.Geo. W.city directoryAmy L.WrightHalseCincinnati 8th Ward 7th District Cornelia C. Albert E.OrangeWasford? Amanda T. Cab Driver Benjamon H. Andrew J. woodcarver Lyme Twp.Jul 1864521Prince George'sReligious AffiliationWalsh?ship carpenterRR yard foremanJustice Pct. 1Abel cressman?CentreChicago Orphan Asylum LemonweirWarehime1096Clerk In Store___ 1862proprietor, coal yardGus L. St. Francis La Salle St.(lodging with Ritta Sh___) housemaidVisaliaGibbonMay 1854Jul 1886&(living with the family of Isaac Adam) Alnora L.Sarah E.520 Vest MakerPainterFeb 1886 glass blowerBonnerMatchwood, ED 218Olive T.Washington, ED 352Mar 1900Morrisdale Rd.MildredOtsegoBurford Edward S.259AGeorge W1880 Federal Census - Montana Grove Twp. Oakley Twp.Kirby George? M. Reuben W.262A&(living in the home of Charles Martin)&(Boarding with family of A. N. Thomas)blankJul 1891mary138bGrafton35A Rockingham W. Side Flint285A Tho's(?) J.John M.Emma Saddle RiverLeroy H. uperhoslstry?KentucyStS? B. (black)Anquera?Phil308CPittsburge E. WardJacobs?Annie E.Nina M.311 N. denver St.1900 Federal Census - TennesseeRobb? C.9th Ward Boston CumberlandW'm B. stoveden?John P.GermanyCrathEbenSusan?17Breal estate managerBuckeystown, ED 27943?mWaterlooAlansonEmely6th Ward San Francisco Claire B.27BRolandLena A. Luther B. Millie A. dressmakerThornton, ED 216s47A150? Clifton St.nurseE. A.$(living with family of William ____) Sep 1877?May 1882adopt D S. Sellia? keeps houseJane S.Mary A.works knife shopPrince GeorgesBowie Albert T.Xenia Camel R. C. H.Abigailhot air furnace maker Chel___ A.Mifflin Martin A.John T.KinearMarengoMary L. Havre, ED 18 1657 ClarksonBILChicopeeworks in stone quarry500 Elizabeth J.398th DistrictHillsJas District 145423 Propson St. William J.May 1855Aug 1880McEwen North OkawSam J.)(living with the family of Will Noodham?)J.?Mary G.CurrierOrinWindhamEbeDoris C.Leon W.Brownsville, ED 79#1860 Federal Census - Massachusetts101AT. E.#(lodging with Louis and Dora Kater)VictorSt. Paul, 2nd WardDecaturdistributor?, cutting mfg.ZeniaRichlandWicomicoBenjaLydia S. shoemaker1154 Longwood Ave.33B-(living with the family of Benjamin A. Tufts)IdaFresnoDwelling House #Roxana720065 Jefferson St.RebieGDILEvansunkown14Pleasant Valley, ED 542428Odie R.BosferBusfordMiddlesex West416Beulah2913teaches school Chesterman86BOwen135Aug 1898Jun 1888 Raymond E.Jan 1892 Joseph D.Philip71A7A (boarding with Robert Reed, Jr.)salesman, cigarsAnna M.Peabody, ED 228Kackmanwriter? Henrietta Nancy DellsIsabella Lodi TownshipBuna? 232 Elna? St.Mexico, 2 WardE__Rheuben,works for Missouri, House of RepresentativesJoyceJeromeNewaygoJun 1836129A Acestry.comat housefactory laborer keeping hosueBaltimore, ED 278firemanViolet Myrtle F.683D1870 Federal Census - NevadaLot W."(living with family of Hugh Ridge)Hattie Charles A. Clarence W. Benton Harbor Prince GeorgeRhoda E.CarollMar 1862 unemployed%(living with family of William Brady)Boston, 3rd Ward 543 W. 49thbutcher 588 E. 136thmanager, boilers Francis E.Owosso, ED 243LillyCuster White PineNewbery Bessie L. farm Laborer Catharine E.laborer in steel millRahway, ED 131 St. CroixKershaw Caroline T.? Elizabeta Elvira L.W. C.19ABialyMaryetteMcArthurJannieGertude2 Ward Sturgeon BayMar 1829SammieVTOscar F. Edmund J.Arvill 282B10d Colored Males'(living in apartment or boarding house)TamerTrumanLynchburg, ED 12 fidelity oathApr 18673160James C."(living with family of ___ Welch?)Napoleon Fred Rose?Terese Richard M.French CanadianSalt Creek Twp.Belle factory handEntsPersons 6 and under 14111 North ChanningHampdonD. C.F(a number of servants and boarders are also listed with the household)Lucy E.306 Fussel St.Blums?Casnovia, ED 119 S. ScituateFrank B. Tuscaloosa Newberg Twp.David L.Apr 19303887A-BPa__4607 North Quincy?CurtisRaymond? book agent12BDawsonTennisonFred'ksingle females14 & under 45Marsha? Arden Twp. Mildred R.machinist-millMyrtie Spaulding50BOct 1863 EastchesterMaly Chrstiana85 Main'(boarding with Andrew and Mary Bernard)Pat Right Solicitor Montana Eldred L.3rd Ward ChesterfieldRileyFeb 1821Miles A.St-SMiloM. H. Everet G.Jul 1876F. John New Jersey Robert L. JerusalemChapticoCentral DistrictEvalinaAmos E.tenantEliza E. 2 Jun 1895Lannigun Frederick A.136B Alfred B. (living in "dormotories & club")males 100 and overMount PleasantPhiladelphia, ED 628Wilcox25John B. 10th Ward Glen havenWinsonMorristown, 1 DistrictED 598GenoaDiana R.famer Charles E. Gladys F.Hot Springs, 2 Ward Nov 1861685Hansen Oregon CityRollins Charles ___(living in a tavern)Payson Twp., PlainvilleC, B Green Twp.Bussford Stephen P.Alexandria, ED 3 10 Apr 1930 Napa Twp.Jan 1863HollandLerenAlidaLibbie Machinist6www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/in/marshall/1850/pg00449.txtJack 20th DivisionWhitley Tankersley17 Liberty Twp.)(boarding < with family of Richard Collins) New HanoverDavid M.Frank A.StarrVetal19th Ward 18-E Dist.310ASeattle, ED 78 8 120? St. SEWoodson?East Orange, ED 3814BJan 1888 Joesph C.275A Thomas H.Apr 1854155A cooper, docks Rush, ED 36Nov 18591900 Federal Census - Ohio579Geo W.Jno. F.TompkinsHada S.Washington, ED 311Washington, ED 73 Horace R. Des Moines Glen Haven2nd WardFrank S.JanBlackjack P. O.factory inspectorLydia L. FitzgeraldMartinBenj. H.Bucksport, ED 46Muskegon Elizabeth W.Liverty, ED 25 missionary Catherine L.Calhounhelper, garrageMary V.Efram F.R. H.Newton Wade Twp.Lela V. 23 Lynn St.Rogerfree white males under 10&(boarding in home of Melvin Frederick)Henry C.NoahMar 1843 Township 628th Ward 9-E DistChicago, ED 1205Lou Permelia A.laborer, steam laundryBereford.(living with the family of William H. Richard)barber, college834840Sarah Joshua K. S. keeps house?FrancieH. C.Chicago, 22 Ward950 William G.1870 Federal Census - Illinois Fond du Lac Church St.agentBoston 4th Ward1860 Federal Census - WisconsinJan 1860 genl mdse.May 1888katie188ARobinsonWheelerSouth CarolinaJersey City, ED 247113 M. Charles12th W., SF, Prec. 1Lovering1947? Lincoln Ave.1890?Amy O. Knox6(living in "Southern Branch National Home for D.V.C.")HoganLois B. W. GeorgeBarsfordEmmett&(living with family of Benjamin Evans)*(living with family of William C. Rearis?)farmer?40041544 South 37th St.21 Ward NYC Dist. 4848723801850 Federal Census - ArkansasInfant Tank Builderapprentice to carpenterBourbonChesapeake District103BMayfieldIowa Eunice? M.8BCuttscart manclerk, federal gov't1063Mae V.ED 3885APct. 41, ED 239$(living with family of M. Dolstead?)Laura G.SepLulu? 5 Apr 1930 Elna Twp.2www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/nc/wake/1850/pg0275a.txtArellieHettieDorvellF. Seth TaghknickAgnes J.205 Guilford Ave.Milwaukee, ED 150Guernsey'(living with family of E. J. Burlingam)424DMay 1873 42 Springmason, contractor Martha C.?East Aurora, ED 111880 Federal Census - Idaho2www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/nc/wake/1850/pg0223a.txtCasandraApr 1838 inn keeperFannie BerkshireBoston, 5th Ward291D235BErwin H.LilaLeolasaleslade, department storeBiggFarmingSpringfield Twp.1870 Federal Census - ArkansasMDSagamonDiel Jul 1835? Katherine R.Paterson, ED 56 1 May 1930newspaper reporter1930 Federal Census - Montana)(living in a home with several other men)CordisHope L.Charlie (black)Boston 14th Ward George C. Mohican Twp.BronxEmery Bennett MorrisaniaSouth Huntington Twp.GraceWaldoKansasChas. R. Samuel B.)(living with the family of John Larrowe?)male colored 26 and under 45OxfordChenangolang___Emma B.Sarah B.Barford899938Mr.Mrs.Jul 1846 Beaver Twp.Nieduarachel? (German) George _.GladisJun 1865erector?Oct 1897Cincinnati 6th Wardlaborer, general houseworkLama L.%(living with family of Joseph Worden)Big River, ED 111 Frederick H.257Thomas?Rochester, ED 60Chicago, 12 Ward OswegatchieRockford, ED 19095 HartMerrett Louisa? R. AlleghenyCalaisEmmadora Jul? 1856 Ernest? E.LenoreGladys? Emma RettaGustavasJohnsonEmma S.Crander?LavinaSam'l?milkmanfemales 50 and under 60RoxannaJan 1876Nina316BHennessey, ED 222 148 McM__ St.Anna D.LueckSep 1864 Fitzmauricelaborer in parkDistrict 3, ED 12Elisa J. V. StephenDabney Sacramento 619 W. 45thengineer, railroadnurse, private familyHull?NyeFannyFairfax stock dealerTulareRolfrepeater, telegraph co. 833 S. 6thDec 1876!(living with family of Sety Lane)2026 North Eleventh St.1714 10th Ave.M. Henry laborer, ___ Bronx, ED 4501900 Federal Census - Michigancider & vinegar makerHamilton, ED 25Kent Platte Valley Catharine!(living with Lydia M. Ide family)retired teacher Vinnie MayDec 1871V.(?)salesman, dry goodsLydia C.44Afemale colored 45 and overEnglish Valerie C.District 10, ED 123com (?) travelerJohn F.Dekalbstenographer. Retail dry goodsGayleArkasas Eden Twp.Jul 1838mother740 Edward D.173AMaine? Abigail G.RayClara A.Belleville, ED 7BasfudForrest City, ED 19Clara V.HobokenJul 1854males 40 and under 50Oct 1885 MargueriteCincinnati, ED 86Jan 1822Ethel?MesaLora? M.Norway?122AAtwellErwin A.livery stable keeperRider?StandlinPleasantville, ED 63Helene1131 Malldin? Ave.Uffe N.Nov 1896Sadie Sarah L.? Addison M.OlivetteWarrenBremen (German)EnglandJohn H.Feb 1828Hoboken, 4th Ward Madison St.___ 1884Allen C.1870 Federal Census - MarylandD. W.corn? TravelerJan 1880Agen?James N.Wells Cable City Kentucky? Salt LakeEdith F.Jane C.Corwin Preston B. Souson A. Farmers Pct.pauperprisonerTill William W. 625 E. 140thVesta A.artistLafayette, 2 Ward217 Bryant St.lodger clairfoyant?electrician, C&P El. Co.Mariahactuary, insurance Marlboro Dist 11th Ward4BJersey City, ED 20732?561820 Federal CensusLeonDistrict 10, ED 144#(boarding at the New York Hospital)269AIda MayFlat Rock Twp.Salt Lake CitySam. W.Western Divisionsecretary to congressman BiddefordKansas City, 9 Ward sales lady440Lake 40th District Luther S.house carpenter44?Tennesse Audrey F.Aug 18773523 Madison Ave.1850 Federal Census - Michiganman of dry goodsFeb 1864Baira845CordeliaWest126712191700+(boarding with family of Jacob J. Platner?)QuincyBenj. T. Martha W.Zolastudent26ADicksonBryer?JamimaFredrickdriverMay 1827Rose318DPleasant Valley, ED 169Mary B.Darvy?IreneGilmer?Rosine Ishun? St.Midlandfemales 10 and under 15James R.Fond du Lac, ED 39Edmundsteller?, Bank of ItalyDena? C, Samuel D.___ 1885Selina Clinton B.Daisy B.Manerva Woodrow W.Manhattan, ED 414Sep 1829 Burrus F.electric wiring1450 Second Ave.Jolly6121? Calumet Ave.57PowerBa___ North Park harness maker Alfred L.? 1860 Federal Census - New Jerseymarried males 30 & under 60 Medanola?Aiken?Frank R.LoomEverett, ED 119CarolineApr 1880Nuton W.Sayeort?%(several lodgers also living in home)Boumansaleswoman, dry goods store travellerKathryne Nellie R.Almeda1850 Federal Census - GeorgiaMichaelLickingLeatherLois E.Aug 1876Effie M.Harrisonburg, ED 101 Adamson T.?Delory990Columbus, ED 214free white females under 5Ravenwood, ED 13Helena Aubrey Roy St. Elisabeth120JeremiahW. S.Lucy A.1204 Euclid St. NW BlackfordWally#1930 Federal Census - Massachusetts40 Diamond St. BainbridgePeter2y6?m260AMar 1880Jan 1879MarylandCopiahNutley, ED 566JonasRidgewood, ED 205 Serena A.FranceUnknownMedie? (negro)Batavia, ED 39FinlandOtherHuritt?ConleyWest Virginia?Montana State Prison Farm1920 Federal Census - MarylandBaltimore, ED 119BethuneEllis Lucile E.RonEllen C.AdelbertAllie T.Littira?73MorganSonomaHoratio NelsonNewark, 15th WardFeb 1893870 ___ drawer Ellen [Eben]Kenneth LafayetteCookA. B.Isadore Fairfield Rd.Oscar E.May 186112dentistDevils Lake, ED 110 Perry Twp.Apr 1835agent?, government Norman L.proprietor, general storeNov 1895WindsorCarvointSpainEssie< Lanter?Barry150 Loyal, ED 23Jasper1920 Federal Census - Nebraska9 Ward NYC Dist. 1Isaac F.teacher, public schoolMechanicManhattan Borough, ED 532 Louise A. Northampton 2N___Los Angeles, ED 345Abram L. Josiah A.BurkeBo?2y6mKnight?Merrill Serena L.Lienen?(lodging with Mildred Fowler)Lola M. Missourie Charles N.J. C. L./(living with family of Edward and Lydia Carner) Ray, ED 21206AHelia2330 ___ with mother Mooresville F___ (German)*(living with the family of Luke Funtches?)KnowlesJan 1887females 100 and over truck driverRosannaNov 1854MaybelleMar 1889 Willie A.Mary F.Mancey(living in an orphanage)Jun 1890WesleyHartford, ED 931900 Federal Census - AlabamaFeb 1845MaltaFayard?LarraEliza? 27 Delle Ave.marinerMiss Alice & Miss SarahSalt Lake City, ED 169 BirthplacePleasant Valley1880 Federal Census - OregonMar 1896PattyEm.Berthier R.R. laborer401 E. Broad St.Louisville, 8 Ward HutchisonRoxbury 719 11th Ave. Chenango Josephine A.StutsmanmasonSt. Anthony 3rd Ward Houlton, MEPattonCarlinDec 1849 JeromevilleED 1 18 Nov 1899,(living with the family of Higbie Carpenter)Prince Edward HoratioIrene G.307 W. JacksonJames E.CramSt. Louis, ED 524BellindWaltham)(living with family of William Twisdale?)Dec 1879 Schiawassee Berlin W.ArnoldDistrict 2, ED 2Kansas City, ED 258laborer, power plantChas.1st Ward 1-E Dist703 Thirty First Ave.orderlyLeo M.Sam'l S.in printing office(living in the pauper house) Nettie? E. Kirkpatrick "O" [Ohio?]MoultrieBrowardClaude Pennsyvaniacarpetner, contractorMar 1888'(boarding with family of Charles Hruss)May 1900Pra. B.Ma. works on carsEscambiaPensacola, ED 36 Mudlick Pct.)(livining in apartment or boarding house)Oakland, ED 107 wheelwright Elizabeth E.single males14 & under 18456Cmarried males18 & under 25BarnstonShepleyDenver, ED 1391930 Federal Census - Maine Lenard G.Maine(?) Arthur S.3m"1870 Federal Census - PennsylvaniaHargateTanna L.LarrettaOd?309AWylia M.HaithBertaBasfird Carmie O.140B Chataugay333 Cumberland CourtWashington Territory Georgia A.Jan 1844813Kalispell, ED 41laborer, homes San Joaquin29BserventWest PetersburgUsena224DIreland SolomonNorfolk800 Louez? S.EdnaW'mNorthern Ireland905 Second St. Jefferson?Ella?laborer at ___150A90AFree white males under 16 yearsEllen M.Mary?5 BestElenore#(living with family of John Walter)MardenEdingerMillie1908? BreadloveTuscaloosa, 3 WardMontana Twp., ED 76Dahnare? Urbana Dist.ThedoreHarrisonburg Twp.ChathamJason B.Harmal?male slaves 14 and under 2653Belgium manager, ___Calais, Ward 41098 Mt. Jefferson St.Frederickstown9677single females 45 and overJarid1860 Federal Census - KansasMay 1853 porter?, bankRock Island Twp. Mendocino333 W. Madision St.Oct 1838Belmont Co., OH census bookLevi?512 Jefferson St.'1880 Federal Census - Washington, D. C.Robt.93A Eva LouisaElla A.DanielLuzerne Rollin E.Feb 1885Dec 1889BlancheE. F.LeoraStDGalenEmmontsLuluFill?!1920 Federal Census - Mississippi$1870 Federal Census - South CarolinaOsaAlvina Francia D. E. GeorgeEdneyMorristown, ED 48Fairfield, ED 29Christel1930New Orleans, ED 73 Ward1200agent, insurance co. genealogu.comDellwood, ED 88marialadyCormelea Albert B.1920 Federal Census - UtahSophannaOct 1832 coppersmith Charlie H. lieut. hose?timekeeper, R. R.Mary M.?Hampton, ED 126 cabinet makerJacobsDavid F. Elisha, Jr....83A Bell Place Southampton paper hangerSeatte? BrownvilleFrederick, Jr.1850 Federal Census - VermontFarmville District 193 14th St.Charlestown Dist, Boston71Division No. 73New Market WardAl___Jun 1872 cigar makerOmelia carpentryTryphenaBrandesGalacia (German)waiter no occupation RickersonsCrandallGreenburgh, ED 157Hetta1900 Federal Census - Arizona Maggie A.District 10 and 14 Pauline F.StevensBaltimore, ED 214Pauld V.212 Caldwell Ave.BrinkerTom J.Ireland?Ward 6 hair dresserRussel Leonard M.GennieBraunKinneybuilding inspector Birdina L.Henry E.spooler, cotton millcarpenter shopCaldwellLeslieFeb 1890 R R laborer46 Division Ave. William B. Mother's place of birthLyman20th Ward 63 Dist. Stella M. Blanch L.Charles (negro) Walter G.Benj. Shousekeeper, private family'(living with family of Richard Danich?)Aug 1861EsletiaPersons123B BrookingsSep 1872Kelly Cecil? C.Dix St.((boarding with family of William Carman)Grigs Princeton52? assistant manager, insurance co. TempletonBiley J.Aug 1835Minneapolis, ED 253 Ottawa, ED 73471BJul 1858Peril?Caldwell, ED 166Cha's Reginald Alford F.HawaiiHonolulu State Prisonyard clerk, railroad708? Bridge St.single males 40 & under 60 1B Second St.Sanz?513 Chestnut St.Hyattsville, ED 92 Vana Belle3541 Vista Ave. real estatePageW___?1900 Federal Census - Wyoming120B___ 1860 Fulton B. Clifton O.John J. hairdresser 4 DistrictLena? E.1831 Canada CensusJulia E. Benton Twp.1y6m#1880 Federal Census - West VirginiaPippins Mill, ED 13aquamaker?, partner?Millville, ED 50 Pointe CoupeePoplar Bluff, ED 1259th St. Albert C. Elizabeth S.Baltimore, 8th Ward O'Connell65BHector*(boarding with family of R___ Kirkpatrick)EmirettaN. Mulberry WardWinonaPemberton Twp.Marilla103AE. J.BenjaminLorraineSouth River Rd.Maryville, ED 28 Joseph H. John ThomasDistrict 15, ED 53GarlandAnna?Lewis L. Philo Twp.Morehead, Pct. 1Clyde A. piano tunerSlackCofal?Baltimore, ED 144Sep 1840May 18421930 Federal Census - New YorkCanada (English) John D. V.Julia W.G. C.Rockville P.O. g___ m___Daviess Circuit Clerk6m Wisconsin Standfort219AGarth S. House Builder 2 Jul 1900 Minnie D.397208BAlvinousHortonNov 1843230AN. Buffalo Twp. Horace G. Edgewater, ED 3$(living with family of James Gunes?)glassmaker, factory2555 seamster?HowellClerk In Cir. Clk'S OfficeColeman Sanborn Estella E.John L.Geo. A.Ja'sreal estate agtOsage, 3rd Ward2275 Orchard St.sack boy in storeBridgettLyellin?Wilkinsburg, ED 863 Neely, ED 8Alous manager, farmPliny D. 2 Jun 1900 Hallie C.CharlesJackson Ward RichmondAllen L.Elizabeth CityElizab. Greenwood TwpPinal1875 New York Census292B%(boarding with family of John Geigle)LelansWatsonFalkGreyAsaBartLalange?S.S.Lewis B.Sade L.Erving?7051900 Federal Census - Virginia"1920 Federal Census - South DakotaRock Island, ED 141RachelMary _. Florence V. Lizzie S.Parkman Raymond H.Mar 1837 Dessie? B. undertaker"1920 Federal Census - North DakotaLangley?215 53rd*(living with family of Marsden Sutherland) Joseph R.CelistaFalmouth Pct. 8Kline101 Griffith St.#(living with family of Anna Mooney)AllisNed B. Colledge St.travelling salesmanengineer, steam railroad___ paper business145A(copy is illegible)East LivermoreH.Powell Lillian E."(living with family of Sam Friend) Elizabeth LeeWalesMinnieNewport, ED 175JordanApr 1862Edgar?works in cotton mill194BHoytLarra G.Haldeman, ED 7 Wallace D.15th Ward 6-E Dist.Arzilla? 932 B St. cattle dealerHoskinsShaker843Kuchen< 4(living with the family of Jonathan and Mary H__ing)2y3?m Luther C. K.Eleanor 317 Carol St.Rosa R.CarmaMcLean ElkhartEverett Mary V.(?)SawyerKeefe108 S. St. Paul 72 Lowell St.St-Sis?males 60 and under 70 Nelson C.Lila E. Nettie S.?Isaac N. L. Budura?May M.1y4?mWake Ernest Halltruck driver, ___ businessIrish Free StatePolk Twp., ED 177Jun 1884 325 Main St. PennsylvaniaBuffaloGlen Easton P. O. Minnie M.District 5, West Halfgallery?, photographWashinton, D.C.1100 trained nursestocking weaver 431 Second Arlene M.(Lowell Bassford)C. L. Joseph L.Wanda M.Cleo J. 7 Jun 1930 pulp millBaker?Asquith?AbbyJohn*(living at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital)Florence Station, ED 18EdieDallie Dodge. ED 7Precinct 2, ED 38engineer (RR?) Morris B.Meldria?RundleLolla? adopted childHarryRussell?Huldah2400David?Evan125 District MilitiaEditor & Publisher George D.Fultonoverseer EdwardsvilleWaskey655Jan 18__Conradwidow of BenjaminTaylor's HotelAug 1860foremanTrupetpacker Rives, ED 11422? 206 Marr St.engineer, locomotice silversmithDec 1867Sep 1880!(living with family of A. B. Coy)FruchSep 1834 Douglas Twp. candymakerJohn S. Amy E. Hanne? L.Flora C.268BAnna W.?HaraceJohn K.Dolly Charles B.Teaching School166Bswitch tender, railroadClaudiusIda B.103Moriah? 229 W. 83dRutland, ED 130Janesville, ED 115Addie Vermilion1431? Sixth St.manager, ___ding clubCyrus Hannah M.Evaline71 Bryant? St. NW38Sickla?Sanilacbrakeman112BApr 1852S.H.Dist 14Fout Dec 1886?13? 33 West Ave. home laborerfemale slaves 26 and under 45Lathrop Angelia M. Alexander235? Slone? Ave Aug 1884?Nov 1828Eben'rArizonaSchool Dist 14, ED 4Jesse E.School Dist 17K, ED 11artificial flower makerG. M.M1?finishing, box? paper?Sandusk book-keeperarchitectural engineerDorsey?Manhattan, 19th WardAor 1875821 Central Ave.Moore Twp, Hancock Village Hannah L.May 1864ZonaLucianJack R.Nov 1814manager, newspaper Hagar Twp.MeadeMar 1857O. D. ny. manager1920 Federal Census - LouisianaEd?Watertown, 1st WardCoconinoApr 1855 working farmSep 1842District 8, ED 27Canyon Melvin M. 14th District3703 Finney? Ave.Chicago, ED 1588KimbellLoydLexie? Deliah P.La___ G. electrician?Hubler?Raper?Charles?Harry J.328AAll other free personsAug 1857 RR conductorCharleyM. DaisyJersey City, ED 165 messengersawyer in millJno. G. house workJul 1841no name professorB2318? Carr St.Slaves1870 Federal Census - ArizonaJane Clarance E.laborer, shipyardCarpenter (RR)stone mason appr.Onalska, ED 114 AlexandriaBloomfield Twp. 1 Jun 1900DeytonStateElmer Wyandotte Philip J.27?m123 Fairfax St.Kansas City, ED 194boot & shoe makerGrantJay%(living with family of Robert Hilton)Oklahoma City, ED 372136 West 22nd St.Eva?Flora E.3y9mBertrand1st Ward2y?mClemont7?La Crosse, ED 91 Hannah C.1920 Federal Census - Ohio Duston P.Bellingham, ED 23572 N. Flint St.Columbus, 4 Wardminds office, purchasing co.Baltimore, ED 260foreman, woodworkinsurance businessHelen H.Worcester, ED 718 Brewer Ave.1900 N. Patterson Place1910 Federal Census - Vermontdining room girl___ M.Worcester, ED 11910 Federal Census - Minnesota Trenwith S.Mmontana=(living with Elizabeth ___, together with many other lodgers)'(living with the family of Thomas Shaw)Portland, ED 68 Lorunza D. Herschel D.farming((boarding with family of Samuel Spooner)&(living with family of Clifford Lewis)1865graduate nurse, hospitalAncel R. FHC 0,02,547Birth month If born within yeartuber?-sack factoryJohn O. Thomas D.Minnesota State Soldiers HomeProviso, ED 190Hartford City, 1 WardAmy P. Bailey D.Jas. B.___ bookkeeper, high schoolNov 18972m? M. Martha1914?Chicago, E. D. 93Feb 1895Coffman South DanversJan 1836 Maggie P.ChesterSep 1849Emma D.Sarah J. Batavia Ave.electrician, mineHarry H.207 N. First St.Stockton, ED 165 5 Short PlaceHenry M.Mable1806 Natrous Ave. Altha, ED 4Alliance, ED 38 J. RobertvisitorLue? M. Elsie? G.veterans schedule Denver, ED 86JeanneF___Philadelphia, ED 10923602 Woodbine Ave.531 Cherry St.Jun 1846Oct 1824 Blanch R. EffinghamLucy AnnElizabeth Jane 255 JacksonLildaCurrent River Twp.Ja's H. Angelia P.2000#(living in home of William Carroll)1870 Federal Census - Tennessee Martha L.Oct 189864BMaria Hosery Weaver Julian Dist.plasterer, independent Chester R. Charles J.KateCanterbury, ED 62118AClarksville. P. O.operator, printing officeAtlanticgatemanVera M.Leroy D.10?apprentice cookerlineman, telephoneLogan George A. 9 Ericson St. 596 142nd St.Atlanta, 2 Ward Maggie B.Jan 1825brickman Spotsylvania Virgia? L.117 North 15th St. Bareford?Brookings, ED 24 Roy (black) Dottie? J.ScottMechanicsvilleWashington, ED 343CamdenBrooklyn Borough, 22 Ward52A2?minspector, ___ companyJefferson City, ED 48state road com.East 10th Ave.Big Hornflag man, steam R.R.BoshfordMurphysboro Pct.1930 Federal Census - Kentucky%(living with family of William? B___)OpheliaBoston3000partner, steel manufacturerLar___Adelinemerchant, dry goodsChelseaGlosha?1946?76Judsonboarder1785?CliftonJames A.BoydAnnie Farmer H.Portland, ED 6Baltimore, ED 251 Thomas W. Margaret D.? hired hand 4920 Knox St. Benjamin H.HaddenWellsburg, ED 12 Hiram? F.wallroom?, glass worksLimestone Twp., ED 48RallsSaverton, ED 1587(living in a boarding house with many railroad workers)I"(living with family of Arth. Been)Finchday laborer at minesOct 1873retired farmerGrace?AchsahO'NeilApr 18695th Ward 8-E Dist3rd Ave60-610FriendJas?3y8mClearfield, ED 104169BTobarDec 1882Geo. M.Grady N.Cane J.District 2, ED 121GaylordEffie E.Maud J. Benjamin R.1535Chicago, 11 Ward Harold C."(living with family of Nelson ___)1910 Federal Census - Wisconsinfemales under 10 Arkansas New Orleans160D((living with the family of Jacob Spacht)Pliny B.carter? - woolensdarner - woolensApr 1900 Leonard G.303ATravis 16 Apr 1930Chicago, 32 Ward Chessbro?St. R.R. Clerk+236CEva L.MyersRhoda J.food___, syrupnurse? Wabash, ED 13Apr 1843EmorySterling74 Sheffield St.Sep 1885 Westville?Jun 1883Benance? Marion T.?mechanic, U.S. Coast Guard James (black)FlatheadRadford dealer-fruitBaltimore, ED 275Herschel78 Sargent Ave.1-4?mT.laborer, oil co. Michal C.stenographer, bondingEast Liverpool, 4 WardBaltimore, ED 670tobacco farmer2(living with family of Wm. E. and Margaret McNair)Clarke Columbiana"1900 Federal Census - New Hamshire District 1qCould this be William, the son of Thomas and Mary (Freeman) Basford? Perhaps his father had remarried to Mahala? CavendishC. Triphenia Cotton Hill1-2m 70 Anson St.310B201 North Main St.FoyeEverly RR surtalman?Apr 1850Vicksburg, 2 WardAnnaise William S.Clare M.Clara S.HandClaudiaFlay M.3-1mRuby L. West IndiesJa's Sr.#1860 Federal Census - New Hampshireprivate watchman358Ralph W.E. Slate Creek Thomson Dist.Oct 1871Mar 1823KennedyEliza M.Dehlia Andrew F.Grace W.Byron D. farm work1570 First Ave.Jan 1899< David3B1930 Federal Census - Coloradoproprietor, laundry414686PhioAug 1851L. P.Malond43AIndian Mound P. O.Syracuse, 5th WardPerinton"(living with family of Levi Myers)HesterEliza A.Joann Cleveland49? Warren St.SummerHelen E.Buckeye Dist. 1BaffardHannaBishfordBarfortpaper hanger, own business1420 Clark St.Minneapolis, ED 136Oct 1858elecrial engineerJason?Abbie? FHC 1821201real estate agent Georgiana&1930 Federal Census - Hawaii Territory181S__ie E. coach makerMay 1836C. Perey E. LivermoreSandy#(living with family of Harvey Hood) servant girlHillman Robert, Jr.'(living with the family of E. W. Lower)Baltimore, ED 282tinsmith 21 May 193045BLincolnville, ED 15District 1, ED 1 1422 CharlesCashassistant, day nurseryBaltimore, ED 422 Community St.manager?, clothing co.Edwardsville, ED 32Lidia E. 16th St. 725 3rd St. ___, storeBrasford George Sr. Fenton, ED 64 Beatrice M.schoolstorekeeper, general storeKennithOct 187452 West 96th St.7th Ave.DeSotoChicago, ED 279Pine St.SL5LintonBoston, 4th Ward 42nd DistrictRuben W.builder, constructionManhattan Borough, ED 556laborer, novel store*(living with the family of Charles Darley)Aug 1885FahlPopeMay 1862Rina Oliver L.ParkJun 1878 Jan? 1851Farmers, ED 57longshoreman, seaport? music teacherOttawa Wright Twp.clerk in cloth store Dec? 1891 Evaline N.Paine Arolin M.investigator, telephone co.Chicago, ED 629190 High? Holborn? St.131AFrankinEdgar F.Effie Richard H.)(living with the family of ___ Fairchild)1870 Federal Census - Iowa$(living with M. C. Alexander family)business college secretaryJul 1865PortagePeterborough, ED 15858A1652 Stemper? LaneNolanViolaBuffalo, Ward 1 John, Jr.North Carolina? Thornburg? 303 Ogden St. Minnie A. Casper, ED 6Muskegon, ED 150 1609 ____Sherrodcivil engineerSidney brush? makerMarriedwaiter-truck r___McCrary Daniel L.S. A. William D.E. C. St. LouisCripple Creek, 4 WardNichols Franklin A.Queens, ED 4391910 Federal Census - Missouri Walyce E.Dellwood Rd. & Grand Ridge Rd.Trenton, 13th Ward238 Spring St.1880 Federal Census - MinnesotaMiner531Aelectrician, lighting co.Albertweaver FHC 0,024,549Isabeleseamstress, dress maker(living in a YMCA Hotel)22 Waverly Rd. Albert D.Hyattsville, ED 35 stock brokerSt. Louis, ED 273carpenter, buildingMassy?Biley Esther G.Lowell, ED 209roomer? Patoka, ED 21 Priscillalaborer, ___ inspector1928merchant, wholesale fishMinneapolis, ED 262Brooklyn Borough, 26 Wardward John F. Sr.B. Faith108BEnoch? Enoch A., Jr.Hutton Tampa, ED 21Newport 5th WardLena G.Ansonia156laborer-general workCypressLouiza Orville H.Vermont?proprietor, confectionary storeEdwardsville, 4 WardBelaWeberaquamaker?, factory73 North ___ St.NormanBiggsville Twp.Cottonwood, ED 171 Esther L.chauffeuer-automobile 6th Dist.274BCorwin, ED 233EdraDecatur, ED 135ByleyHogeOct 1843McKenzie1910 Federal Census - Kansas80Winona, 3rd Ward LuzerneMeredithGennel?R. MassachusettsPassaicNeenahAnnapolis, ED 32$(living in the "Home of Incurables")Baltimore, ED 200 Arlena A. Arthur E.3236 Burlin? Lane Daniel C.Jan 1884 MilwaukeeFeb Scotland?Lovenaengi. Locamotive-railroad1880?1420 Third? Ave.Jos.Southold, ED 129golf club maker___ty Cooper Twp. Illinois?civil engineer, Navy Dept.ClintonAor 1872Leland Nettie? A.Lunay? farm helper? Knox Twp. Harrison Twp.Mar 1877702129312421910Sep 1839NorburyMeltonJewell house framerNov 1885Dec 1837Dellwood, ED 15Opal G.Erma B.WoodrowDora?RosanaClaraFrederick, Sr.Precinct 3, ED 37saleslady, dry goods storeLon Egg PackerBernice (negro) Lincoln, ED 1Ed N.$(living with family of James Wisen?).(several boarders are living in the household)Benji J.Hillsdale, ED 93CynthiaWest Pottsgrove, ED 1611357 W. JeffersonBarnull Huldah E.Baltimore, ED 195command?, ____)(boarding with the family of Henry Irvin)*(a number of boarders are living with her)2nd Ward 5 Dist. Andrew? A. Cha's Jr.54A Ravenell?4133 N. Broad St.Oakland, 1st WardJno. T.State Highway 566Josie M.CheatamSam?roller, tin mill ConnecticutFritzEttieBaltimore, ED 271 Wallace E. Jennie? E.chemist helper, ___ shopbaker, restaurantSt. Albans, ED 84Rachael gardeningmusician, orchestraBaby(living with several other men) stove moulderSt. Paul, ED 183 Fredrick H.mail carrier, rural route Lottie H.gardner Goldsmith Esther A.Cotton Mill, ED 183 genealogy.comlaborer, cotton mill9 Kearsarge? Ave. Tampa, ED 1053212 San Carlos St.Election District 9, ED 13!(living with family of John Lane)Free white femalesMay 1883411 HempsteadBridget((boarding with family of Mary McConell?)74C269BAug 1849 Dress Maker Lilian I.chauffer, private family1420 South Ave. Minnie E. Cemetery St.Harry B.cooper-barrel fact.11032 Conrad Ave.liquor? BusinessAnnapolis, ED 25J.? A.?Apr 1885ComfortHiram?Brica?Sep 1882Tho's W.540C Harvey W. cabinetmaker1860 Federal Census - IowaJas. H.H. T.1415? South 49th St.Baltimore, ED 466 machinist?LaRoy D. shirt factory 128 MelroseMercy V.Wilkinsburg, ED 868Agnes L.222 S. Hester. St. Meigs, ED 13HermanVacaville Twp.Huntington, ED 15Stempter, ED 7112 Ward NYC Dist. 1Jacksonville, ED 63Cabell45 Washington St. Berson? A.2354 Emmagene M.Brooklyn Borough, 23 Ward FHC 1,820,289 GiorgianaNov 1856Maud H. Union Twp.Sep 1827139 Atlantic Ave.MertonSelah W.Mercier152 W 91st St.153Dassists at homeT___ John F. Jr. Clarence A.1814 __ 88th St. 11 Jun 190039 Pleasant St. 3908 Garfieldteacher, junior high Louise R. Mar 1882?98BWelakaDavidsonville, ED 3FayetteFerguson Missouri A.Dela?Jan 1838Eula M.Edwin R. 169 Water St.FredericksburgThomasville P. O.Grace E. Eugene E.Jersey City, ED 184Woodson2-10m2 Ward MaustonorphanSarsumLittie?Feb 1897 Hunterdonmanager, variety storeJan 1881 Edward Rd. Van Buren6771 Musgrave St.Buckland211AGaneer, ED 126 Short Ave. hospital cookcaretaker, cemeteryVernon Springs Twp.1-10mFlo? 5 Jun 1900May 1870nancy Mattie J.salesman, gen. MercantileClarissaSally1m?Baltimore, 23rd Ward202AMay 1833stenographer, insuranceclerk?Ginniesoldier, Co H., 3rd US CavalryJun 184269Detroit, ED 1087((many boarders also listed in household)Parramore, ED 98 p___, school Worcester8y?mMcBeebroker, real estateJan 1858 Ida T. A.Okmulgee, ED 125 Lorenzo W.Apr 1893Baltimore, ED 178Wisconsin Ter.Burbank, ED 17 canal boatmanBiltie? cotton mill 1552 6th Ave.New York, 23 Ward79 Cedar, h. Yonkers Russel F. 63 8th St.BasfortW. P.Tina?Guilford, ED 65ED 545VerneJul 1870keeper, lodging house Clarence M. Bertha R.manager, insurance co.36A Ferry St.MelvinaJerry? liquor-retail159B FHC 0,024,537Los Angeles Twp.Hazel I.Number of years married Hitchcock718May 1868invalid Virginia E.Ella C.(living at a boarding school)Jul 831 13th WardKnoblock Theresa L.1905 New York CensussalesmanFuller Violet E.Laurie?Baltimore, ED 257 2 Apr 1920Olga S. Kenneth G.Oct 1853Jul 1884Hess, DermstadtRockfish DistrictOct 1889369 South High St.< Hugh S.manager, steam laundryEthel S.dairyWest Plains, ED 93 Alaska B.Hartel?Election District 15, ED 6930B Garland B.District 12, ED 21Fay Catalpa Rd. Ernestine house servant3616 Wilton Ave1900 Federal Census - Wisconsin70 Maryland Ave. SouthBurgessAftonPallieApr 1877 William HmillerHusb Mary Ano?564-5Coleman Chester J. Quincy, ED 32__ Diamond St.clerk-retail drug storeClovis GeraldineLaurel SkaneatelesTobias Agnes (negro)Sep 1886245 New York Ave.CornishMatildaWilsonCora M.Lucy? Marcus G.5y?m%(living with family of Frederick ___)74A Albert M.Phroniebookkeeper, dry goods wholesaleLane A. Maple Ave. Martha M.1st & 2nd Dist. FreighterDenver, ED 132 Eleanor M.Belmont, ED 68L. E.driller, deep wells 5 Apr 1920 Frances E.Oct 1861grocery store managerSampsonFredWaterloo, ED 901 Ward MaustonBoston, 11th WardElmore? Grant Twp.2417 Everett S. HilsboroughDistrict 14, ED 18Paul B.___ manager, ___ storeHartford 47 __ Ave.Parker?1860?machinist, autoDebra?1860 Federal Census - Tennessee1880 Federal Census - TexasIslipGeoriga__ 1885Gunder?Monahan943 Homestead St.320 MassachusettsArvel? Mulberry St.2123Willie?Cland?Halent"X"0(listed as a "boarder" in the Tioga County Jail)CassieAdela10th Ward Boston282 Cliford J. Marion I.Good Children St.33 Hancock Ave.1017? Snake St.Grand Canyon Forest182AFeb 1868208AIsa M.Bossford40BOcea Gertrude S.!(living with family of ____ ____) Harmon O. 1930 Federal Census - New Mexico159 PennsylvaniaHelen R.290BSugar Grove BoroughHoutRhodaWest Brookfield, ED 295SamPort Sullivan P. O.manager, grocery storeEdwardsville, ED 511876electician, U.S. Govt St. Maryslaborer-shirt facotry Kansas City3 Lantern? Ave.ArolineBritish Counsel, governmentVelvaJulea A.clerk-restaurantdoubler, steel millBaltimore, 13th Ward Sjostrand?manager, fruit ranchHennard San Mateo Arline M. Women's HomeImperialJersey City, ED 186Brier?Ryland3821 Sacramento St.Momence, ED 125School District 2EdithReynolds'(living with the family of Reuben Damm) sea captainMelrose, ED 348Baltimore, ED 331Thomas S., Jr.salesman, sewing machinesI. G. W.LessieJo Cole (Negro)Election District 2, ED5(possible wife of Frank Woodruff Basford?Vallejo, ED 212tannery ___d (black)Moulden?Hatly?Feb 1898Oct 18874y3?mMiles'(living with Andrew and Emma Sheerley?)Jun 1858 George L.?J'n Chester A.Mass?1538Trean E.Newport, ED 111asst. aunt-in-lawGhentFeb 1853Kate?Beatrice1806 Wetrous? Ave.engineer, iron works$(living with family of W. D. Street)1500?CarlinaMorrellJeff PlattsvilleBerlin, ED 147Swampscott, ED 281631 East 136th St.Meska Brooklyn Twp. 122 Broadway Eloise W.Mother? Carrie A.B. E.Stevan55A domestic l___Annie R. Thomas L.4-4m50 Franklin St.Spurlock1930 Federal Census - FloridaAllen W.male slaves under 14 MagdalinePittsfield, ED 61advertising agent photographer715 Fulton Rd.BessfordManhattan Borough, ED 813Wilker James Jr.clerk in law officeTodd Alanson M.Orma5-5m)(living with the family of George Shreve) Elouise M.1930 Federal Census - Minnesota191B Geo. AlfordSilas GreenwoodLafayette, 1 Ward89picker?-___ shopsManeh?Steven 228 West 82nd Nov 1880?Dec 1892supply foreman, railroad oysterman1870 Federal Census - Indiana Paris, Ward 1419DJ. Ruth (negro)mold maker, glass factoryWellsburg, ED 11Nov 183366?Persons 6 & under 14CarrJul 1879 196 Lunn St.147B148Harniel?1886 Jon[atha]nLawrence, ED 6Jacksonville, ED 55 3670 H___Rockford, 5 Wardhouse carpenter-grill? Work Valmae M. 438 Wyman St.Minneapolis, ED 28Girard, 1 PrecinctfarnerStalie?51A 20th WardGwenda?271A Scott Twp.Elm Grove Twp.Selah S.Eastern DivisionJennie Elizabeth119Apr 1842264A 1608 ____Feb 1855males 90 and under 100Hostler Tampa, ED 39 Rilla? V. Com. LaborerBerzelia, District 126mechanic, machine shop1900 Federal Census - ColoradoDillie1900 Federal Census - KansasKnoxlaborer, steel millAlphaFeb 1888Aug 1850doing house workRasford? Omaha, ED 125 house maidhousekeeper, boarding houseDellwood Rd. & Cypress Rd.Laura V.com'l embroidery, lingeree co.*(a servant is also living with the family) Banholser>___ supt. of highway Horace Greley Beatrice I. Virgie L.3(living in a Catholic boarding school or orphanage)216A107BMar 1850Jul 1856 dress makerMcCarty1110 Baltimore St.4801 Arabia Ave.!1900 Federal Census - Mississippi'1920 Federal Census - Washington, D. C."1870 Federal Census - Rhode Islandartist, printing co. 1033 Loyolatraveling agentMay 1897 Lillie O.Cousin?Dorah K. 19th District Sam (black) Champaign1920 Federal Census - MissouriAbdel?!1870 Federal Census - Connecticut Amelia? I.1810 Twenty Fourth Ave.commercial s___, packing house838 Jennie S.Kigsbyoffice manager, shipping0(living with family of Francis and Sophia Brady) Cottage St.Jul 1861 kitchen girlDec 1884BascombShady Grove, ED 13Ralph I.2-9mCogan House Twp.Oct 1881Cain DansvilleBisford3m?Ann R.BarretJan 1833StuckCornelis Conford Twp.15410511050#(living in some sort of poor house) Jan 1872?telegraph-S__ RRlaborer, paper mill192AM2$1900 Federal Census - South CarolinaOliveNorwalk, ED 138St. Louis, 3 Ward#1900 Federal Census - Massachusetts5851970 Providence Salmon B.Drake Brooks, ED 8operator, telephoneChicago, ED 1660Aug 1881 Mason, ED 14126 S. Hall Rd.railroadJan 1894M___ B.brick layer, buildingWinters!1930 Federal Census - Mississippi 82 Ocean Avebook-keeping-printing officeU. S. GovernmentJan 1823Bertel?1920females 40 and under 50247B56Amerchant, grocery1846 Drew Ave. SouthCedar Hill Rd.Charleston, ED 3Highlands, ED 23 TallahatchieMatthew West Point 94 Forest St.Baltimore, ED 314sorter, laundry65?Lee?Oscar R. Joseph P. Billingly?Springfield, ED 30manager, apartmentsInidanaJan 1839 933 Congress Dittemore J. WallaceGer'epaper maker, paper millSpringfield, ED 9BeckiiN.B. Matthew D.Jan 1848 Margaret E. Henry A. P. laundry girl13B5305 H___ Ave.Election District 1, ED 2carpenter, brickyard Aug 1865?480Hazel22nd Ward 72 Dist.Manhattan Borough, ED 467bank presidentGermany?Henry G. chauffer, bus478-9Etta6th Ward BostonTenaflyThatcherMamieFlorancelinotyper, newspaper collectorYnightmaster, shipmasterHomer C.Theodor by first wife___ 1889Dec 1851171BAlta J.Manhattan Borough, ED 522 conductor 22 Dover St.Merle?4y10mDoris435 LaSalle Ave. Rollen L.Police Jury Ward 8, ED 88#(living with family of Walter M___)*(living with family of Seth and Mary Lane)Dist. 1, Port Republic249Wellsburg, ED 13Emma E.LangdonMichals?Cuyahoga Gallant Green 1 Warden St.166AChttp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/fl/jackson/census/1885d10b.txtO. E.1885 Florida CensusDist 7L. B. 15 Jun 1900Manola? corn laborer290APlymouthSalt Lake City, ED 134laborer, paper factoryNorwood, ED 80383? Macon St. Tatham? Placefarmer, pedler Kosciusko24 Columbia Ave. carpenter, building construction1907San Francisco, ED 177Killgoreinspecor, standard oil4-7/12Permeliasingle males18 & under 25Providence, Ward 9482847Arland< CarlDraperhelper, ___ caf Brown, ED 5Odawire chief, telephone co.Boston, 22nd Ward996Brooklyn, 6th Ward Victor L.Melrose, ED 339Simeon housework?RobertManda ReadfieldRich'dmales 15 and under 20Hamptonbaggage man hotel Canada E. Sophronia R.Biur? Mattie Lucile'(living with family of Julia Abrogean?)Olive D.Frances2670Aug 1834Dixon G.New London, ED 97partnerHawkinsSoldierRagBowie, 14th Dist.Oscar W.Gladius Thomas C.ResfordSecaucus, ED 358 474A Eugene M.MaudObion Leala (Negro)1(Several boarders are also listed with household)Orvill822 Wabash Ave.attorney, own firmWheeling 1st Ward688 Douie? E.233 Wilbur E.216B1929 Cherry St. 722 Main St.217 Cumberland St.___ works-telephone co, Albert W.32A50 Glendale St.cooper Stella F.bleachery laborerLaganMerl?"(listed in a supplemental section)weaver?, woolen mill Ambrose S.Sparta, Ward 2Oct 1866TellerNevadoShreveport, ED 43 Carlis J. 14 Lamont St.Ger? North DakotaNov 1893Louella?3546decorator-pottery73rd St.65 Grand View Ave.Slanefemales 26 and under 45Ridey? tobacco a___Emma J.Emma C. Albert A.department store saleslady E. Walton Archibald C.190B Carolyn L.Quarles? landlady?U.S. Army Balloon SchoolPark St.Cordella clerk, storeGeneseo, 1 WardChicago, 3 Ward Mar? 1879Feb 1881Derna PickeringRoan L.&(living with family of Harvey C. M___)chambermaid-hotelLutz?mechanist-RRoad 52 ___ St. farm laboringpublisher, ___ ___ 29 Second AveCulumberMoyce 10 DistrictApr 1839 Aug 1843?Jun 1862Walters Daniel W.Thomson, District 174Thomasville Rd.Huston Kendall H.Sawtelle# absent from ProvinceD. H. May 1834?Mar 1824Joel 1795 Lex. Av.May 18914y5mMoor.(several servants are also listed in the home)McKenneyEli D. 1 District2?y1m3y7?mFerrett?ErieAlonzoHillville, ED 10Okmulgee Francis F.3www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/va/morgan/1850/pg109b.txtAletheaSIL?3y?m Margaret L. Wayne, ED 48dairyman, dairy farm((living with family of Thomas E. Float?)Kraslin?Oakland, 7th WardAny___, steam railroad Alonzo F.Raskins ___ master9911017Cincinnati 14th Ward Severs, ED 40 119 M___ Ave.Ruluf? Winnie S. Charles, Jr.Abram Joseph S.190AI___'(living in an institution of some sort)Miligan Drusilla F.Devils Lake, ED 112J. LulaL.? GuypainterRock Creek, ED 9joinerGS E. Greenwichassist at homeTaking Care Of MotherChicago, ED 3331y3?m foreign buyer ___ agent 2 May 1930Norristown, ED 176trimmer, automobileOgdensburg, ED 58Buckeys DistrictTeneysonArlington, ED 4DentistEvaRed Lodge, ED 16 Nora (black)BasfredSep 1867Edith T.cashier, investment bank1930 Federal Census - Nevada588 Eggert Rd.1913Tanchen58?237A207C laborer, city Lillian I.works in tin shop Albert F. Dorothy F.milliner 30 Apr 1930Githens Cornelia G.barber?Emmett?((living with the family Frank R. Fisher) Franklin C.Circleville Twp. Margaret M.Sep 1899Julius2(living at the Minnesota School for Feeble Minded)Cockrell287 Washington St. Beulah V.Mona M. N. Hayward?Jenny M.#1930 Federal Census - West VirginiaPleasant, ED 111-1m1732 Grant St.Bay Saint Louis, ED 37Upper Salford, ED 157 Nellie D.Edgar T.Feb 1867Lee W. train waiterfarm laborer, general farm Gilmares? Aaron (black) Harriet E.CheathamLuella?Ova? PenobscotAnn L.plumberSeebach? New MexicoPhoeniz, ED 33Paul S.#(living with family of Nancy Tempe)Clarksville P.O.engineer, school genealog.comEdwin D.#(living at the Children's Hospital) Milton A.Alna E.Huce?Sa__musician155 Car___ St.servant, private ___207AAndrewBarford?___ Clerk, government Garland, Jr.Jul 1895 Ralph, Sr. KankakeeMexico, 2nd WardCotton Hill Twp. restauranter overseer?Jun 1844 Nathaniel A.Elsie? Harris T.726724Tuscarawas Twp.352 Margarite V.Cha's M.secretary-___ education Stuyvesant1561 Wlaton? Way Hennesey Twp.176BCounsellHarrisonburg, ED 103244A Samuel C. Oakland Twp.213B Richard J.seamstress-at home0(Many boarders are also listed in the household)Daniel?MillsManhattan Borough, ED 7579mDetroit KershawNewell, ED 173Oakfieldlaborer-railroad Minerva C. Harthiser?gardenerNeptuneJames M.Shadwick___ekJun 18771900 Federal Census - OklahomaPhiladelphia, ED 488 Klarissa M.Paul A.news carrier, newspaper co.Jan 1859conductor, steam railroadBanford E. Minnie Jul? 1875machine head?, firearms factoryPike St.Dec 1872 plastererAshur Dickinsonmerchant, dry goodengineer-stone yard FairmountReuterboardrerM___ Rd.'1910 Federal Census - New York (Part 1)338168+(living with the family of John L. Dempsey)sales lady-department store75A Anna Dist.Carral?Feb 1860400Apr 1890Minerva?Isick FHC 0,552,153Washington, ED 226BarnardWood110 North Main St.1889 Ernest L.May 1878161A1900 Federal Census - Louisiana Unadilla Twp.Ernest? St. ClairI. B.144 South Side E. Maine St. not namedgeneral farmer Margaret?1910 Federal Census - MarylandCharlie J. (Negro)*Iliving with family of Jonathan B. Wilson)Rickey?Sarah H. Hattie E.MeridianWhite Sulphur, District 4Boyd F.Baltimore, ED 245((living with family of Nathaniel Geiger) AdamstownJulia C.Alice R. Frederick W.428 E. 9th St. Herbert W.Ethel F.271St. Francis HomeGalesburg, ED 158 N. MiddletownMontaque25A abstracter?Boston, ED 333Boston, ED 621184((boarding with family of P. H. Burchard)Canada EnglishOtt Chason, ED 6Jun 1837Daisy Emmonds L.$1880 Federal Census - North CarolinaParkerAnita L. Bangor Twp.Nar 1860 Charles T.Apr 1856 (living at "Breezhurst Terrace")laborer, C. R. F. n P.clerk, dry goodsLudyPrince Frederick, Dist. 1H. K. Hellen G.laborer-odd jobsSacramento, 3rd Ward Quincy, ED 40Carl E.McCabe (listed with soldiers' families)210534 Hillsboro Ave.Pat? E. railroad? man Adelia A.Mansfield, Ward 4 Granville Van Guilder?salesman, variety store46?709 Franklin St.Heller1000$(living with family of John Steward)Beula$(living with family of Henry Ryland) Kenneth C.344 S. Stone Ave.210A McFarland 103 Hugh St.&(a servant is also listed in the home) Smithfield401Ida. E. Feb 1897? Mystic Ave. Barnard E.Eugh E.176A20 West 76th? St. Letitia? Jane%(living with family of Milton Melina)Mollyhomemaker, private homeAug 1908Aug 1904Sep 1906___manJul 1904Nold(?)Hfd(?) Cape Breton ___ keeper Emory S. B.Durhamville P.O. Ernest N.Hudson, 5th Ward'(living with family of Amelia Hinsdale)Andwina?May G. 617 15th St.Jul 1893South Market St.pupil17291689potter-sanitary house?7(A number of boarders are also listed in the household),(boarding with family of George F. Brickman)AtkinsonOct 1879 Robert B. Sister-in-law1930 Federal Census - ArizonaJan 1856 Dingwall?N. E. Barnes F. Thu___ B.Blaine300A300BNeplienAlvina?19?MernaJasberpeddler?cutterdressmaker, own business1930 Federal Census - OklahomaPlaceAshael?merchant, general storeLord Chesterfield? Barton, ED 51910 Federal Census - KentuckyBarren 4th Dist.barber-barber shopAshleyMind? Lick? Rd.Artue 307 6th St. Louisa C.www.genealogy.com3155Mar 18491403Cantonment Twp. Wilson M.Pauling'(boarding with family of Clara A. Hall)< Edna BlancheGeraldCarol!civil engineer, land-gen practiceEdmonclerk dry goodsMaud E.126 District MilitiaParkersburg, ED 16Faribault, ED 13Graber?___ A. Marion E.1133 North Gilmor St.bookkeeper, building ___11 Raymond St.proprietor, retail groceryPrince Frederick, Dist. 2Arienna?Kansas State PenitentiaryJun 1892 hired hand? 669 Park St. James C., Jr.Feb 18621900 Federal Census - IndianaPeabody, ED 238Vera R.general manager, brickplow?clerk, retail storeservant, private homeSouda?janitor707 Iglehart? St.El Reno, 1st WardMiersLancaster, 1st Ward1870Ruth M.1046 Love? CourtTindal? Blaine, ED 3 Archie L.2722609 Gifford Place'(living with family of William Jeffrey)MichealWinnie? Park Hampton? FHC 0,022,264telephone companyprinter compositorMay 1892 Georgianna511 retired ___5000?Rochester, 4th Wardoffice manager, railroadmisc. Quinton Twp.%(living with family of Watson Cower?)920 Barton St. Maitland E.104B MargrettaJohn N.Twp. 7, South Range 4 East Melvina E.conductor, electric railroad*(several boarders also living with family)43BdIn Database: (J)acob, (T)homas, (A)braham, (S)olomon, (G)eorge, (Z)ebede, (NC)North Carolina, (N)oneP___ St. 11 School St.laborer, odd jobsConstance Ave. Fransinne$(living with family of Ray J. Sappe)SanderLouvere267BSugar Creek Twp.Amos A. Walter D.Jul 1844Jul 1872 Audrey M. Eunice V.Montgomery, ED 33spinner, woolen mill New MarketAugusta, 5th Ward 22 ___ Rd.Potsdam, ED 70Ella J. Park Ave. Frederick C.stenographer, automobile plantSt. Albans, 5th Ward Edward P.Winmill?Pr___laborer, Clinton Oil Co.1500O'Hare___ news depotMary P.ScipioJaren 1920 Federal Census - CaliforniaNov 1852 Adeline C.Joyal L.94? Lorina? A. 1105 Cherry Lilian A.Kansas City, 8th Ward296A __ Aug 1897MathewBrooklyn Borough, 11 Ward 5? Jun 1900Biddiebeauty parlor?fireman-fire department250B936 Rla__ Ave. Lizzie E.? Catherine? E. Ola (Negro)97Bproprietor-boarding house$(living with family of Edward Nolan)+(2 lodgers are also living with the family) 26 Apr 19019 Oct 9 Apr 1902 Methodist(?)_____Mar 1851 signalmanAug 1902 Telsne(?)Aug 1905 Apr 1930polisher, glass factory Dorthy L.1822nd Ward, 3rd Pct.Johdert?Los Angeles, ED 213Inmate__elewithout occupation Forrest R. confectionerWaynoka, ED 29Hoague Scotland(?) Scotish(?)Feb 1906Oct 1908Elec. Operator May 1877Judy(boarding with Eva M. Kuhl) wool traderJulietteAgnus?peddlarJul 1871Helen C. Achsah S.Audry F."(living with family of John Lyant)Oct 1910sewinglaborer, moving houses Elgin, ED 60Doubs-Adamstown Rd.Nonell domestic servant, private familyC St. Isiah (Negro)167BGriffinCincinnati 10th WardDixonFarleyChicago, ED 1872Hance FHC 0,007,845__ing1880 Federal Census - NebraskaYonkers, 2 Ward185AOwens1870 Federal Census - AlabamaSaxton? 2419 Woodland214 Willis Ave. M. JennieElijahPike Joseph EdwardDiapold?___ K.BrookChinaRamondartist-at homeJan 1857auditor-packing house Second Ave. Hall Hill Fred K. A.ElmiraLouisa 1001 Main St.Jno. W.laborer, green house Lawrence B. Marmet, ED 68&(living with family of Giles M. Smith)Curtice Clara? M. Oct? 1896Beaufortforeman-private place8 Ward NYC Dist. 4(living in the Tulsa Hotel)%(living with family of E. B. Huntley)10 W. Brooklyn 3 Dist.5652738 Harlem Ave.Union Academy, ED 48DerrickManhattan, ED 67516A Solomon S.$(living with family of Levi Pearson)Jun 1871Sep 1874Meta? E.Storm'1910 Federal Census - New York (Part 2)&(living with family of Isiaha? Starn?) 39 Elm St.ElkhartJessieMalsey?Sardinia646Cincinnati, ED 49Mar 1869*(living with the family of Seldon Spencer) Hickory St.$(inmate in the Richmond County Jail)dentist, own officelaborer, steam rail roadLucienJoplin, 4th Ward Jul 1894?secretary-office ___Laura O.366day laborer, general farmDenver, ED 129Le RoyMay 1898NOct 1867798((living with family of Walter R. Sutton)1880 Federal Census - Wisconsin___ livery stable49 Greenale? Ave.Phelma?Kate C.McDuffie)(living in a boarding house or apartment)3515 Chestnut Ave.mechanic, adding machines DuBois, ED 26Cl__Helen M. (living in home of James Dunkin)304B$(liwving with family of George Hall)Nov 18301930 Federal Census - Virginia Arlingtonmachinist, railway co.Ada E.&(living with family of Samuel O'Brien)Lowrylaundry-shirtsElection District 1, ED 1Lola V.Jersey City, 9th Ward Amanda F. Apr? 1900169A Aor? 1875 Lillian B. Chriss C.Cora R.Momence, ED 126Ginyette.(several boarders are also listed in the home)146A1309 Sixth St.Brewer? Mill Rd.Daisy M.Barney?923 No. ___ Blvd.housekeeper-private homecommercial teacher?-plumbingKansas City, 2nd WardGrace A.apprentice-fountain pen West UnionAddisonAttending SchoolHarriet%(lodging with family of Andrew Lundy)Toll Catherine H.22nd Ward 3-E Dist.526 North 2nd Ave.375BCusickOct 1870B. A.Shockey?Ozelia230283RowanJames L.261AMill St. Hellen M.208 West Bridge St.'(living with family of W. J. O'Zinass?)Cohnanweaver-silk mill George O.1930 Federal Census - Kansas1920 Federal Census - VirginiaCharityDec 1874farmer-general farm,120 Western? St.cleaning-___ railroadOct 1877R__924St. Albans, 3rd WardMarie E.@(living in a boarding house with the family of William Costello)Jun 1851,(living with family of William A. Kavanaugh) machine hand messager(?)Occupant Calarance M.Ivy A. Russell C. maid, hotel406 Watkins St. bookkeeper220A Henry F.?1960Seldan8400 clerk-___St. Paul, ED 86Denver, 9th Ward Trinareillia?TTGwen? Delbert C. Claude V.Jehsfad?McHenry Millwood Twp.Clarence4m472356advertiser-odd jobsJane E.12 Tower PlaceCleoHallieNorval640Dist 10 Kelley St.Dec 1833 VailsburgManhattan, ED 179BushGrand Junction, 3 WardParrM.J.1870 Federal Census - MichiganHarwood?2992961040 Truman P. C. Fondener?226salesman, G__ S__Maricopa___-street railwayYonkers, 3rd Ward3764 Tulsa, ED 209 grocer-selfbrakeman-rail road miner, mining merchant-___Manna? cigar roller Augustus C. Adelia S.Allen J.125Bmoulder, stone foundaryAllegheny, 3rd Ward keeing houseSara? H.Clover Bottom Dist.Mary L.?BohemiaFeb 1836Godsend (black)608 ___est Ave.Henny?pressman-printing co.machine operator, ___ factoryBuffalo, ED 204Rogers Henry Leroy76BRankinGovecalkerteacher-school teacheroperator, ore mineThirteenth St.$Tuberculosis Hostipal State ConvictsDavis Mill Rd.12111790157 Congress St.District 1, ED 3 Dorothea W. SevestopolOct 1883(living on the poor farm)267266Manchester 2nd Ward Carroll E.engineer-electricEddie365Brooklyn, 10th Ward;(a servant and a hired man are also listed with the family)1880 Federal Census -Ohio3141401 McGumphrey L. Edgar?Feb 1863Jno Mississippi?manager-___ store<(a servant and several boarders are also listed in the home)Phelps3211 Beverly Rd.EveryMoreheadGlen Benjamin E. Scabrook? Rd.Burt T. Martha F.1930 Federal Census - Alabama Charly D.NC?1920 Federal Census - MontanaCarbon2119? 5th Ave. 27 Apr 1930Tiscomb Camden P. O. Dorothea?2815? Cherry St. Bertha G.Worcester, ED 40unamed%(living with family of John B. Hain?)"(living in home of Jo< seph Hubell?)Prince WilliamFeb 1896302BDuncanresiding with sonPrinceton, 2 WardApr 1863Babion? 52 W 96 St.E. Cleveland, ED 543Hage?Elna M. Blackburn285-6 Ellsworth0(living with the family of Leslie L. Stepenson?)MorenzerMilam1870 Federal Census - Georgiajournalist-journalerSelina?44 Birch? Ave. 268 W. 133d33A (boarding with Georgia Anderson)(living with family of+G773) Apr 1888?Tarlton Salt Crk. Twp.864150B)(living with family of Sarah W. Prindle?)Craig8th Twp.170Acashier-butcher store M. Lillian 609 First St.farmer-gen. farming90 Washington St.39?Los Angeles, ED 130fireman?Concord, 3rd Ward736Bay St. Louis, 3rd Ward1168manager-dry goodsbanker? Ethan F. Jr.163B 10 Jun 1900 MehitableNov 1864Nora M.Dell Myrtle E.69B Georgae B.Chicago, ED 30121622429Serpawhite Sulphur Pike328 Miller St.7931930 Federal Census - Wyominggrinder, foundry11m?Uhler? Lessie O.Brewer, 2nd Ward197A slesman, oilToledo, 11th WardTrenton, ED 10Marsha HartshornMassachusetts?La Sallematron-odd fellows homeBabylon Isabelle C. Howard F. Katherine I. 1900 Federal Census - WashingtonA      !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~pr 1872Meggie Jesse? ___IvaZourdahErvan TBenner?Aina? M. SchaghticokeOttomillinery?-___carpenter-ship workmanager-electric dept.servant-___ home61B222B441 Egelhart Ave.Earnest Lucile B. Missouria? E.1336 Eleanor St.Polly W.Chicago, ED 750MayMich'lmaid1880 Federal Census - Arizonalandlord hotel Littie E. B.SethSt. Louis, 13th Ward"(listed with soldiers at garrison)312widow of Thus.David R.May 1845James P.John?Jan 1878 17th District ___ engineer 7 Jul 1883foreman, fire dept.Paul J. Clara? A. Nellie K.Detroit Village294 Hemlock St.Oregon, Twp. 15 (part 2)820 President St.HamblenCisna? Green Creek128A170BDec 1899Kyrich?Lucilleat work in hotel360/499pasterer ClementineJosepineEddy Belknap Pct. Mariah? J.1472Xenia, 3rd Ward172(living in the Cortland? Hotel)Sara E. Maria? M.Louisville, 7th Wardmaster builderstenographer, bank Clifford D.HemanMallie 1914 Main St.Hillsboro, ED 13Melvin (negro)Myrna 42 Irving St.Aaron Jr. (black)701 Liberty St.Elenora S. Walter 6 May 19301888 5th Dist.Bhttp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/fl/jackson/census/1885d07.txt292AIna?SyrilFratnz?Mable H.AudryKesleyFae27-1/2 Lexinton Ave.Yonkers, 4th WardDanielaJohn J. (Negro) Burlington89711891910 Federal Census - MaineOakland, ED 86403Anna? F.1070-1/2 AshlandElection District 5, ED 25teacher-pub schoolHinton88? Harmon B.164B Curtis P.Paul H. Eleanor L.garage mechanic'(living with family of Charles Geffrey)music teacher, private lessons Rebecca V.?machine operator, ___blacksmith, shop sales womanHotaling)(living with the family of Milton Leston)213Baden Scott PrecintMay 1832 PendletonM?merchant, generalsalesman, confectionaryEmily E.109Atrained nurse, private careScarsdale, ED 347salesman, wholesale grocersOrleansfarm laborer-at homelaborer, meat packingCozensAlice _. Whi___ _.Harrisonburg, ED 4Kirby S.Clara R.Kelly O.2638 Harlem Ave. Lorinzy S.ClideLois J.Thober cheese maker Melzar P.Father bandownerProffitt4404 White Oak Ave.laborer-jail ___McAlister, 4th Ward Katherine E.BastfordJul 1892 Clay EmmaLakeland, ED 32Salt Lick, ED 775 William St.county treasurer-public officeMarie M.1-7m1855 MassachusettsMurthastenographer-paper house oil operator Jamie? R.Wellsville Twp.Jesse N.23372285Mary E,1523Myrthlaborer-coal yardByron J.Ethel K.Washington, ED 120clerk-furniture storeHagerstown, 2nd WardBular?Winter Park, ED 25!1900 Federal Census - Connecticut113B214 North State? St. Apr? 1840fireman-fire dept.C. D.PollieWoods Clarance W. 64 State St.&(living with family of Samuel B. ____)dressmaker-at home Loncie A. 1231 Cherry3007 E___ Ave.Wills? John (Negro)((living with the family of Albert Miner)ChippewaSis__199AAugusta, 6th Ward&(living with the family of John Morey)56?Honolulu, ED 23RTheoHaye?arch.1910 Federal Census - Louisiana 74 Albano St.Mulveny?340 S. Stone Ave.Baltimore, ED 126boilermaker-apprentice((living with the family of Ella Mathews) RensselaerM. J. St. Paul, ED 116/(listed with the Cadet Hospital Medical Corps.) Fraces A.1920 Federal Census - Indiana((living with family of John C. Thompson)___-private family1414 Newport News-(living with family of Samuel & Nancy Martin)dressmaker-home7659 Powell Ave. Michigan?machinist, automobile tobaconist1324Candyke?Benhume?Juanitaproof reader, book printerTora?Dec 1890helper-express co.Luiesun(?) Rd.122/159Annapolis, ED 27New Orleans, 2nd WardAug 1890555BlondellMcShaneManhattan Borough, 12 WardMcAlister, 1st Ward108ALyonds, ED 106266Blaundress-at homesalesman, s___ storeBloomfield, ED 7 Benjamin, Jr.Kansas City, 7th Ward Orcasireland Watson? G.5 University CottagesC. R.Prussia, GermanyMasonLambe'1910 Federal Census - Washington, D. C. Melborne? H.Becky W. WellsburgMar 1874KinchenFaddenKankakeeNorwood, ED 821228 Second Ave. Mrs. KateBessemer, ED 110 Sherman E.Lena?District 7, ED 33salesman, stocks & bonds15th Ward 43 Dist.typist, insurance co.)(living with family of Wallis R. Gilbert) Stanley Jr. GreenvilleEstell Efrem (black)Skeels?1635? Todd St.st___-___ mill Bo+J2060arderNew Orleans, ED 1311427 ___ Fields Ave.Knopton?*(living with the family of Mary Mulhalton)Belton East, ED 2civil engineer, ___$(living with family of Edwin D. Rae)Manhattan Borough, ED 133Sellar?W'm A.order clerk, wholesale house1(several roomers are also living with the family)chauffer, taxi cab Harold B.Lavilda 2nd Dist.dry goods merchantHighlands Suburb, ED 128electrician-rail road shop Phoebe Janesecretary-___ railwayRuth C. Merchant St. 69 Orange St.Mar 1897Julie C. S. Carolina Oct 1871?JulieHavenscity salesman, coal & wood co.Iwaa?"(living with family of A. R. Snow)BayfordR. C.Brakeman1910 Federal Census - IndianaCouncil House Twp.nurse, nursing 4 Bromby St.160 m___ barrelsletter carrier, U.S. Gov.1871 Federal Census - Ontario3019 Terrace St.J'no? sugar makerKerry? carpenter?Thul?Ruth R.Rebecca? Frances D.Dortha%Marriage month if married within yearFeb 1884 StraffordWinthropwww.newenglandancestors.org Household1865 MassachusettsVacaville, ED 22Edith E. Edward K. Caroline E.Peggy J.BerniaEtta W.Enfield, ED 35Inessplasterer-journeymanBalford379826seccretarial-govt. employeeKansas City, 12th WardHerve E. 2730 Harisoncartman Ida(?) O.Mar 1816 San Jose Twp.Trenton, ED 11Rebbeca87Bell Chapel Rd.*(living with family of Clarence E. Miller)Morehead, ED 1Harry T. Howard B.farmer-farmingmanager, drug storeManning9?mGloster and ___ Rd.East Baton Rougelaborer, department storeWheaton Anita? A.Augusta, 1st WardUgene R.farmer-own farm566 (boarding with Etta E. Galloway)Wheeler? W. Lincoln237B Murtice? M.Chickasaw Nation37B 1900 Federal Census - New Jersey Elizabeth T.Planter PiscatawayIron Works Rd.Jul 1877 Charlie BenMark J.128?Cha's A.clerk-high school Josephine L.1910 Federal Census - Georgia James L.?1(living at the Maryland School for Deaf and Dumb)< Charlotte R.659 Leesdale St.Downer?Chloe A.Loren G. Dorothy? A? Norman C.312 Central Ave. 24 N. Judsonbelt cinch mfg.San Juan Clarance A. Dora Freeman John Bassford New York 2323 B St.master steam boatBarbour John Willard?La Crosse, 12th Ward2185Vacaville, ED 205Annie T. farmer-fruit5y 7m5y 3m1y 11m88APauingWalissaLambert'(living with family of Albert Johnston)'(boarding with family of Jacob S. Rice)electrician-telephone Nathan B.Ellen B.Beerow?Carl S.Wertumberg, GermanyCornellNear Plum Pointsalesman-safety paperlaborer-fruit farmsecretary, canningHirsht?A. C.?203B88BN. W.Beat 5, ED 133 CullumberBasil S.Gardiner, ED 23Mooneylaborer, stone quaryBrooklyn, 29th WardKnowKnowville P.O.!1910 Federal Census - Mississippi3-BT1 East 3rd St. 1910 Federal Census - California Jun? 1856 Mrs. M. M.stock dealer-deals in stockSep 1888 stenographertrader-stock dealerNC60?Viola M.Orris S.BinghamBrayClara O.Feb.Lowrey? FHC 0,332,945Palmyra Harriet R. Everett L.harness? Maker 324 12th St.Antelope Burnett Twp.Emanuel(children of Samuel?)Minneapolis, ED 146stenographer, wholesale ___Claytonconductor, street cararchitect, independentHelen I.District 14, ED 23 Jessie C. Northport180A256 Elizabeth R.Alethia 41 Green St.41?Keswick? Rd & 40th St. Mary (negro)Lela M. (negro)Riena 1910 Federal Census - New Jerseycontractor-masonmfg. agent-own store288?Morristown Ward 3, ED 371910 Federal Census - Oklahoma142? Jeannie A.Canadian114A genalogy.com Days Mill Rd.(misindexed as Bapford))2807 Grand Ave.Effie A. Anna CobbBright Light & Northeast? Rd.B-3HamlinTecnition?, privatecarpenter-railroadNewark, 11th WardSt. Paul, ED 78 Benton, ED 13 Margeritt J.JarboeWiltse TWFEtta M.Justice Pct. 3college165A#(living with family of John Gighm?)farmer, chicken farmMissouri State PenitentiaryJul 1889machinist, U.S. Navy yardPhiladelphia, ED 197Lackey0(other boarders are also listed with the family)America?FlancyBrooklyn, 20th WardNov 1838Jenna?3y6m34DPeer160ABassord336 Clementina(indexed as Bafford)708617 laboratory assistant, sanitoroumLawellIrene O.99 Finnian? Ave. Alden? H.saleslady-department store"1900 Federal Census - Rhode Island211B Marshall A.Frost Chambersburg&(living with family of James D. Brown)1408? Valley St.1709 Walnut St. Rachel W.Jan 1830 Bessie J.helper, Navy yardelectrician, power co. 1232 Jackson1478 CaliforniaBoston, ED 689 Couvier J.Harry L.Behlingbanker-own bank Beloit Twp. Elbert D.Peter A.428 West GrantJessie CrandallDes Moines, IA Orcas IslandBasfeardWastington Terr.NorapAltaPortegoNorth Fork & Triplet? Ave.Bellingham, ED 214 Olive [sic]engineer-marineblower-glass factorypresser-glass factoryJul 1857Jersey City, 11th Ward 16 Oxford St.Yonkers, 2nd Ward Willard R.farming-general farmBolva Joseph Cobb Anna GreenDes Moines, Ward 7 Liza DePuyWahkonsaOnaClarence StilesTanners Creek, ED 227Baltimore, ED 621Depser?Orgar?pressman-publishing house Katie WalterLeslie Basford Laura LutleSamuel BasfordU.S. Henry LytleDes Moines, Ward 1Benj F.Greenwood, ED 20 25 Monroe St.secretary, motorcycle co.1959 Park Ave.Sheffield, ED 25 River Rd.Wynn W.Ruth D.clerk-brokerage officeAlbany, 11th Ward134 Primrose Ave.'(living with family of Harry A. Warren) Ona StilesStiles E. W. StilesIre? Marguerite?35 West 137th St.Norsh?Mar 1852Dec 1859Pedroprincipal, high schoolBelarLivingston, ED 8DelwoodNew Orleans, ED 126cleaning woman, retail store)(living with family of Ulysses M. Holmes)1910 Federal Census - Florida 916 Charles County Rd.Worcester, ED 199Wellsburg, 4th Ward117B13/17 Theophilus B. ShipjoinerBuor?167ASelenafarm hand-farmEdd J.engineer-stationary?Chicksaw, 2nd WardAgn?machinist, steam railroadwaitress, cafeteria? Chauncy A.Queens Borough, 3 Ward258 Railroad Ave. Dortha L.50 Woodbine Ave.Owen? D. Annie (black)1930 Federal Census - LouisianaTA? housek. DHayward Adopted D12461053 Kingston Twp.G__1302 Walden Ave. 1910 Federal Census - Washington421 A. Lincoln Claude S.Berkeley, ED 167laborer-b___ __tractorSwitzerSterling, ED 18 Sallie E.ZCopyright 2000-2008 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only1885 Iowa CensusMaritial StatusYears in StateDelhi12 Phoenix Ave.*1880 Federal Census - Washington TerritoryWashington Terr.Larchmont, ED 177Oct 1895Tate52? East 50th St.307 North Clut__ St.keeper-restaurant Harper Twp.Choctaw Oakes, ED 20James Theodore Robert OttonondYonkers, 6th Ward.(living with family of Theodore D. Hazelnigg?) 159 A___ St.1910 Federal Census - NebraskaMay Joylineman-railroadwww.ancestry.com Melvin B. minor [sic]Worcester, ED 248106AMariba 4 Jul 1867Church of England 28 May 1868 William T 29 Sep 1894 28 Mar 1883 14 Nov 1888Janie 17 May 1875 charwoman St. ThomasE-7Carpenter, ED 14 1 Park Ave.treasurer WayneFort Scott, 1 Ward Wellsburg, ED 141910 Federal Census - Illinois Erwin Jr.83Xeniah408 Poplar Grove St. Edwin E. Jr.CrowleyCornell to Brewer Rd.farm-general farmS. S. Daniel B.Tannerproprietor-grocery storeNorfolk, ED 62 813 Gates Gladis M.Robert (Negro)Robert Jr. (Negro)retail merchant-grocery Palm BeachZCopyright 2000-2006 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use onlyMt. Vernon, ED 228 Cassandra1919 Mau___ St.La Prairie, ED 123 hired manBertramPA State Sanatorium 1887Justice Pct. 8stenographer-lawyer officemerchant, general merchandisetypist, social club Summit Rd.steam engineer-lumber millcruiser-___ timberlaborer, mayonaise factoryChelsea, ED 527 Ethel (Negro) Clara (Negro) 3rd Ward West193BBaltimore, ED 426dentist, office53?*(living with the family of William Symons)RiddleOria E. Lissa, IAEmmett CrandallBenjamin BrownED 21, TuscaroraWeaverDunlop Bosford Gore Bay Margret Ester Dorra Elgin West St. Thomas Thomas Nellie Grenville Prescott Besford Stella Wallace Dorothea William Brown'(living with family of William Edwards) William W. Umberger(?) Lilian N.Marie T.934 Poplar ___Chicago, ED 734 Adelbert E.1900 Federal Census - Georgia*(appears to be living in a boarding house) Fayette Co. Fannie I. Maquoketa FHC 0,017,196Wellsburg, 3rd WardTalla? Ruitllers B.Jun 1900horseshoer-blacksmith shopLodger Elnora I.Bayford?Izea127AstockmanNephew?OssianBaltimore, ED 337Blooming Grove Twp.domestic-private familyLor___Lue M.Jersey City, 12th WardForce 269 KnightJan 1864 Wetumpka, ED 13AbbPine Grove, ED 9Artielaborer, bakeryRoxieMaimeKarcher Archie B.farmer-fruit farm22nd Ward 73 Dist. Fredonia? E. 1922 Main St.BarnesRalph B.domestic dervantGreenville, ED 48*(living in an apartment or boarding house) Gibson St.Davidsonowner, advertisers press1910 Federal Census - Colorado 407 __rd St.Mary D.Jacksonville, ED 51Ada B.St. Joseph, 3rd Ward195A814 B. 5th St.(lodging with James Doner)Milwaukee, 3rd Ward Zilpha M.261SusanahSamantha124boilermaker-rail roadGradyHazel G.hired man-bakery144AIrene E.((living with family of William H. Moore)laborer-shingle millLuLu L. Donaldson498B Madison Ave.< clock makerImporter Elmira W.___ nurse-hospitalLommemshaver?, tannery W'm Basford Alice Masters Roy Kinman Olive BasfordLinn Center PointWillisJohn Williamson Jane Johnson Moses Litts Jane MohlerWillis Williamson Lucy LittsVerne BassfordWilda WilliamsonBurr Oak16 Tower PlaceMary HasselbringOrville Basford Nancy Walburn Fred Willen Naomi BasfordBobbyFred Hasselbring Mary MerringL. S.&(appears to be living in an orphanage) Ward No. 2Lillian Quebec Montreal St. Laurent, St. Louis St. Laurent ward Carrie 1911 Canadian CensusS Fairbury651AFreddie L. (negro) Hellen R.616 Longfellow St.telegraph operator142A((living with family of Daniel G. Hiskey)laborer-dye works524 West 123 St. FHC 0,193,731PaysonIrma I. Marion A.#(living with family of Denepy L___)Jun 1847farmer-orchard Destin E.Unice E.Geo. S. Gussie E.1809 24th? St.3008 Dalvert? St.1212expressman-teaming98? 3762 Ruby St.245 Fourth St.Ray R.clerk, coffee houseAlene Florence L.Elenor Lindsey S.LindeyLulie M.1905 Iowa Census Post Office516 W. 5th St.Ed. D.chauffer, truckDiana?Rodysaleslady, variety store1910 Federal Census - WyomingEva C. Clara (black)Bird Isaac (black) Simeon F. Waverly St.weaver-woolen millspooler-woolen millMaud M.88Maud A.Whiti$1930 Federal Census - South CarolinaLake Worth, ED 29 Sandborn? Jim (Negro)241A300 West 54th St.1930 Federal Census - Vermontconvict J. Antony107Ontario Algoma East Mother's name Mother's ageParents place of marriageMaritial Stauts 15 Feb 1882Eileen 4 Jul 1898F-3Lodger1872 Ontario(?)&(living with family of Philip Whitney)TorontoB-6Eduard 27 Apr 1860cigar traveller(?)Scotch 20 Dec 1873B-31 3 Jan 1855Hastings West Belleville Miles London Estella Nipissing Copper Cliff Albert Edward Cathrine Mary 953 East 31st St. Helen S.?*(many boarders are listed with the family)&(living with family of Florence Dwyer) Ward No. 5C-9 16 Nov 1851 14 May 1888 13 Aug 1884((living with family of John Grootemast?) musician?422 Benton St.1910 Federal Census - IowaFarrellcement worker-sidewalks201 North Third St.electrician-light and powerRichmond Riding 20? Jun 1900 BellevilleClara B.JohnieB. S. Pollie F.May 1866'(living with family of John Sunderland)Apr 1840WillenWilliam H. Willen$(living with family of Peter Murph?)duck? Dept.-c___mail carrier-rural route167? Austin, ED 4 ___ nurse 2 Lincoln St.HigdonEiser?Mar 1881 Will Henry Jessie G. Richard W. Leadbetter? Electrician 7 Jun 1900polishing-silversmithIrwin A.Denver, 13th Ward Eloise A. Harold R. FHC 0,018,092 Topeka, ED 2720B 14 District Caroline?Washington, ED 171 Asbury Placecontractor-generalMagieClaryproprietor-clothing store Paul KlarLiddieBenn H. Tornce? S.St. Paul, 7th Ward Cedar Ave.Grace L.$(living with family of John Caulins)boiler maker-railroad46A7 Gaisus? CourtSamuel Jonathan 76N 71365? East 21st St. plumber-house"(boarding with Col. Alexis Alexan)Yuma Magee, Pct. 5physician-own office#1910 Federal Census - West Virginia John BasfordMabel N. John Qublank Mary NagleMark R. Basford Mable Qublank Boone, Ward 2Edward Basford Ida ParkerCha's A. Sherman Mary WoodKinmanSherman Kinman Ada GrantT 7T 7Klar Mary Amelia Anna Elizabeth Thunder Bay and Rainy River Fort William Toronto North ward 4 Isabel Waterloo South Galt Bessford Kate 14 Mar 1850 RR signalman 24 Dec 1875&(boarding with family of John Demming) Boone Co.dlisted in book index, couldn't find on FHC 0,444,331 (p. 447 not in Pelham, searched all of Pelham) D-16 8 May 1847Roman Catholicwww.automatedgenealogy.com 1 May 1848 Methodist Saint John WellingtonH-1Domestic 12 Oct 1883Kansas City, 3rd Ward212-1/4 North 6thWatts6(a number of boarders are also living with the family)Lelan B.155B George S.maid-private familyGodfreyHansFreda? Federick H.Omaha 1st Ward Margarette Lisbon, ED 40ErvingWorcester, ED 48 Nebit? S. 3 DistrictGorham E. Celene 6 Apr 1878G. Laura 10 Aug 1883E-12 Basseford 19 Jul 1876 Clear LakeClear Lake Inn East LincolnOrchard West Lincolm Orchard town Mrs. Louise1915 Iowa CensusCard #Father's BirthplaceMother's BirthplaceA72 Boone Co., IAclothing merchantB664B665Louese1925 Iowa Census Father's name Father's age York South Toronto William T 71901 Canadian Census BirthdateBritish Columbia[Copyright 2000-20011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only[Copyright 2000-20011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 7ZCopyright 2000-2011 Kevin E. Spaulding. This information is for non-commercial use only 7 agriculture 7commerce 7 manufacturing 71840 Federal Census 76m 7Aug 1907 7paper bag makerAlberta Victoria Brother SutcliffeJohn W Sarah H. Leonard C.MissoriGeorge Rosie Rose Aug 1906m___man Townships 52 Basford Clarence AnglicanBritish Columbia Kootenay Columbia Busford Harry ___ Iron W.American'(living with family of August Anderson)Slocan Riding Bagford Ambrose E. farmlaborer(:)New Westminster Albert Frederick Anita Mary Esa Manitoba Winnipeg Percy Cape Breton North-Victoria North Sydney Isac Petricia John Oklahoma 7Kay 7Basford 7Vermont 7Vermont 7Greeley 7*AM 7*AM 7boarder 7Illinois 7 Aug 1876 7Missouri 7Illinois 7Kentucky 7S 7barber 7 plasterer 7 23 Jun 1900 7Blackwell Twp. 7*(Boarding with the family of Elmer Bowman) 7C 7J 7www.ancestry.com 7|7 , HQCTj^Qgt p,?x+$)`Ae~_R0V+y-/M%U M r#%:" j)o 1rh 8z%> !E LMS ZMUa hLov} Ʉ ي,9%cR %j% ]<PQt] tI" Q`DM{ r%,M!"M8)0zM6q;%AHA-O}UM,\`bM|hoM9umH{`SׁgsG_S]թ;/ νj LW  S g s /!u(0]7 >IEI #MyTu\d l[ tGZq{}ԉޑ#;}UR]| |yذD:^DDl1;v|y clock makerImporter Elmira W.___ nurse-hospitalLommemshaver?, tannery W'm Basford Alice Masters Roy Kinman Olive BasfordLinn Center PointWillisJohn Williamson Jane Johnson Moses Litts Jane MohlerWillis Williamson Lucy LittsVerne BassfordWilda WilliamsonBurr Oak16 Tower PlaceMary HasselbringOrville Basford Nancy Walburn Fred Willen Naomi BasfordBobbyFred Hasselbring Mary MerringL. S.&(appears to be living in an orphanage) Ward No. 2Lillian Quebec Montreal St. Laurent, St. Louis St. Laurent ward Carrie 1911 Canadian CensusS Fairbury651AFreddie L. (negro) Hellen R.616 Longfellow St.telegraph operator142A((living with family of Daniel G. Hiskey)laborer-dye works524 West 123 St. FHC 0,193,731PaysonIrma I. 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