Third Generation (Continued)
Third Generation (Continued)
Family of Edward Carr BASSFORD (8) & Mary Leah KNAPP
15. Delia Elizabeth BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born in Oct 1882 in Iowa.32 Delia Elizabeth died ? . aka: Elizabeth, Lizzie.68,69

She was living in Caspar, WY at the time of her father’s death in 1946.29

She was living in Alameda, CA at the time of her brother Edward’s death in 1952.70


She married William O. DAVIS on 11 Jan 1905 in Sheriden Co., WY.68,71 Born ? . William O. died ? .


16. Alfred Z. BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born in Aug 1884 in Nebraska.32 Alfred Z. died bef 1946.29 died before father.

He died before his father.29


17. Edward Marion BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born on 23 May 1887 in Climbing Hill, IA.69,70 Edward Marion died in Corvallis, MT, on 1 May 1952.70,72,73 Buried on 6 May 1952 in Riverview Cemetery, Hamilton, Ravalli Co., MT.70,18 Occupation: Miner.

He moved to Sheriden, WY with his family when he was 5 years old. He worked as a farmer in Sheriden for a time. He later moved to Butte, MT to work in the mines. After working in the mines for eight years, he returned to the ranching business in Twin Bridges. They lived there for three years, and then returned to Sheriden. In 1937 they moved to Bitter Root (midway between Hamilton and Corvallis).70

He and Elsie were living with his mother-in-law at the time of the 1910 census. They were living next door to Edward’s parents.35

1910 federal census of Willey Precinct, Sheriden, WY, 14 May 1910, p. 337B35
Sarah Levans, head, female, age 36, b. IA, father b. IN, mother b. WV, farmer,
divorced, 7 children, 4 living
Edgar, son, male, age 10, b. KS, father b. IL, mother b. IA, single
Lilly, daughter, female, age 8, b. CO, father b. IL, mother b. IA, single
Homer, male, age 5. b. CO, father b. IL, mother b. IA, single
Edward M. Bassford, son-in-law, male, age 22, b. IA, father b. WV, mother b. PA,
married 0 years, farmer
Elsie, daughter, female, age 16, b. NE, father b. IL, mother b. IA, married 0 years

He is listed in the 1910 city directory for Sheriden, WY, living at 807 Park St.34

He is listed in the 1923 city directory for Butte, MT as a miner living on the Ellwood Block. In 1925 he was listed with wife Laura residing at 10 E. Gagnon. He was not
listed in the 1927 directory.74

1930 federal census for School Dist 17K, ED 11, Big Horn Co., MT, 10 Apr 1930, p. 1B75
Edward Bassford, male, employee, age 42, b. IA, father b. England, mother b. IA,
farm laborer, married, age 21 at first marriage
Laura, female, servant, age 32, b. WY, father b. KS, mother b. KS, servant-private family,
farm laborer, married, age 17 at first marriage
(living with family of Ulysses M. Holmes)

He was living in Corvallis, MT at the time of his father’s death in 1946.29

76 indicates that he was the son of Charles Meritt and Elizabeth (Marler) Bassford. However, that Edward was born 11 May 1900.77 This is inconsistent with this Edward’s age at his marriage which would correspond to a birthdate of abt 1888.68


He first married Elsie LeVANS, daughter of David Sherman LeVANS & Sarah Elizabeth CLARK, on 17 Aug 1910 in Seriden Co., WY.68,71 Born on 1 Nov 1893 in Gibbon, NE.85,86 Elsie died in Everett, WA, on 13 Apr 1961.85,86 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Everett, WA.87 aka: LeeVane.83 They were divorced bef 2 Sep 1923.70 Edward remarried.

The obituary of Edward M. Basford indicates that Elsie died leaving her husband with three small children, and that Edward remarried in 1923.69 However, Edward was apparently divorced rather than widowed, since 79 indicates that Elsie later married a Marshall, and died in 1961 in Spokane, WA. The obituary of Elsie Marshall in 1961 confirms that she was the mother of Earl, Jesse and Marion Bassford.85 In the 1930 census she is listed as a widow Elsie Porter, so apparently she was married to a Porter between Edward Bassford and William Marshall.88

She might be the Elsie Bassford who married Oscar A. Graham on 12 Jan 1920 in Wallace, Shoshone Co., ID.89

1930 federal census for Bellingham, ED 7, Whatcom Co., WA, 30 Apr 1930, p. 10A88
Elsie Porter, head, female, age 37, b. WY, father b. U.S.,
mother b. U.S., widow, waitress-restaurant
George Bassford, male, son, age 15, b. MT, father b. IA, mother b. WY, single

She is listed as Elsie Marshall, widow of William, in the 1960 city directory for Everett, WA. She was living at 3707 Smith Ave.90


They had the following children:
Earl Alonzo (1910-1980)
Jesse Edward (1912-1988)
George Marion Carr (1914-2003)

At their marriage, both gave their residence as Sheridan ,WY. Witnesses were Mrs. Ray Johnson of Yellow Co., MT, and Ms. Kate G. Story of Sheridan, WY.91

He second married Minnie MAHI, daughter of Edward MAHI & Minnie (MAHI), on 16 Apr 1921 in Bozeman, Gallatin Co., MT.84 Born abt 1891 in Finland.84 age 29 at marriage in 1921. Minnie died ? .


He third married Laura L. TALBERT, daughter of Ozra L. TALBERT & Cora BEANBLOSSUM, on 2 Sep 1923 in Anaconda, MT.70,82,84 Born on 29 Oct 1897 in Sheridan, WY.92 Laura L. died ? .

She was a highschool sweetheart of Edward.70

It appears that she was probably married previsouly since Edward’s obituary mentions a step-daughter, Bertha Burns of Fairbanks, AK.70 Her name at the time of her marriage was given as Laura Handke, so presumably the surname of her first husband was Handke.82


18. Mary Edna BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born in Jun 1889 in Iowa.32 Mary Edna died in Sheridan Co., WY, on 29 Mar 1910.45,93 Buried on 31 Mar 1910 in Sheridan Municipal Cemetery, Sheridan, Sheridan Co., WY.93,18 Death Cause: Suicide.93


19. Lottie Irene BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born on 16 Apr 1891 in Iowa.94,95 Lottie Irene died in Alameda, CA, in Mar 1975.94

She was living in Red Bluffs, CA at the time of her father’s death in 1946.29

She was living in Bakerfield, CA at the time of her brother Edward’s death in 1952.70

SS# 572 68 6296.94


She married Ira PLUMMER on 27 Nov 1913 in Sheriden Co., WY.68,71 Born on 10 Jan 1889.94 Ira died in Alameda, CA, in Jul 1975.94

SS# 547 07 1881.94


20. Lulu Margaret BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born in Jan 1893 in Iowa.32 Lulu Margaret died ? . aka: LuLu Mae.

She was living in San Francisco, CA at the time of her brother Edward’s death in 1952.70


She married Charles McBRIDE on 11 Apr 1913 in Sheriden Co., WY.68,71 Born ? . Charles died ? .


21. Ethel Violet BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born in Apr 1897 in Wyoming.32 Ethel Violet died ? . aka: Violet.32

She was living in Deer Island, OR at the time of her father’s death in 1946.29

She was living in Deer Island, CO at the time of her brother Edward’s death in 1952.70


She married Clarence E. THOMAS ? . Born ? . Clarence E. died ? .


They had one child:
Margaret Kathleen (~1925-1949)
22. Myrtle Frances BASSFORD (Edward Carr2, Zebede1). Born abt 10 Jul 1899 in Wyoming.43 age 38 years 10 months 8 days at death. Myrtle Frances died in Auburn, King Co., WA, on 18 May 1938. aka: Myrtie.


She first married Lloyd MAY, son of Fay MAY & Clara SANDERS, on 28 May 1918 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT.84 Born abt 1897 in Oceola, IA.84 age 21 at marriage in 1918. Lloyd died ? .


She second married R. E. COLLINS ? . Born ? . R. E. died ? .


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