First Generation
First Generation
1. William BASSFORD. Born in 1734.1,2 William died in New York City, NY, prob. 31 Dec 1800.3

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion about William and his family. Some sources indicate that he was married to Thankful Duryee, and that they had several children including Abraham, Byrla, Thomas and Elizabeth.1 However, another source indicates that William had a son Abraham who was married to Thankful and had these children.2 Ethan F. Bassford studied the problem, and concluded that Thankful was probably the wife of William.4

A William Bashford fought in the Revolutionary War, serving in the Third Regiment of the Westchester County Militia. A James Bashford and a Thomas Bassford are also listed as serving in the Seventh Regiment of the Dutchess County Militia.5

He allegedly came to New York City from Hempstead, Long Island about 1790, where he is said to have left behind his parents Abraham and ____ (Mott) Bashford/Bassford.1 However, I find no record of any Bassford or Bashford families living anywhere in New York City or on Long Island in the 1790 census. Additionally, there are no Abraham Bassfords (or Bashfords) listed anywhere in the 1790 census, and the only William Bashford listed in New York was listed in Frederickstown, Dutchess Co.6 It is not clear whether this would be the same William or not.

1790 federal census for Frederickstown, Dutchess Co., NY, p. 116
William Bashford
1 male 16 and up
2 males under 16
5 females

Likewise, there is no William Bassford (or Bashford) living in New York City in 1800. Although there is still a William Bashford living in Dutchess Co.

1800 federal census for Dutchess Co., NY, p. 787
William Bashford
1 male 10-14
1 male 45 and up
2 females under 10
1 female 45 and up

In 1793 he was a cartman for the Tea Water Pump Company, where he sold water door to door in New York City.1

In 1796, he is supposed to have lived on Chestnut St. in New York City, and then about 1800 moved to 115 Cherry St., where he is said to have run a boarding house.1

He is probably the William Balsford who died 31 Dec 1800, New York City, NY when he was crushed by a wagon of hay.3

His wife Thankful was named administrator of his estate on 12 Jan 1802.8

1 and 2 give death as 1801.

He may have had a son Edward D. Bassford from a previous marriage, who later ran a billiard saloon on Pearl St, near Abraham.1 This would probably be the Edward who died abt 12 Jun 1873.9


He married Thankful DURYÉE ? . Born abt 9 Apr 1767 in Putnam Co., NY.11 age 84 years 6 months 19 days at death. Thankful died in New York City, NY, on 28 Oct 1851.11 Buried on 31 Oct 1851 in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.12,11 Death Cause: Paralysis.11 Occupation: Seamstress.1

After her husband died in 1801, she moved to Batavia Lane where she ran a tavern and a boarding house. In about 1806, she moved to 17 Mulberry St., where she worked as a seamstress.1

1810 federal census for New York City, NY, p. 15213
Thankful Bassford
2 males 10-15 (prob. Thomas and William)
1 male 16-25 (prob. Abraham)
1 female 10-15 (prob. Elizabeth)
1 female 26-44 (Thankful)

“On 8 May 1829, Thankful Bassford, Byrta W. Bassford, Eliza Bassford, Eliza Waldron, Abraham Bassford & wife Abbe, Joseph Adams and Mary Ryan of NYC sold to Silas Chapman of Philipstown for $650, land bounding Jonathan Owen, Dillivard, Nehemiah Oakley, Lanes Brook, John Lawering, Canopus Hollow Rd., 77 acres which Thomas Bassford died seized of.”14 It seems like this is implying that her son Thomas had died and this land was part of his estate, but I believe he was still alive at this time. Could this Thomas be a brother of William? But, if this is the case, why wasn’t son Thomas listed as an heir?

On 31 Jan 1853, her daughter Eliza Duryée was named administrator of her estate.15

1 gives birth as 1767.

Gravestone inscription, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY16
Our Mother
Thankful Bassford
(rest of stone illegible)


They had the following children:
Thomas (1792-1852)
Abraham (~1793-1864)
William Byrla (~1800-1860)
Elizabeth (~1805-<1853)
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