Groom Groom Info Bride Bride Info Marriage Date Marriage Place Witnesses Source
Erwin Hamilton Bassford age 26, b, NY, driver, father Ruben, mother Eliza Young Sadie Elisabeth Purdy age 19, b. NY, father William, mother Charlotte Beemy 12 Feb 1893 Jersey City, NJ Lydia Thersea(?) Hopkins, James Edward Bassford Copy of marriage certificate
Erwin Hamilton Bassford, Jr. Mary Rose Calhoun 9 Nov 1916 Jersey City, NJ John Calhoun, Anna Crossman Copy of church marriage certificate
Frederick G. Basford age 27, son of George and Sarah (Gibbons) Basford, 1st marriage Emma Louisa Griggs dau. of Robert William and Louisa (G__) Griggs, 1st marriage 24 Nov 1886 (?) Orange Co., NJ Copy of marriage certificate
Heil Bassford policeman, widower Emma Brinkerhoff father Christian Brinkerhoff 27 Mar 1866 North Brunswick, NJ Copy of marriage certificate
Leon Godfrey Basford Ellen oung MacConnell dau. William T. MacConnell abt 20 Jul 1908 Trenton, NJ Trenton Evening Times, 20 Jul 1908
Raymond Bassford age 23, b. U.S., father Erwin Bassford, mother Sadie Purdy Margaret Burns age 20, b. U.S., father William Burns, mother Anna McGuire 28 Nov 1928 Jersey City, NJ Harry Rodecker, Lina Marten Copy of marriage certificate
Thomas John Walker of Trenton, NJ Blanche Stevenson Basford dau. Mrs. D. D. Basford, of Trenton, NJ 29 Jan 1907 Trenton, NJ Trenton Evening Times, 29 Jan 1907 and 30 Jan 1907
Lyman Forest Hill, Jr. son. Lyman F. Hill Louise Elizabeth Basfrd dau. Mrs. Alice P. Basford 6 Aug 1914 Trenton, NJ Trenton Evening Times, 7 Aug 1914