Derscendants of William and Frances (Adcock) Bassford
Descendants of William and Frances (Adcock) Bassford

Compiled by Kevin Spaulding (with help from countless others)

Marge (Bassford) Spille was instrumental in collecting data that was used in the preparation of this database. Marge died on 2 Jul 2009, but will be fondly remembered by the many researchers who she so generously helped!

We hope that you find this database useful for your research into the Basford/Bassford family.  Please note that this report represents a "work in progress."  There are many branches of the family that are incomplete, and others with very little in the way of documented sources.  Many linkages are based totally on secondary sources, and should be considered to be "unproven."  We have included source references for all of the information that we have entered into the database, so you can evaluate the reliability of the sources for yourself.  We can use your help in making this even more valuable resource!  If you have additions and/or corrections, we would welcome your input.  We would also like to hear from you if you have any additional primary source data (VRs, family Bibles, census data, deeds, wills, etc.) to help us document this family as thoroughly as possible.