First Generation
First Generation
1. Zebede BASSFORD. Born abt 1806-1807 in Virginia or England.1,2,3,4 Zebede died in Morgan Co., WV, in Aug 1871.5,6 Buried in Aug 1806. Death Cause: Gunshot.5 Occupation: Railroad Watchman.5 aka: Zebida, Zebeder Bisford.6

He is probably the Zebular Basford listed in the 1840 census for Bethel Twp, Bedford Co., PA, p. 4027
Zebular Basford
2 males under 5
1 male 20-29
1 fenale 20-29
1 female 70-79

I assume he would be the Zebudy Basford listed in the 1850 census of Morgan Co., WV. Although his birthplace is listed as Virginia rather than England which was listed as the birthplace of Edward’s father in the 1900 census.

1850 federal census of 42nd District, Morgan Co., VA, p. 698
Zebudy Basford, male, age 40, b. VA, Laborer
Deliah, female, age 33, b. PA
Mary, male, age 9, b. VA
William, male, age 8, b. VA
George, male, age 5, b. VA
Samuel, male, age 3, b. VA
Malona, male, age 3/12, b. VA

1870 federal census for Cacapon Twp., Morgan Co., WV.9
William Clay, male, age 28, b. VA, laborer, real estate $250
Mary Ann, female, age 25, b. VA, keeping house
Joseph, male, age 1, b. WV
Ellen, female, age 5/12, b. Dec, b. VA
Zebedee Basford, male, age 63, b. VA, laborer

He might be the Zebedee Basford who married Mary Norris on 11 Mar 1833 in Frederick Co., MD.10

He might be the brother of William Basford who died in Morgan Co., WV on 23 Jan 1865, age 71 years 6 months and 1 day.11

He might be the brother or cousin of Mahlon Basford who was born in Montgomery Co., MD in 180812 and married Elizabeth Near on 12 Dec 1833 in Loudoun Co., VA.13 (Mahlon is an unusual name and is similar to the name of Zebede’s son Malona.)

Could Nathan Basford (28 Nov 1839-10 Aug 1842) and/or Richard Basford (8 Jun 1838-9 Jan 1848) be his children?11

6 gives his birth as 12 Apr 1812. However this is about 5 years younger than his age in the various census entries.


He married Delilah CARR ? . Born abt 13 Jul 1816 in Pennsylvania.11 age 48 years 9 months 22 days at death. Delilah died in Morgan Co., WV, on 4 May 1865.11 aka: Delia.6


They had the following children:
Mary C. (~1841-1879)
William (~1842-?)
George (~1845-?)
Samuel (~1847-?)
Malond (~1850-?)
Ann J. (Died as Child) (~1852-1853)
Edward Carr (1854-1946)
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