Fourth Generation (Continued)
Family of Thomas Franklin BASSFORD (21) & Margaret Albertia CLAYTON
99. Franklin Louis BASSFORD (Thomas Franklin3, Abraham2, William1). Born abt Aug 1856 in New York.30 parents died when he was 3 months old. Franklin Louis died in Jersey City, NJ, on 28 Jun 1897.299 age 40. Death Cause: Suicide.30 Occupation: Marine Artist, Yacht Designer.52 aka: Lewis Franklin, Louis Franklin, Franlin Thomas.

His parents died when he was 3 months old. It has been reported that he was raised in his maternal grandfather’s home.30,181 However, his maternal grandparents had both died before his parents. Perhaps he was raised in the home of one of his mother’s siblings?

He is listed with his grandmother Aby Bassford in the 1870 census for 19th Ward 7-E Dist., New York City, NY.49

He is also probably the Frank C. Bassford, age 14, b. NY, living at a boarding school in the 1870 census for Orange,134 2nd Ward, Essex Co., NJ.

He may also be the Frank Bassford, age 15, b. NY, living with the family of Giles M. Smith in the 1870 census for Somers, Westchester Co., NY, p. 237.49

He is listed in the 1891 and 1892 city directories for Jersey City, NJ, living at 224 Arlington Ave. He is still living at this address in 1895/6. In 1897/8 he is listed as a clerk living at 212 Arlington Ave.300

He became a marine artist and a yachting expert. He committed suicide by shooting himself on his steam yacht, the Laurada, at the foot of Communipaw Ave., Jersey City. His residence was 212 Arlington Ave. at the time. A suicide note indicated that “I am throughly discouraged about my boat. I am practically without money to finish it and I find I can go no further. Structurally it is a success, but the incompetence and opposition of others has necessitated much expense, which I am no longer able to stand.” He was married at the time of his death.30,299,301,302

303 gives death as 28 Jun 1896.

He married Mary Frances TRACY, daughter of Prescott TRACY & Catherine (TRACY), on 2 Jun 1886 in New York City, NY.182,185 First Moravian Church. Born ? . Mary Frances died ? . aka: Fannie.

She is lprobably the Fannie Bassford isted in the 1899/1900 Jersey City, NJ city directory as the widow of Franklin. Her residence was 80 Ocean Ave.300

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