1855 Basford Massachusetts Census Data

If anyone has additions/corrections, or can supply copies or transcriptions of any of the incomplete entries, please contact Kevin Spaulding (kespauld@rochester.rr.com)
Town Household Surname Given Name Sex Age. Birthplace Profession Source: (C)opy, (B)ook, (T)ransciption, (I)ndex
Hopkinton 13/17 Basford William M. M 39 Maine Carpenter T
      Emeline F 39 Maine    
      William H. M 16 Maine Carpenter  
      Lydia A. F 13 Maine    
      Sarah M. F 9 Massachusetts    
      George M. M 5 Massachusetts    
      Charles R. M 3 Massachusetts    
      (blank) M 1m Massachusetts    
Medford 360/499 Johnson Theophilus B. M 32 Massachusetts Shipjoiner T
      Abby L. F 31 Massachusetts    
      Charles M 4 Massachusetts    
    Basford Catharine F 19 Maine    

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