Third Generation (Continued)
Third Generation (Continued)
Family of Abraham BASSFORD (3) & Maria TOY
18. Samuel William BASSFORD (Abraham2, William1). Born on 29 Feb 1816 in Georgetown, Washington, D. C.1 Samuel William died in Camp Scott, Alexandria, VA, on 9 Jul 1861.156 Death Cause: Dysentery.1 Occupation: Music Teacher.40

By the time he was fifteen, he was a professional musician, performing regularly at hanington’s Phosphorama at 360 Broadway. Throughout the 1830s, he was billed as “Professor at the Piano-forte” at the City Saloon on Broadway opposite St. Paul’s Church. He also gave piano lessons.1

In 1834 he moved out of the family home on Pearl St., and took a room on Fifth Ave. After his marriage to Almira, the newlyweds moved to rooms at 307 South 6th St. in Brooklyn. Samuel continued to give piano lessons and to perform in various venues. They later moved back in with his father Abraham. In 1837, they were able to move out on their own again, this time to 53 Mott St. They moved frequently. In 1838 they moved to Greenwich Village at 127 Sullivan St. In 1839, they moved to 32 City-Hall Place, not far from Abraham and Abby. In 1840 they moved to 57 Franklin St, and in 1841 to 134 Waverly Place.1

He is listed in the 1839-40 New York City Directory, where he is listed as a professor, living at 32 City Hall Place.157

He is probably the S. W. Bassford listed in the 1840 federal census for 6th Ward, New York City, NY, p. 78,39 although the ages don’t all make sense.
S. W. Bassford
1 male 30-39 (Samuel)
3 females under 5 (Ida and ?)
1 female 15-19 (?)
1 female 20-29 (Almira)

He lived at 57 Franklin St. at the time of his daughter Maria’s death in 1840.28

1855 state census for Brooklyn, Ward 9, Kings Co., NY, household #92740
Samuel Basford, male, head, age 40, b. VA, teacher of music, married
Elmira, female, wife, age 35, b. New York Co., married
Julia, female, daughter, age 17, b. New York Co.
Serena, female, daughter, age 16, b. New York Co.
Ida, female, daughter, age 13, b. New York Co.
Samuel, male, son, age 12, b. New York Co.
Wallace, male, son, age 9, b. New York Co.
Spencer, male, son, age 5, b. Kings Co.
(the family had been living at this address for 9 years)

On 20 Apr 1861, he enlisted in the Civil War at the age of 45. He served as a private in Co. E of the 38th New York Volunteers. Later, he was transferred to Co. K.158 On the same day, his half-brother Abram enlisted in Co. F of the 8th New York Militia. Samuel died a few months later of dysentery on 9 Jul 1861 at Camp Scott in Alexandria, VA, a few days before the First Battle of Bull Run.1

An advertisement in the Brooklyn Eacgle dated 20 May 1900 solicits information about Sanuel A. Bassford, Julia A. (Bassford) Hemphill, Serena A. L. Bassford (wife of Edward C. Parkinson), Ida C. (or E.) (Bassford) Packard, Wallace V. Bassford, Spencer C. Bassford and Alice B. Bassford, the children of Samuel W. Bassford who was a son of Abraham Bassford.159


He married Almira Antoinette LANE, daughter of James A. LANE, on 20 Aug 1835 in New York City, NY.162 St. Paul’s Chapel. Born abt 17 May 1818.163 age 49 years 16 days at death. Almira Antoinette died in Brooklyn, NY, on 2 Jun 1867.12,164 Buried on 5 Jun 1867 in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.12 Death Cause: Breast Cancer.156 aka: Lanes.161

She was a piano student of Samuel’s before marrying him.1

After her husband’s death in the Civil War, she applied for a widow’s pension. She was granted a pension of $8/month commencing 3 Jun 1867 (Certificat 110,712).158

Her last residence was Madison Ave.12


They had the following children:
Maria Louisa (Died as Child) (~1836-1840)
Julia Antoinette (1838-1883)
Ida Evelyn (~1842-1899)
Samuel Abraham (~1842-1879)
Wallace Vincent (~1846-1874)
Thalberg (Died as Child) (~1851-1852)
Spencer C. (Died Unmarried) (~1850-1871)
(daughter) (Died as Child) (?-~1854)
Alice Blanche (1859-1927)

Married at St. Paul’s Church a chapel of Trinity Church, by John F. Schroeder. Witnesses were W’m G. Wood and Benjamin W. Archer.165

2 does not show children Wallace and Thalberg.

1 shows an additional child Adelaide, who did not live to adulthood.
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