First Generation
First Generation
1. Jacob BASFORD. Born abt 1646-1655. [1], [2] Jacob died in Chester, NH, bef Apr 1736. [3] deposition by son James. aka: Bashford.

Jacob Basford may have been of the second generation in America as a William Basford, aged seventeen, embarked for Virginia on the Speedwell of London on 28 May 1635, [4] and there were Basfords in Barbados, which had close relations with Virginia and the Carolinas, as early as 1647. [1]

He was in Hampton Falls, NH in 1684 when he took active part in a demonstration against the highly unpopular Mansonian government of Gov. Cranfield. According to a letter from Peter Weare to his father in England, Jacob Basford of Hampton Falls, “alias Corretuck” with Joseph Perkins in 1685, put Governor Cranfield's rent gatherer Thomas Thurton beyond the province line. [3] (The alias probably indicated that he had come to Hampton from the plantation of Currituck at the northeastern point of what was to become the colony of North Carolina. [1])

On 22 Apr 1686, he received a deed to the estate of his father-in-law John Clifford in exchange for maintaining him and his wife throughout their lives with “meat, drink, clothing, lodging and washing and other necessary convenients.” [5]

He served in “King William’s War” 1689-1698, and in “Queene Anne’s War” 1702-1713, in the company of Capt. Samuel Chesley. [2]

According to Colonial Court Records of New Hampshire (Case#200, 15 Jun 1705), Jacob Basford reported that”Mehetable Clifford of Hampton had dangerously wounded one of his children by throwing of a sone at her ... she owned that she did throw the stone and being asked why she did it she said because she called her a bastard.” Israel Clifford, Sr., Mehitable’s father, and Israel Clifford, Jr., her brother, put us security for her appearance. [3]

Jacob was admitted to the Hampton Falls church on 27 May 1711, and his second wife Sarah on 2 Mar 1711/2. [1]

On 10 Mar 1711/2, soon after his daughter Elizabeth married John Davis, Jacob deeded them some land, establishing an entail. [3]

In 1721, Lydia, a child of Jacob Basford and wife was baptized. They apparently adopted her as their own since her name was originally Lydia Clough. [1]

On 15 Aug 1729, Jacob Basford of Hampton “for fatherly love to my son James Basford of Dover and unto his eldest son,” deeded his dwelling house, barn, orchards, upland & meadow grounds, pasture land & woodland all in Hampton. After the death of Jacob and his wife, James was to have all moveable part of my estate, and after his death and his mother's death his eldest son was to have the real estate. [6]

On 29 Dec 1729, Jacob Basford and his son James, "both of Hampton Falls" made an agreement deeding Jacob’s estate to his son in exchange for James providing for the needs of his parents and taking on their debt. [7] This transaction was nullified when Jacob and James sold the farm in Hampton, NH on 26 Jul 1730. [8], [9] Both father and son moved to Chester, NH. [3]

He was a proprietor of Chester, NH in 1722, and resided there by Aug 1731. [10], [11]

Jacob Basford died about the year 1735. In April 1736 his son James gave a deposition that grandson Jacob was 21 years old so that he could sell land he'd inherited from his grandfather. His widow, Sarah Basford, survived him and died as a Chester town charge. [3]

[2] gives baptism as 28 Nov 1646, whereas [1] gives birth as 1655, so there is obviously an inconsistency.

[12] gives birth as abt 1655, and death as 1731, Chester, NH.

[13] shows baptism as 28 Nov 1646 at Christ Church, Barbados, British West Indies, son of John and Ann Basford.

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He first married Elizabeth CLIFFORD, daughter of John CLIFFORD (~1609-1694) & Elizabeth WISEMAN (~1636-1667), abt 1684 in Hampton, NH. [17], [1] Born on 31 Aug 1659 in Hampton, NH. [24], [25] Elizabeth died in Hampton, NH, bef 27 Mar 1708. [14] husband remarried.

Elizabeth joined the Hampton church 9 May 1697. [11]

[2] gives birth as 3 Aug 1659, and gives parents’ names as John and Mehitable Clifford.

Some sources give birth as 21 Aug 1659, Hampton, NH.

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They had the following children:
James (~1685->1756)
Mary (1687-1744)
Elizabeth (1692-<1772)
Margaret (1695->1730)
Hephzibah (1699-<1741)

[14] gives marriage as “b 1687, b 1686”

[22] indicates that Robert Bamford of Durham, NH may have been another son, but I haven’t seen any evidence to support this.

He second married Sarah CRAM, daughter of Benjamin CRAM (1637-?) & Argentine CROMWELL (?-?), on 27 Mar 1708 in Hampton, NH. [32], [33] or Exeter, MA. Born on 19 Sep 1663 in Hampton, NH. [34], [35] Sarah died aft 1735. [1]

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They had one child:
Lydia (Adopted) (<1721-)

[37] gives marriage location as Exeter, MA in one record, and Hampton, NH in another.
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