1905 Basford New York Census Data

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County Town Address page Surname Given Name Relationship Sex Age. Nativity Profession Source (Copy, Book, Transciption, Index)
Franklin Constable Trout River Rd. West   Maloney Josephine   F 63 United States farmer C
          Delbert S M 37 United States    
          J. Fred GS M 16 United States    
          Raymond GS M 13 United States    
          Earl J. GS M 7 United States    
        Bassford Lorenzo Bo M 77 Canada (Scotch) farm laborer  
Franklin Malone 137 Ft. Covington Rd.   Basford Madison   M 45 U. S. day laborer C
          Elizabeth M. W F 45 U. S. day laborer  
          William H. S M 20 U. S.    
          Frank J. S M 17 U. S. day laborer  
          Fred S M 6 U. S. at home  
          Bessie M. D F 22 U. S. dressmaker  
          Agnes A. D F 14 U. S. school  
          Lizzie M. D F 10 U. S. school  
          Nettie J. D F 8 U. S. school  
Franklin Malone     Dey             T
        Bassford Melvin Bo M 21      
Franklin Malone 33 Second St.   Bassford Eva M.   F 39     T
          Alice D F 7      

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