First Generation
First Generation
1. John BASFORD. Born ? . John died ? .

Probably the John Basford and Sarah Glover who were married 9 Jan 1821 Barthomley, Cheshire, England, the John and Sarah Basford of Wybunbury, Cheshire, England, and the John and Sarah Basford who had children baptized in Norton In Hales, Shropshire, England would all be the same be the same John.1 (Wybunbury is only about 10 miles from Norton In Hales.)

2 shows the ancestry of John to be:
John (bp. 28 Mar 1802, Wybunbury, Cheshire, England) amd Sarah Glover
(probably the same as the John Basford bp. 28 Mar 1803, Nantwich, Cheshire, England1)
William Basford (bp. 24 Nov 1776) and Mary
Richard Basford (bp. 28 Aug 1731) and Margaret
Daniel Basford (bp. 12 Jul 1703)
Daniel Basford (bp. 12 Feb 1682)
Ralph Basford

John Basford and Sarah Glover were married 9 Jan 1821, Barthomley, Cheshire, England.1 The John Basford bp. 28 Mar 1803, Nantwich, Cheshire, England1 would only have been 17 years old in 1821 when John Basford married Sarah Glover. This seems a little young for the typical marriage age in that time period, and would seem to cast some doubt on at least one link in this chain.


He married Sarah GLOVER on 9 Jan 1821 in Barthomley, Cheshire, England.1 Born ? . Sarah died ? .


They had the following children:
Samuel (1824-<1910)
Joseph (1830-?)
Ralph (1832-1922)
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